9 Common Donation Page Mistakes (and Solutions!)

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If your online donation form is ineffective, it warrants immediate attention. The occasional mistake is inevitable, but given the high-volume traffic nonprofit donation pages receive, it’s crucial that your donation form is optimized to be as strong as possible.

How to Read the Minds of Your Donors

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The ability to read minds. What if I told you that you can enter the minds of your donors without even meeting them? Tell them what their donation has specifically allowed you to do. We do things because we get enjoyment out of them—even donating to charity.

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Mind Games: Using Psychology to Increase Email Open Rates

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By leveraging the innate processes of the human mind, it’s possible to greatly increase the odds that a recipient will click on your message and show interest in your group’s potential, whether it’s changing the world or just making a small piece of it a little better.

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Event Fundraising Contests That Will Blow Your Mind!!


we know the activities we’re asking people to do will result in their friends and family supporting them by making donations. This makes each FAF email potentially worth $15 in donations to you, if your events perform close to our statistical averages.

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Why Advocacy Organizations Must Keep Sustainers Top of Mind During EOY Fundraising

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As we enter the EOY fundraising season, especially for any issue advocacy organization that will see stark changes as the result of the election, one thing that should be top of mind is your sustainer program.

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Year-end donation processing

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As the calendar year draws to an end, charities (and ideally, donors) are focused on year-end donations and tax deductions. charities to keep in mind. Let's say the following donations will be processed by different nonprofits in the United States on Jan. A voice mail donation via credit card left December 29 (yes, it happens). An online donation made on December 31st. An online donation made on December 31st to a different charity.

Four Easy Ways to Land Corporate Donations

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For most non-profit organizations, corporate donations only make up a fraction of fundraising efforts. nonprofit donations in 2011. Corporations have a tendency to donate to organizations whose missions align with their own.

Demystifying Next Generation Donor Audiences to Drive Engagement and Donations

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This year, along with our partner, Changing Our World, we conducted a nationally representative study , among Gen Z and Millennials (those born between 1981-2001) to better understand the donation habits of Gen Z and Millennials and uncover what it means for the future of fundraising.

Mobile Donation Forms

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It’s about a mobile-friendly donation form, which I believe is a key component to any nonprofit mobile presence. In fact, I’ll even say that if you want to keep your mobile presence small and simple, you really only need a mobile homepage and a mobile donation form.

Online Fundraising Ideas (7 Strategies & 63% More Donations)

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First I’ll show you how the Environmental Defense Fund used their email list in a creative way to increase online donations by 63%. Result: 63% more donations, 55% higher conversion rate and a 2X ROI. Lapsed donors : Members who have donated, but not in the last year.

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How Canadian Cancer Society Increased Donations by 78% During #GivingTuesday

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million raised, a 63% increase in total donations over 2013 according to the Case Foundation. Cancer research funding is very competitive right now, but because of their strategic approach, CCS was top of mind by the time #GivingTuesday rolled around.

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Market Your Donation Page With 6 Stellar Social Media Strategies


That being said, mastering social media marketing can be hard, and finding the optimal ways to share your donation page on these sites can be even harder. Promote text-to-give as a way to spread your donation page on social media.

7 Online Donation Tools to Delight Your Donors [Updated]

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Online fundraising garners millions in charitable giving for the nonprofit industry every year, but with so many options, it can be difficult to find the right online donation tools for your organization. Paypal Donations. PayPal Donations. of the donation, plus $0.30.

19 Ways to Raise More Money From Your Donation Pages

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What makes a kick-ass donation page? Together, these elements must convey enough emotional punch and urgency to inspire people to donate. Your donation pages reflect your brand. Only then should you start designing your donation pages. Is it the words? Images?

Testing Your Donation Form Part 2: Designing Your Test

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In the first part of this series , we talked about why you should test your website and donation form with real supporters. How quickly can visitors understand where donations go? What questions do they ask before making a donation? Task #3: You are ready to make a donation.

