Vendor Relationship Management: Why Nonprofits Should Care

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TechSoup's Senior Online Community Manager, Lewis Haidt, introduced me to Vendor Relationship Management (more commonly shortened to VRM), which is sort of the converse to Customer Relationship Management. Doc Searls on VRM.

Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Development teams need to know how the relationship with each donor has evolved over the years. It is impossible to track the nuances of all of those relationships without a little extra help from your CRM. For fundraisers, the clarity of each donor contact record matters.

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Integration of CRM and CMS

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Integration of CRM and CMS January 14, 2009 If there are two acronyms that are at the center of nonprofit communications, it’s these two, CRM (Constituent Relationship Management – and I’m making this broad enough to include fundraising) and CMS (Content Management System).

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Try Google Docs.

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4 Tips For Maintaining Your Nonprofit’s Databases


Also look into a database that is specifically geared toward donor and volunteer information, such as constituent relationship management (CRM) system. Image courtesy of WiseGeek.

How Game On Cancer Cracked the Code on Engaging Physicians and Cancer Survivors

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We started with a nomination packet for each doc that included a personalized “MVP Trading Card.” The relationship between a doctor and their patient during such a vulnerable time in someone’s life is indescribable.

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‘Why don’t you have a nonprofit data management plan?’ Q&A with Debbie Snyder and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

The most popular is Facebook – working from a list serve), while I would expect higher open rates for a lapsed donor campaign or an effort to lift giving amounts for existing donors because your nonprofit already has a relationship with the targeted constituents. Third Sector Labs recently co-hosted a data management webinar with Debbie Snyder , VP of Sales & Marketing for Adcieo.

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Finest Choices for the Best SEO Works Now 

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

We thus find, in the manner of Google Docs a title menu, from the largest (the main title in h1) to the smallest. To make the information easily accessible to all, Google takes into account the relationships between the different websites that exist in its index.

The Known Unknowns


I wasn’t all that picky about the tools I used—Microsoft Word was good, but Google Docs did just as well, and sometimes a pen and paper was preferable if I just needed to concentrate. In a few art classes, I developed a deeper relationship with software such as Adobe Audition and Max 6.

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Thoughts from EMSA 2010


Interestingly, he suggested that 40% of the success of direct marketing lies in the message, 40% on the database relationship (so how close that person/constituent is to your organisation), and 20% on creative capabilities or ideas.

How to Engage Everyday Instagram Influencers and Reach Millennial Donors

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How are you building relationships now that will turn into donations, actions and mentions later? Start a list (say, in a spreadsheet or doc) of the Instagram micro influencers you want to track and consider reaching out when you have something great or time-sensitive to share.

Social Media Employee Guidelines


Their policy guidelines are so good that I have actually cut and pasted them into a Word doc in case the link goes dead again. They very clearly understand the relationship between being authentic, being an actual person, and having professionalism in your communications when you are participating as a staff member. People keep asking me for the link to my post about Intel's social media employee guidelines (and other examples) so here it is again.

What Else Can We Talk About? 10 Years Since The Cluetrain Manifesto

Wild Apricot

Ten years ago, Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger laid out 95 principles for communicating with customers online. The Cluetrain Manifesto , sounded a visionary wake-up call that the Internet would change — was already changing — the fundamental nature of the relationship between businesses and their markets.

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Comparing Google Apps to Microsoft Outlook


Like Microsoft Exchange, it provides email, calendar and basic contact-management services, while Google Docs—another component of Google Apps—provides file-sharing. Google Docs also offers the ability to access a shared set of documents, but the mental model behind the two applications is fairly different—while Outlook offers a library, Google Docs provides an index of shared documents that can also be opened for easy collaborative editing. PublishDate: July 2011.

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Reflections from #MFOM14: Email Marketing, Fundraising, and Visual Communications


Key takeaways from the Email Marketing workshop that took place on Day 1: Fundraising is dependent on relationship building : Nonprofits should work year-round to cultivate and maintain relationships with donors, so that the ask is not a cold call at the end of the year.

