Thu.Sep 19, 2019

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 115: Getting Creative on #GivingTuesday

Connection Cafe

December 3 rd, 2019 marks the 8 th annual #GivingTuesday. It has grown every year since its inception and become an important part of the end-of-year giving season. But with so many different organizations taking notice of the success and participating, it’s important to find a way for your organization to stand out.

What Are 404 Errors – How To Use Redirect Options To Resolve It?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

HTTP protocols are used to make requests on the internet, which are sent to servers that respond accordingly. HTTP is a universally agreed standard, which has status code blocks. The status codes reveal whether the request that an internet user made, was effective or not. . The 200 reveals successful requests, while 300 codes are used to redirect. The 400 demonstrates client errors, and the 500 displays server errors. .


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Readily Welcome Input

Eric Jacobsen Blog

If you are a manager or leader, you likely know more than your employees or team members about many things within your business or organization. And, you often have many of the answers. But, you don't know it all. So, readily admit when you meet with your employees/team that you do not know all the answers. Invite others into conversations. Ask for their input. Value diversity of thought. Encourage inclusion. Welcome input. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leader Leadership

Team 40

How to get the best design for your website?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

It is very important to create a website that is user friendly but have you ever thought who is respirable for creating such a website? As a layman, you might not know this fact and blame is usually put on the developers. However, designers are more responsible than developers because these are the persons who initiate the idea and create every aspect of website in visual form. Developers merely transform that image into codes which is then viewed in the form of a website.

8 #GivingTuesday Storytelling Tips for Nonprofits 

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Tereza Litsa , Social Media Manager at Lightful , a simple social media management platform for nonprofits. GivingTuesday is the biggest generosity movement in history. With more than 150 countries joining, and more than 14 billion impressions on social channels every year, it’s the perfect opportunity to tell your story to a global audience of people interested in making a difference through the power of social media.

What if your donor was a convicted sex felon?

John Haydon

No doubt you’ve read the news about MIT and Harvard knowingly excepting donations from a monster called Jeffrey Epstein. Both universities accepted money after knowing about his sex crime convictions. Knowingly accepting even a single penny from this monster is essentially saying “convicted sexual predators are bad, but not that bad.” ” Let me say that again: […]. The post What if your donor was a convicted sex felon? appeared first on John Haydon. Fundraising