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4 Ways Canadian Charities Can Optimize Their Donation Pages in 2019

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You’ve done the hard work of sending an email , using online ads, or getting website traffic to your donation page… now it’s time to help complete the online giving journey. If so, they’ll complete their donation. Tell people what their donation will do.

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Creating a Natural Conversation on Your Donation Landing Pages

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Every time you ask your site visitor for something – whether it’s a donation or just an email signup – you are entering a mental conversation. When we ask for it out of order, we create anxiety in the mind of the person on the other side of the screen.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Asking for Donations

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Even after loads of practice, asking for donations can make our palms sweat and our hair stand up. Each potential donor deserves your utmost respect and attention; they shouldn’t feel like their contribution would be just another drop in your donation bucket. After asking for donations so many times, you may feel yourself sticking to the same script, and there’s nothing wrong with that! The post The 7 Deadly Sins of Asking for Donations appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

Your Brand Story: Change the Fundraising Game by Driving Donations and Building Relationships

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As The Children’s Center in Detroit learned first-hand, their unique and compelling brand story was the secret sauce for touching the hearts and moving the minds of donors. Fundraising professionals continuously seek better methods to cultivate individual donors and obtain major gifts.

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Drive Attention and Gain Donations on Facebook with Video Storytelling

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I’ll go over some simple tips to keep in mind for creating high-performing videos for Facebook. This video created by Animoto customer ShelterBox USA drove $3200 in donations with just a $100 Facebook video ad spend. Sponsored by Animoto. Nonprofits have a unique advantage on Facebook.

Tis the Season: Making it Easy to Give Year-End Donations

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Can they make donations via mobile devices seamlessly? Is your pitch for year-end donations clearly stated on your website? A good donation page “connects the dots between cause and effect, gift and impact,” says Haydon.

Using Psychology to Attract Social Media Donations for Your Nonprofit


The human mind will always be triggered by the same things, no matter how fast technology changes. With technology, the human mind isn’t much different. This curiosity and desire to be connected can help you receive more donations.

5 Often Overlooked Tips for Maximizing Online Donations


———————– Online donations have been the bright spot for nonprofits in the last few years. Do people have to search for your donate button? A hidden “Donate” button and a long process can discourage donations.

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Best Donation Page: Middle East Children's Alliance. The Middle East Children’s Alliance is a top-tier example of building a compelling donation page that maximizes conversions when it counts. Our team addressed viewers directly and reminded them why their donations matter.

Confessions from a Donor: I Didn’t Donate for 10 Years, but Now I’m a Sustainer.

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I’ve been an avid NPR listener for 10 years and I’ve never donated, not even once. . Even though I get my news every morning from the great Morning Editions hosts, Steve Inskeep, Renee Montagne and David Greene and spend my days listening to This American Life, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and TED Radio hour, it’s never really crossed my mind to donate. I know I’m not alone when it comes to ignoring the donation requests. I have a confession.

Top Do’s and Don’ts in Using Online Donation Forms

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Hence, to ease work you have to find some tools to streamline your workflow, and since most of your future developments evolve around donations, you most powerful weapon would be a good donation form. Online donations seem to be on the raise, according to The 2012 Charitable Giving Report made by Blackbaud, “online giving grew 10.7% This is only one reason in plus to think about creating a handy donation form. Top Do’s when creating a donation form.

Tips for Optimizing Your Donation Page


With fundraising season just over the horizon, it might be time for you to take a look at your donation page with conversion rates in mind. Otherwise, you could be leaving donations on the table.

NY Times says text donations system is flawed

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If you have an urgent call to action, a way of reaching a mass audience, and don’t mind not being able to identify, steward, or resolicit most of the donors who give via text, mobile giving can definitely be effective. One of the presentations at last month’s Association of Advancement Services Professionals conference dealt with mobile giving. I’m still skeptical about its suitability for most nonprofits, and the NY Times said the same yesterday.

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Facebook's New Donate Button: Good or Bad for Nonprofits?


The nonprofit world was buzzing today over the announcement of Facebook rolling out Donate buttons to nonprofit organizations on pages and posts. The big question on every nonprofit organizations'' mind is, will this Donate button help their charity raise a decent amount of money?