Google Wave: “what might email look like if we invented it today”


Today, we often have a love/hate relationship with our Inbox. In a Google doc, you can be on a conference call and all take notes in the same document. In the first place, it combines some of the best elements of Gmail, Instant Messaging, and Google Docs.

How Can Volunteer Coordinators Help Their Organizations Become Networked Nonprofits?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Many of this latter group of are veterans of what Extraordinaries’ Jacob Colker calls the “Command & Control Model” – programs that seek to control the relationship of the volunteer with the organization and/or cause.

Capturing and Subduing Technical Volunteers

FI Space

It’s like any other relationship you’re trying to cultivate, more akin to growing a whole orange tree than to peeling an orange. You want to build relationships with a few, dependable people who over time invest more of themselves with you and your technology. Even though they’re working for free, or perhaps at a steep discount, you should conduct the relationship as if they are, in fact, being paid. This is a great guest post from our friend Ehren Foss.

Scott Hemmeter at arrowpoint found another clue when he noticed that the Appexchage packaging interface asked him if he wanted to require Google Docs be present. The Inside CRM Blog » Blog Archive - Is the Google-Salesforce Relationship getting cozier?

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Empowering Your Board to Fundraise: Treating Your Board Members as Major Donors


The key to making the relationship work is communication, cultivation, and caring. them relationship -- or worse. If you treated your Board members like major donors how would the relationship change? Creating a relationship with donors has always been about the donors needs, not the organization wants. Here are some ideas to engage your Board and create a relationship that works: What is their communication preference? Barbara Talisman, Pursuant.

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A Few Good RSVP Tools: Online Registration Options for Free Events


You can tailor registration pages with basic colors and a logo, email registrants, export information, and enter event attendees in a Constituent Relationship Management database. Google Forms ( ) is free, though you need to sign up for an account, and works well with other Google Docs applications. PublishDate: July 2011. Author: Laura S. Quinn. Kyle Henri Andrei. Planning a free event?

Live Blogging: 09NTC Mapping Your Social Media Strategy

Amy Sample Ward

Qui - for clients that are larger, we set up media citation reports (like a word doc with titles and links and relevant info about the mentions and how they should respond). all about relationships. I’m here at NTEN’s 09NTC and am going to live blog Beth Kanter’s session on mapping your social media strategy to metrics. Below is the live blog or the archive of the live blog. Can’t wait!

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How To Build A Social Media Cockpit With Firefox

John Haydon

On top of all this, you have no bandwidth to nurture the relationships that you’ve worked so hard to seed. Relationship ReMinder. If you’re like me, you have an increasing number of relationships that you want to continue to nurture. After reading “ How to Win Friends and Influence People With Excel “, I created a Google Doc to centralize important details about my friends.

Case Study: Tools for Community Engagement


The 2011 TMWL activity on Twitter was driven primarily by people very close to the campaign, whereas the first Tweetsgiving was driven by people Stacey didn't know yet or hadn't invested time cultivating relationships with. When it came to blogger outreach, a Google Doc was the preferred and successful tool. Epic Change used four planning tools, but much of the work was really in just two: a private Facebook group and Google Docs.

Nonprofits Live: Collaborative Storytelling Recap

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A production grid is easy to produce in a collaborative tool like Google Docs and is easily shared via email or file sharing. When you recruit collaborators that you've never worked with for a project, look for people who have positive working relationships with other professionals. The TechSoup Digital Storytelling Campaign. kicked off with a special edition of Nonprofits Live on the topic of collaborative storytelling.

Nonprofits Live Recap: Online Collaboration

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Homer also advises setting up a dedicated time to work together and once together to really listen to one another and build relationships. The October edition of Nonprofits Live examined the topic of online collaboration.

Resource Roundup 3/22 | Idealware


Its a two part series - in Part 1, they discuss the pros and cons of web-based tools for these applications, while in Part 2 they discuss a number of specific products, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Plaxo , ThinkFree , Zoho , Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheet.

Crazy for the Tools


Dropbox sits nicely between formal, full featured project communications tools such as Basecamp (which we also use), Central Desktop , or Google Apps and Docs. For technical documentation and general specifications, I am in one or another Google Doc every day, may use Writeboard , or a real wiki, and these days maybe Salesforce Content.

