[New eBook] Fundraising Matters: Building a Culture of Philanthropy

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A few years ago, something hit those of us in the nonprofit sector right between the eyes. Fund released Underdeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising. It had been there all along but no one had quite put their finger on it.

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eBook Offers Online Marketing Insights for Nonprofits

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Here''s an overview of a free eBook from Blackbaud offering online marketing insights from 20 nonprofit experts. nonprofit

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[eBook] How to Build a Website that Converts Interest into Action

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The digital representation of a nonprofit needs to be as human and inspiring as the people serving the organization itself. How does your nonprofit design an experience that converts? . What’s in the eBook? Here’s Your Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process.

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Show The Love: Thoughtful Engagement to Retain Donors [eBook]

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What happens when 14 nonprofit experts come together to share tried-and-true donor retention strategies, tips and ideas? You end up with an extremely useful resource for any nonprofit professional looking to improve donor retention rates. By Pamela Grow : No BS nonprofit fundraising.

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The Complete Facebook Guide For Small Nonprofits (eBook)

John Haydon

This ebook is a comprehensive “brain-dump” of strategies and tactics I’ve shared over the past couple of years to help small nonprofits get more out of using Facebook. The Complete Facebook Guide For Small Nonprofits has 104 pages and 5 chapters: Why Facebook? A cool eBook.

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FREE eBOOK: Online Marketing Insights for Nonprofits – from @Blackbaud

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Nonprofit experts (Kivi Leroux Miller, Beth Kanter, Carie Lewis, Farra Trompeter, me and others) from across the industry share their extensive knowledge and expertise in online marketing and fundraising, email communication, social media, mobile engagement, and much more.

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Seven Weeks To A Better Nonprofit Website (eBook)

John Haydon

If you already subscribe , you’ll get all of these articles in one eBook at the end of seven weeks. Your Website design ebook SEO website wordpressLast week I wrote a post about ten different ways to make your website awesome.

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Successful Nonprofit Events: Free eBook

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Do your nonprofit fundraising events always seem to fall short of the mark? Tags: Best practices event management events Fundraising General non-profit interest nonprofit non-profit nptech training webinar Do your auctions flop? Are your luncheons lame? Just in time for the busy holiday season, here’s expert (free) help from the good folks at Network for Good.( read more ).

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Becoming a Resilient Nonprofit

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The term “resilient nonprofit” has been widely used to describe organizations capable of adapt ing to significant challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. S trong nonprofit s build strategies for sustainability. Yes, the nonprofit sector is a resilient one.

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No More Jargon, It’s Time for Plain English in P2P Messaging

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Jargon: I think this might be my favorite topic in our new peer-to-peer fundraising ebook. Really, it’s all around fundraising don’t, but somehow nonprofit jargon has made its way onto our websites, into our email communications, and on our event badges.

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Use This eBook To Improve Your Communication

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This blogs tips and ideas are perfect for managers and leaders of all types of small to large businesses and nonprofit organizations. skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

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The Nonprofit Summer Reading List

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The Nonprofit Summer Reading List. In the newest Blackbaud Institute eBook, 10 of the brightest minds from across the nonprofit sector share their unique perspectives to help you create a culture of philanthropy.

Robin Seaman, Agent of Inclusion

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The nonprofit Benetech team built the revolutionary Bookshare library for this community, all online, and based on the powerfully flexible ebook. You can take an ebook, push a button and make it Braille. This results in an ebook, which can be shared by Bookshare legally with many thousands of other disabled readers. accessibility BISG blind Bookshare born accessible dyslexia ebooks Inclusive Marrakesh Treaty publishing Robin Seaman

Join Benetech in the Skoll Foundation’s 2014 Social Entrepreneurs Challenge!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

With Bookshare’s accessible ebooks and reading tools, Zach made a successful transition to college. Zach’s encounter with accessible ebooks is but one example of how Benetech empowers people who often face difficult challenges and whose needs are neglected.

A Call for Millions: Ending the Global Book Famine for the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We have the ebooks. The Global Treaty for the Blind makes it legal to create ebooks for people with disabilities without having to pay a royalty or getting permission. Publishers already contribute most of their ebooks to us for free, but The Treaty allows for crowdsourcing books at scale through a Napster-inspired model (but legal!). Free service with a “pay what you can” request (like Wikipedia’s) is a sustainable nonprofit model.

