Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for 300 People

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Some Reflections. Real-Time networked learning is incorporating social media into your instruction – before, during, and after. That is one reason why I always incorporate a reflection at the end that helps participates identify one small action step. Colorado Project.

What Tools Are You Using for Listening, Engaging, and Social Media Management?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Based on the discussion threads in my Facebook page , I’ve updated my mega list of tools in my social media listening and engaging instructional wiki. It searches Twitter and Facebook for phrases or hashtags and dumps them into a google doc spreadsheet.

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The Launch Ticker = Awesome Way to Get Your Tech News Fix


It’s basically a Google Doc, continuously updated and curated by Kirin Kalia and other researchers. At first glance it’s just an overloaded Google Doc with a bunch of tech news summaries and links streaming down the page. It’s the tech news Jason Calacanis cares about and his taste is probably reflected in a lot of other peoples’ tastes too. Here’s how Jason wanted it to work: My researchers’ instructions were really simple: 1.

Doc 99

Wikis: What, When, Why

Museum 2.0

The convenors set up a lovely wiki and gave us specific instructions to answer research questions posed on a series of pages. I don't know if that was their original plan or a reaction to our poor use of the wiki, but it certainly didn't reflect our supposed digital chops.

Wiki 65