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Rebecca Leaman, Guest Post: What Else Can We Talk About? 10 Years Since The Cluetrain Manifesto

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Ten years ago, Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger laid out 95 principles for communicating with customers online. Submitted by Rebecca Leaman, publisher of Get your sanity back , Wild Apricot's non-profit technology blog.

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Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for 300 People

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It has a lot of features , but most importantly it grabs hashtags or keywords from Twitter (and Facebook) and dumps into a google doc spreadsheet with other data points. Colorado Project. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

More Facebook and Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

All of that is important to the relationships we want to have with those who care about wildlife and the environment. Doc Searls has some commentary about the Facebook/google search policy, " Why Facebook Should Be Called Buttbook " I'm catching up. Right before I left for Cambodia, Ranger Rick's profile (the spokesperson for NWF) was deleted from Facebook because it was "fake" and the policy is that only individuals can set up profiles.

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Intranets, Yammer, and Other Web 2.0 Tools for Staff Communication

Museum 2.0

It probably isn't new forms of visitor engagement (no matter how much I write about those relationships). Many people use Google Docs for this, though I find the interface a bit confusing. applications (Google Docs and Google sites).

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1stfans: An Audience-Specific Membership Program at the Brooklyn Museum

Museum 2.0

Instead, 1stfans is an attempt to turn the impersonal engine of museum membership into a relationship-based, community-centered interaction for two specific museum audiences. How did working on the Feed impact your relationship with the Brooklyn Museum?

Pro-Tibet Non-Profit Under Cyber-Attack | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

It’s clearly an attempt to exploit existing social relationships and the trust that goes with them. doc 2008_beijing_olympic_games__b_.doc doc Both files taken together exploit a vulnerability in the JetDB4 engine and drop to disk sysqaz.exe. I really hate the idea of using code to disrupt human relationships that bind people together and as technologists we should definitely speak out about this.

The Social Sector Cloud


Chances are you probably already do this with Yahoo Mail or Google Docs or Flickr or Salesforce or Twitter or Facebook. We will see more innovation along the lines of The Extraordinaries, which puts the power of volunteering into the hands of mobile phone users and reconfigures the relationships between organizations and individuals. Lucy Bernholz, Blueprint R+D.

The Social Sector Cloud


Chances are you probably already do this with Yahoo Mail or Google Docs or Flickr or Salesforce or Twitter or Facebook. We will see more innovation along the lines of The Extraordinaries, which puts the power of volunteering into the hands of mobile phone users and reconfigures the relationships between organizations and individuals. Lucy Bernholz, Blueprint R+D.

As with personal tags, administrators can enable public tags on accounts, activities, assets, campaigns, cases, contacts, contracts, documents, events, leads, notes, opportunities, reports, solutions, tasks, and any custom objects (except relationship group members).While These formula fields can now reference merge fields from parent records that are related via master-detail or lookup relationships.

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2014 NTC Report: The Wins, The Fails, The Ideas for 2015


From the legacy of volunteers who have created a separate note-taking doc for every single session, to those of you who agreed to be on camera in between sessions and say hello to the OnlineNTC participants, to the number of you who gave constructive feedback through our conference and session evaluations (and via phone call.and Facebook thread.and over cotton candy at the Geek Games…), the generosity of NTEN community members is almost overwhelming.

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Blackbaud releases three major products – forgets to blog or create a landing page | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

‘For more than a quarter century, Blackbaud’s sole focus has been on developing the best in nonprofit IT solutions– enabling organizations to improve their efficiency, their relationships with their constituents, and their ability to raise mission-critical funds,’ said Chardon. And uh, if your technology “platform&# is so great, why not launch with API docs and some sample code and maybe even a demo?

September Net2 Think Tank Roundup: Curating Content

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Build relationships : "By sharing the information and giving credit to the source where you. found the link, you build relationships and a network." find these, we use a combination of SlideShare, Google Docs, and tagging to keep things connected [.] This post was authored by Claire Sale and originally appeared on the NetSquared blog.