7 Tips on Asking for Donations — It’s Intimidating, We Get It

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When it comes to asking for donations, most of us head for the hills. But until then, you won’t have to sweat your fundraising ask if you follow these seven tips: Download the 7 Tips on Asking for Donations infographic here! . Research Your Donors to Read Their Minds.

Five Common Donation Form Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The truth is, it's easy to attract people to a nonprofit fundraising campaign, however, ensuring that they're going donate a different story. That's the last thing you want, and to prevent that, you have to ensure that you'll avoid these common nonprofit donation mistakes.

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GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Your donor management platform should be able to show you the “journey” that Oscar took before his last donation. Answer a call to donate on social media? Also worth considering: your software should provide easily-browsed and highly-sortable donation history for each contact.

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Fiscal Year–End Reminder: Place Your Donation Requests Before June 30

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Most of TechSoup’s donation programs limit the number of requests an organization can place per fiscal year — our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Select Donation Request History in My Account to verify if you’ve reached the limit in these programs.

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Donate Your Brain! Microvolunteering at TechSoup

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Our virtual volunteering offerings also include Donate Your Brain , a microvolunteering initiative. In our Donate Your Brain initiative, volunteers choose how and when to participate whenever they want to. We don't have thousands of people participating in Donate Your Brain.

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Our EveryAction Hero: Rock the Vote

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

We're keeping that in mind for what’s possible in the future and the change that we can potentially see if we show up in 2020. Rock the Vote has been mobilizing the youth vote for almost 30 years.

[RESEARCH] How Has Social and Mobile Media Changed the Way You Donate to Nonprofits?

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Below are just a few questions I have ruminating in mind these days. Are your donations made more often and smaller? Have you donated through text messaging? Have you ever received a text message from a nonprofit that inspired you to make a donation?

Charities Raise Money with Text to Donate for Nepali Earthquake Relief

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Mobile giving – donating money through a simple text message exchange – is being used by several charities as an easy way for anyone to make a contribution to relief efforts. Mobile giving, also called text-to-donate, can be an extremely rewarding tactic for charities in times of crisis.

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Place Your Donation Requests Before June 30

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Most of TechSoup’s donation programs limit the number of requests an organization can place per fiscal year – our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Check out the programs that run on TechSoup’s fiscal year below (note that Microsoft donations are not limited by our fiscal year – for more info, see the Microsoft rules ). Select Donation Request History in My Account to verify if you’ve reached the limit in these programs.

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Fiscal Year-End Reminder — Place Donation Requests Before June 30, 2015

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Several people have responded to this blog asking about requesting donations. Most of the donation and discount programs on TechSoup limit the number of requests an organization can place per fiscal year. TechSoup Account Management 101: Managing Your Donation Requests.

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[RESEARCH] How Has Social and Mobile Media Changed the Way You Donate to Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Below are just a few questions I have ruminating in mind these days. Are your donations made more often and smaller? Have you donated through text messaging? Have you ever received a text message from a nonprofit that inspired you to make a donation?

Mastering the Art of Work/Life Balance in a Digital World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Meet my colleague, Meico Marquette Whitlock, who is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie. I had an opportunity to interview Meico about being a Mindful Techie. However, now I’m bringing a new tool to my work in the form of mindfulness. Happy Healthy Nonprofit Mindfulness

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Hyper-Personalization: Using Donor Data to Inspire Loyalty to your Healthcare Foundation

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In most hospital foundation annual giving programs, all donors regardless of donation trigger (e.g. a grateful patient, p2p donation, event donation, tribute) are typically funnelled into the annual giving program.

New Study Highlights the Popularity of Text-to-Donate

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A recent survey by the Pew Research center shows that almost one in 10 Americans have made a donation via text. Furthermore, taking the “Text to Haiti” campaign as a test case, the study found that 73% of those who donated did so within 24 hours of hearing about the campaign. And 43% of donors encouraged friends and family to donate as well. Quick-response text donations aren’t just great because they increase the volume of donations.

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