Finding Your Next Funder: How Prospect Research Helps Secure New Major Donors

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Picture this: You’re at a donor event, making small talk with an attendee you have never met before and you’re struggling to come up with something to talk to them about. You glance at your watch uncomfortably, and then look up to see a long-time major donor walking up. You quickly jump into easy conversation with them, and you pat yourself on the back for cultivating and engaging with this important donor.

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Connection Cafe

You can tell a lot about your donors by looking through information points such as past donation history, biographical facts, and interactions with your organization. Reviewing how much a donor has given you, time of last gift, and how many times they have donated – also known as RFM history – is probably the first stop for any fundraiser to help decide which prospects to contact, with what message, and with which ask amount.

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How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money

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Use Facebook Live to tell donors about the impact THEY made. More often than not, donors hear about impact second-hand (through your newsletter, website, etc). Without Facebook live (and other live broadcasting tools), supporters would have to travel all the way to Utah to witness, first-hand, BFAS’s impact. Make donors the heroes. Feature donor stories in your broadcast. Tell your viewers the impact that one donor made.

A Jargon-Free Guide to Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3C)

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With that being said, it is an option to file as an L3C in one of the above locations then qualify it as a foreign entity for your desired state. You would complete this process in the same way that businesses file across state lines for tax and fee purposes. . Among the benefits, starting an L3C is a very simple filing process—almost identical to that of an LLC. So you want to start an organization that benefits a specific cause. Great!

Boosting Arizona's Philanthropic Resources

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One area with great potential for increasing nonprofit revenues resides with greater contributions from individual donors. Consider for a moment what the impact might be for Arizona nonprofits if the 37% of Arizona residents who filed itemized tax returns in 2008 had been a bit more generous. Only two of the ten most generous states (Utah and Arkansas) had higher state and local tax burdens than Arizona. Kunz shows us how get your donors more involved. posted by.