Aligning Your IT Needs With Your Org's Mission (or, Doc Brown to the Rescue)


In Back to the Future , Doc Brown gets the cable plugged in -- yes, just in time. In addition to our archive of free for Members webinars , we have a lot of other content coming up, as well, including: Ask the Expert: Geoff Handy and Carie Lewis on Social Media Fundraising (9/23). There's a trope in many a science-fiction movie: you need to fix the tech to save the day. In Empire , R2D2 reconnects the hyperdrive just in time.

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Association Social Media: ASAE


——————— Let’s welcome Lauren Precker, Social Media Manager for ASAE to the SocialFish stage! 2) Describe your social/digital “ecosystem” – what social media sites do you (or the org as a whole) manage?

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Platforms break open, part II

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I looked over Allan Benamer’s post on the Convio and Kintera initiatives, I looked harder at the Convio Open and Kintera Connect docs, and I also had a chat with some Kintera folk. Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Platforms break open, part II October 18, 2007 The dust is settling.

Social Media Employee Guidelines


People keep asking me for the link to my post about Intel's social media employee guidelines (and other examples) so here it is again. Their policy guidelines are so good that I have actually cut and pasted them into a Word doc in case the link goes dead again. Intel's link was actually not working a couple of days ago, so I got in touch with them and they totally fixed it. Awesomesauce!

What is the Youtube Nonprofit Program?

Twenti - Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

The Youtube Nonprofit program makes it even easier to use the platform to expand your reach and increase donations, and they’re always looking for new ways to help people fighting for social good. 6 Great Nonprofit Social Media Accounts. Guides Social Media

What Tools Are You Using for Listening, Engaging, and Social Media Management?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Based on the discussion threads in my Facebook page , I’ve updated my mega list of tools in my social media listening and engaging instructional wiki. It searches Twitter and Facebook for phrases or hashtags and dumps them into a google doc spreadsheet.

Tech Across Your Org: Social Media Collaboration Across the NYC Elder Abuse Center


This spring, the New York City Elder Abuse Center (the Center) began its journey from a traditional, “non-social” organization to one that uses and embraces social media in both its communications and internal processes. The Center wanted to expand its reach, connections, and impact using social media and received grant funding in 2011 for social media planning and implementation through 2012. she had to delegate others to take the lead with social media and 3.)

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Live Blogging: 09NTC Mapping Your Social Media Strategy

Amy Sample Ward

I’m here at NTEN’s 09NTC and am going to live blog Beth Kanter’s session on mapping your social media strategy to metrics. Panelists: Wendy Harmon: social media manager, philosophy is to use social media to execute mission. Danielle Brigida: using social media to increase, reach, engagement and revenue. Sarah Granger: advise nonprofits on using social media for advocating and communicating.

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The value of collaboration


Now, at work, I can store all those docs on the firm’s collaboration platform and access them via an iPad. modern social platform makes self-publishing at work as easy as it is at home. And the best ones have social and mobile features as core elements of the platform.

How To Build A Social Media Cockpit With Firefox

John Haydon

You’re trying stay current with your blog reading, trying to organize source material for future posts and stay active in a dozen social media sites. Building a social media cockpit. The good news here is there are hundred of web applications designed to help you manage social media tasks - all within a single browser. The central console of my social media cockpit is the Firefox Browser , which has the largest choice of these third party add-ons.

Commoncraft Show: Social Bookmarking Video

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Check out his newest video about social bookmarking. So, I need to really cull down what I'm teaching to essence and provide good step-by-step docs as leave behinds. Click To Play. Lee LeFever has done it again! I love instructional videos. If only dotsub had a khmer translation , I'd be all set for the Cambodian Bloggers Summit at the end of the month.

How to Engage Everyday Instagram Influencers and Reach Millennial Donors

Connection Cafe

You can actually search within social media platforms for keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your nonprofit’s issues. Nonprofit Marketing Instagram for Nonprofits Instagram Influencers Micro Influencers Social Media for NonprofitsInstagram is here to stay.

Andy Carvin Opens The Kimono At NPR on Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This week Andy Carvin at NPR hosted a small group of social media folks at NPR to help them think through their strategies regarding user-generated content and social networking. Click To Play Video.

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How Do You Inspire Visitors to Take Action After They Leave?

Museum 2.0

it uses art, history, artifacts, and storytelling to illuminate a big human story and an urgent social issue. The artwork metaphorically suggests that we need to do all these little things to build a supportive social fabric for foster youth.

