DIY Community Engagement Metrics

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We covered how to do Community Mapping (identifying the segments and goals of the community), Content Mapping (creating a plan for which content goes where, and why), and Data Tracking (pulling all the numbers together). >> Get this template! >> Get this template!

Smartsheet: Frustrated with online project management no longer

Judi Sohn

Right around the time I started at KELL Partners last year, I helped our team implement Smartsheet as our main tool for keeping track of timelines, requirements and deliverables with clients and internal projects. Why aren’t you just using Google Docs?”

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Creating the Perfect Editorial Calendar – A Cinderella Story

Connection Cafe

Of course, no content calendar is one-size-fits-all, but we’ve created a template version that can be easily customized to meet your needs. We have some processes that keep these meetings—and all the work in between—on track: First, we meet at 4 pm on the dot every No excuses.

How Can Google’s G Suite Help my Nonprofit Thrive?

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G Suite is Google’s collection of business apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive. As you can all work on projects at once with Google Docs, and easily share information through the various apps, it will become easier than ever to work efficiently as a team. Archives.

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Word or Wiki?


Word's difficult to read and use Track Changes feature is the closest equivalent Now, I might have a reputation here as a Microsoft basher , but, the truth is, Word holds a treasured spot on my Mac's Dock. Attempts to unseat it by Apple's Pages , Google Docs and Open Office have been short-lived and fruitless. And there are other times when the templates and automation bring specific convenience to a task, such as when I'm doing a formal memo or printing letterhead at work.

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Basecamp and Project Managment


As a standard practice for our web and other projects, we store project documents (tracking revisions); set major project dates (milestones); track tasks that follow from those milestones; collaboratively edit and design documents; and above all, as a way to have easy, lively blog-like discussions of project issues. You can create templates for individual todo lists, but you can't template a whole project.

Telework Cool Tools: SlideRocket

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You can upload an existing PowerPoint or Google Docs presentation, and it’s instantly online and ready for folks to view. SlideRocket also has drag-and-drop authoring tools and customizable presentation templates that allow users to create presentations from any web browser. If you use presentations for fundraising or outreach, note that SlideRocket keeps track of viewer data and provides analytics tools that let you to see how popular a presentation is. SlideRocket.

Crazy for the Tools


Dropbox also tracks versions of documents across the team. Dropbox sits nicely between formal, full featured project communications tools such as Basecamp (which we also use), Central Desktop , or Google Apps and Docs. Gliffy has smart-looking templates for flow charts, database diagrams, system, business processes, and so on. I have started diagrams there because I do appreciate its templates and color schemes.

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The Best Productivity Tools (Part 2): Favorites Revealed

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You can link XERO with Expensify (an expenses tracker with a nice mobile app) and Receipt Bank (for tracking more email-based regular invoices and payments) via XERO's app store.

How To Create More Content, Faster, Without Sacrificing on Quality


Tweetdeck is my own not-so-secret productivity tool that tracks important events happening in my industry. Cyfe can also connect to my email address and deliver emails straight to my trend tracking dashboard.

111 Low-Cost or Free OnlineTools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A fun, colorful way to track your nonprofit’s growth and activity on Twitter. Statigram is a service for tracking your Instagram statistics. Additionally, the app serves as hub to all other Google Apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader, Voice, Maps, etc.

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100 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A social search tool that allows you to easily track mentions of your nonprofit on social networking sites, blogs, and websites. This website tracks what sites are the most popular in the world today. A fun, colorful way to track your nonprofit’s growth and activity on Twitter.

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2014 NTC Report: The Wins, The Fails, The Ideas for 2015


From the legacy of volunteers who have created a separate note-taking doc for every single session, to those of you who agreed to be on camera in between sessions and say hello to the OnlineNTC participants, to the number of you who gave constructive feedback through our conference and session evaluations (and via phone call.and Facebook thread.and over cotton candy at the Geek Games…), the generosity of NTEN community members is almost overwhelming.

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