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Donor Spotlight: Lavelle Fund for the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

What is it like for a nonprofit to have a successful, lasting partnership with a private philanthropic foundation? Today, Bookshare serves over 330,000 American students with a rapidly growing collection of hundreds of thousands of accessible ebooks.

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The Gift of Reading, a Circle of Life

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It became a burden to his family and caregivers to constantly drop what they were doing to turn a page, so he began seeking out ebooks. It also demonstrates how each ebook that is added to the Bookshare collection is a brick in our members’ foundation of independence and inclusion.

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Digital Transformation: A Tale of Two Resilient Nonprofits

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This is a topic near and dear to my heart –as we at Blackbaud have had the opportunity to watch countless “resilient nonprofits” use technology to reimagine their operations under social distancing guidelines and economic uncertainty.

Receiving the 2013 Migel Medal

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I remember the day I told my wife, Virginia, that I’d do this “nonprofit thing” for just one year and then go back to regular for-profit high tech companies. And when the idea of a peer-to-peer ebook library came to me, it was George who I went to with the idea. After talking me out of calling it Bookster, he explained how the DAISY format would be ideal for our new Bookshare project, that he had made sure that it would work well for ebooks like the ones we were hoping to provide.

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Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Although the election-year onslaught of political marketing can sometimes seem excessive, in many ways it is extremely effective and offers a unique example for nonprofits to follow. Nonprofits can utilize this approach in many ways.

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The Nonprofit Marketing Personas Workbook [FREE DOWNLOAD]

John Haydon

This free e-book walk you through eight steps to create and use effective nonprofit marketing personas. Download this important workbook now: Your Brand ebook personas

7 Tips for Navigating Nonprofit Accounting Compliance

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86% of nonprofits expected demand for services to increase in 2018 while 58% said that federal funding policies have become more challenging. Source: 2018 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, Nonprofit Finance Fund). That rose to 26% at the least effective nonprofits.”—

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Online Benchmark Reveals Key Insights for Nonprofits in 2017

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It’s a new year and that means a new, comprehensive benchmark report on the performance of nonprofits using Luminate Online. If data isn’t part of your nonprofit culture, make that a big goal this year! ” Every nonprofit and every business has data. Google for Nonprofits .

24 Nonprofit Resources for your Mid-Year Check In: A Smart Fundraiser’s Summer Reading Checklist

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24 Nonprofit Resources for the Smart Fundraiser: Sector Insight: Giving USA : If you didn’t know Giving USA was out I’m going to assume you’ve been on vacation and have avoided all websites and social media.

What is in the Treaty of Marrakesh?

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It’s a nonprofit or government agency that makes accessible copies of Works, and limits distribution of those copies to people with bona fide disabilities, the “Beneficiary Persons,” defined in the next article. And, nonprofit organizations, libraries, educational institutions and government need to take advantage of these provisions to actually deliver the accessible books people with disabilities need for education, employment and full social inclusion.

Great reads from around the web on December 15th

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NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network – "That's right, I said it. What Matters Now eBook – Get the ebook now for free! "We More than seventy extraordinary authors and thinkers contributed to this ebook. I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day. Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found recently (as of December 15th).

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Great reads from around the web on February 15th

Amy Sample Ward

Constant Contact Survey Reveals Social Media is a Critical Marketing Tool for Event Planners; Usage Expected to Increase | Business Wire – "A new survey from Constant Contact® finds that social media marketing has become a critical marketing tool for small businesses and nonprofits planning events, with 77% of event planners currently using social media to market their events, and another 14% planning to do so in the next year.

New Nonprofit Workforce Study from Work for Good


Anyone working in the nonprofit world knows the magnetic draw of doing good for others and their communities. And they are committed: Nearly 9 in 10 plan to stay in nonprofits for the rest of their careers. 88% plan to work in nonprofits long term. DO WNLOAD THE EBOOK.

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8 Things Resilient Fundraisers Should be Doing Now

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The study reveals the negative emotions people are feeling (fearful, anxious, lonely, uncertain, sad) and the positive emotions nonprofits should invoke (hopeful, empathetic, responsible, committed). Learn How to Become a Resilient Nonprofit. Download the free eBook.