The Social Sector Cloud


Chances are you probably already do this with Yahoo Mail or Google Docs or Flickr or Salesforce or Twitter or Facebook. " Frontline social workers are finding that this repository of data has put them in touch with colleagues' expertise and helped them improve their work. Lucy Bernholz, Blueprint R+D. Once upon a time, just a little more than a century ago, every factory that wanted to run its systems on electricity had to build its own electrical generating system.

The Social Sector Cloud


Chances are you probably already do this with Yahoo Mail or Google Docs or Flickr or Salesforce or Twitter or Facebook. " Frontline social workers are finding that this repository of data has put them in touch with colleagues' expertise and helped them improve their work. Lucy Bernholz, Blueprint R+D. Once upon a time, just a little more than a century ago, every factory that wanted to run its systems on electricity had to build its own electrical generating system.

Slides from Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Social Media Keynote

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

To prepare for this presentation, I used social media tools not only to locate the experts and good examples, but this time invited them to collaborate in a google doc that ultimately became the wiki resource page. | View | Upload your own. I was invited to give a keynote at a gathering of 300 IT leaders and managers who work for a large healthcare nonprofit.

Nature vs. Nuture, or Why You Should Follow Your Gut on the Social Web


Photo: I've been crafting the "official" NTEN Social Media Strategy. It has its own Google Doc.) Supposedly, social media comes more naturally to me. We human beings are social beings. On a daily basis we listen, we connect, we share, and we evaluate -- all steps in a solid social media plan. The same goes for social media. To be clear, I'm NOT advocating that you skip the social media plan at your organization.

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Observations and Reflections on #TakeBackThePink

Amy Sample Ward

On January 31st, the social web erupted with status updates, images, and more in response to the Associated Press report that the Susan G. link for the google doc so that sharing the information and inviting people to participate would be easy to do.

4 Resources to Transform Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy

NonProfit Hub

Canva’s social media post templates are particularly helpful for marketers. There are templates for specific social media sites — such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest — as well as a general template. Posting regularly on social media can gain you additional followers and help convert browsers into loyal fans. Buffer is a social scheduling app that allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time. Google Docs. There are more than 1.5

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Nonprofit’s Databases


Say you connect with these supporters through social media, email, your website, a 3rd party site, or in-person at an event; each interaction results in a new addition of information to the database. Image courtesy of WiseGeek.

Email: Still Not Dead!


Mark Zuckerberg is a pioneer of the social web. Want to send a document to a colleague; chances are you are going to email it at some point unless everyone who you do business with is on Dropbox or Google Docs (which by the way you also need an email address to sign up for).

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‘Why don’t you have a nonprofit data management plan?’ Q&A with Debbie Snyder and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

And from the Q&A at the end of the event … QUESTION: You talked about using social media logins, like Facebook, to help capture more information about donors and prospects. We definitely recommend using social media logins to your website as a convenience option for your constituents. The most popular is Facebook –

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5 Questions: Social Media's Potential for Faith Based Communities


Session: Social Media's Potential for Faith Based Communities. Social media are tools that should be in everyone’s toolbox (not relegated to the “IT” person only), and the environment in which we are all doing our work is evolving quickly. But the constituencies we are trying to reach and serve are using social media like the general public, and faith based organizations need to offer the same transparency, opportunities and customer service as other nonprofits and for-profits do.

Advocacy Policy, Part Two - And Why Now is an Especially Good Time to Create One

Museum 2.0

We reviewed a handful of existing policies from other institutions (local and national, museums and not), discussed their attributes, and started drafting/stealing/reworking with a Google doc. We incubate a youth art and social change program. inclusion relevance social justice

How to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged

NonProfit Hub

You can easily do this by creating an Excel document or Google doc to organize your content and identify what will go to which segment of your audience, and at what time. When you work as an email marketer, you need to expect a certain amount of email unsubscribes each year.

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How Game On Cancer Cracked the Code on Engaging Physicians and Cancer Survivors

Connection Cafe

We started with a nomination packet for each doc that included a personalized “MVP Trading Card.” Without the backing of a national organization’s flashy brand, sexy advertising campaign , or robust budget – engaging grateful patients at a local level can sometimes feel impossible.

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Beth’s Surprise Party: A Case Study in Crowdsourced Action

Amy Sample Ward

First, we created an open Google Doc where we put in the introduction language, so anyone that clicked through from someone’s blog or Twitter post would have context about what was happening (and included a numbered list up to 53, so people could easily see where to add their name and blog address). See the Google Doc for links.). Yesterday was a very exciting day: we threw a surprise party for Beth Kanter online!

