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Google Docs) Remote File Sharing Tools: Mechanisms to allow users to access and edit a pool of shared documents (i.e. Ning or KickApps) Wiki: Collaborative website, where all who can view can also edit (i.e. Everyone suddenly wants to collaborate! For some reason (I suspect it's related to the economy, though I haven't pinned down exactly how) my phone is ringing off the hook these days with people who want to talk about how software can help teams collaborate.

Can Nonprofit Organizations Work More Like Clouds? How?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

We use google docs, chat, spreadsheets etc. We also use flickr, wordpress, facebook, twitter, ning and we use a cloud based file backup called DataDepositBox, ADP for payroll - using their web interface, Vonage for phones. . Source: Rob Cross, What is ONA?

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