Breaking News: Twiddling Thumbs of Nonprofit Professionals Causing Sore Thumbs

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We know that nonprofit professionals are the hardest working folks out there and we want to help you succeed. 2016 Nonprofit Sector Leadership Report. If you nonprofit is lacking a strategic plan, you can create one for your division. The State of Nonprofit Cloud.

The Essential Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


This week’s free resource for you: The Essential Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits from Salsa. Ultimately, your goal as a nonprofit is to garner support, but how do you reach people you don’t already know? Wondering if you’re nonprofit should be on social media?

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White House Summit Promotes Pro Bono Service: Connecting Companies with Nonprofits for the Sake of Social Good

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And the topic is one of my favorites – pro bono service or, in layperson’s terms, how employees at companies large and small give their time and professional talents to help nonprofits thrive. I’m off to the White House today.

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Must-Haves: Integration and Automation

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For 5 years the Blackbaud Institute has brought together experts in the nonprofit sector to speak on a wide variety of topics. From donor retention to nonprofit marketing to organizational leadership, every ebook is an invaluable resource.

Bring Your Own App - Digital Flexibility Is Being Exercised - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

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Bring Your Own App - Digital Flexibility Is Being Exercised - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times : "The request led her to crowdsourcing apps at national conferences. Pilcher presented roundtable BYOA sessions at the Transformative Learning Conference in Oklahoma City, Okla., this past March and then again at the Association of Nurses in Professional Development’s (ANPD) Aspire to Excel conference in Las Vegas, Nev., in July.

5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail


While there are plenty of success stories in nonprofit crowdfunding, there are also many failures. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work for nonprofit crowdfunding so coming up with a plan with specific details on the campaign structure, goals, promotion, etc.

8 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Website Unwelcoming to Potential Donors

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When someone visits your nonprofit’s website, it takes them just 5 seconds to: Learn your mission. Got additional tips for making nonprofit websites more un welcoming? Acquisition #nptech donor retention fundraising nonprofit web design websites

Microsoft Citizenship Donating Office 365 To Nonprofits


"); September 10, 2013, Microsoft announced Office 365 donations for eligible nonprofits, large or small. Thanks to Microsoft''s Technology For Good Program , nonprofits are able to get the latest software and tech tools as a donation from Microsoft, empowering nonprofits and foundations to keep their attention and budget focused on their mission or cause. Download our free Ebook, Office 365 For Nonprofits - A Primer , and check out our npOffice (Office 365) offering.

Why Content Marketing is the Key to Your Nonprofits Online Success


It got me thinking about how content is used by nonprofits to help them connect with the right audience online. Content marketing and your nonprofit. If you think about it for a second you’ll quickly realize that nonprofits (probably yours) have been at this type of marketing for years.

Check Out These Free Tips For Making An Effective Presentation

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This blogs tips and ideas are perfect for managers and leaders of all types of small to large businesses and nonprofit organizations. To get the eBook, go to the Speechworks home page. skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

One Thing Most Nonprofits Stink at (Donor Retention) and How You Can Change It in 2014

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In 2013, Chuck Longfield was on a mission to shed light on the importance of donor retention in the nonprofit industry. Couple that with the rising cost of donor acquisition and you’ve got an incredibly difficult environment for fundraisers (and their nonprofits) to succeed.

The Rise of Donor-ism

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As a fundraiser today, no doubt you’ve heard of the concepts covered in this npEXPERTS eBook. Page by page, they get down to the nitty gritty to reveal the full story behind what they’re seeing in nonprofit leadership, sector diversity, peer-to-peer, advocacy, and more.

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Drab to Fab: Your Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover

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But, I am taking a different approach with this ebook. Yes, we have some high-level ideas for you, but this eBook is really about getting in the weeds and focusing on tactics. Download the ebook today! Nonprofit Fundraising crowdfundraising event fundraising peer to peer

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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Blogging Advice, Better Websites, and Email Marketing Stats

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and since you have an extra day to just do YOU… Check Out This Week’s Nonprofit Highlights. John Haydon is offering up [FOR FREE] 42 pages of eBook goodness to help you get more traffic, increase search rankings and boost conversions. I can’t believe it.

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