33 Fun, Useful, and Totally Random Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A social search tool that allows you to easily track mentions of your nonprofit on social networking sites, blogs, and websites. A great source for images for your nonprofit’s website, blog, e-newsletter, and social networking profiles. Mobile Technology Social Media

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Tools I use: basic workflow

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I was perusing Social Source Commons (something I don’t do nearly often enough,) and catching up on the SSC blog , and I thought it might be worth sharing with this audience what tools I use for basic consulting workflow. If you want to look at my Social Source Commons toolbox, it’s here. And, like all consultants, workflow involves documents and spreadsheets, and for that I mostly use LibreOffice , although sometimes using Google Docs makes sense for collaboration.

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Creating the Perfect Editorial Calendar – A Cinderella Story

Connection Cafe

The Google Calendar crammed with notes to share this on social and send that email. We use one tab of the calendar to manage our social media posts for the current month, and color-code our posts by content type to ensure we’re mixing it up. The daily scramble.

Around the TechSoup Global Blogosphere

Tech Soup Blog

Learn how to become a social organization with tips from Yammer 's director of community. NetSquared is organizing technology-for-social-good events all over the world. Running Your Organization Social Networking Web 2.0 TechSoup is keeping busy this July.

Vote now for the DoGooder Video Awards!


The DoGooder Awards recognize the creative and effective use of video in promoting social good. Cisco, a global leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is generously contributing a cash prize to one contest winner. Why yes, it is that time again!

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The Launch Ticker = Awesome Way to Get Your Tech News Fix


It’s basically a Google Doc, continuously updated and curated by Kirin Kalia and other researchers. At first glance it’s just an overloaded Google Doc with a bunch of tech news summaries and links streaming down the page.

News 129

The Known Unknowns


I wasn’t all that picky about the tools I used—Microsoft Word was good, but Google Docs did just as well, and sometimes a pen and paper was preferable if I just needed to concentrate. My daily tasks include broadcast email, file sharing, CRMs, CMSs, spreadsheets, and social media.

Doc 70

4 Prerequisites to Writing an Excellent Roundup Post


If your company is brand new and you’re not sure who you should ask to be a contributor, try poking around social media sites to find folks who are discussing relevant ideas. Something else you may want to consider is the creation of a shared document in Google Docs, as suggested by WPCurve.

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How Can Google’s G Suite Help my Nonprofit Thrive?

Twenti - Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

G Suite is Google’s collection of business apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive. As you can all work on projects at once with Google Docs, and easily share information through the various apps, it will become easier than ever to work efficiently as a team. Archives.

Doc 52

Hello, Trello: Why We’re Simply Loving It

NonProfit Hub

being on social media. Simply upload the doc and every member will get an email notification. With seven people working from multiple cities and locations, my team doesn’t have an option when it comes to online productivity.

Doc 71

NpTech Tag Summary: Nonprofits Lead Fortune 500 in Social Web Adoption, and More

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Social Media Nedra Weinreich's tip jar , tipped me off to newly published study from Nora Barnes and Eric Mattson from U Mass Dartmouth about nonprofit adoption of social media tools. The paper provides a theoretical overview of social networks and important trends.

Attention #NPdataNerds: Report back from the first-ever Do Good Data Conference

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Many of you, especially those in greater Chicago, may be familiar with the Data Analysts for Social Good group that Andrew Means founded in May 2012. After much discussion about Etherpad, Piratepad, okfnpad, Storify, and other tools, we settled on good old Google docs.

We've Gotten This Far

Museum 2.0

The social media folks were in full-on energizer bunny mode behind the scenes. The shared google doc of closures blew up around Thursday afternoon, and in looking at it, I thought, maybe for the first time in my career, we are saving lives. I thank all of you on social who shared honestly, and unsparingly, how your management was handling this. No social campaign alone will ensure the future of museums (#musesocial is good but come one).

Museum Work Today: All the Feels All the Time

Museum 2.0

It’s the way that people share their real feelings on social. Do we refer to Mar a #museum social media guru, maven, connoisseur? Let’s make the doc a living document to help us make informed decisions. Is there a good comprehensive google doc, growing list of museums that are closed, closing programs, etc? The working title of this research is "Effects of COVID-19 on the social and digital media of American Museums."

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DIY Community Engagement Metrics

Amy Sample Ward

Even though much of these will be online social technologies, don’t forget about the offline spaces, too. This template, like the others, is available at that link as a public google doc that you can save and reuse.