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Happy Earth Day! 7 Ways to Green Your Technology


Here are just a few of the ways you can green your IT, or use IT to green your organization this Earth Day: Conduct a green office audit. This fantastic doc from MIT will walk you through your office to help you pinpoint places where you can do more to help Mother Earth. Print green. Join the Green IT Consortium on LinkedIn. With web-based software, web conferencing, laptops, and smart phones, it's easier than ever to skip the office entirely.

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4 Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from the Cloud

Tech Soup Blog

Most of the processing power needed to run cloud-based applications is online rather than on an individual computer or on-site server; therefore, your data can be viewed as quickly on a hundred-dollar desktop as on a high-end laptop. A Green Initiative.

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

DaveTV has a campaign to support the One Laptop Per Child effort. In response to the Facebook flip, Doc Searles, in this post and a follow-up argues that we should "stop petitioning Facebook and Google to solve our problems for us." Zonbu has announced a laptop version.

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Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

If you aren’t funding rich, use free AV tools such as Avira or ClamAV, and keep them updated DAILY Web mail is your friend – for many reasons: spam filtering, virus checking, document previewing, login securing, and you also never know when your laptop might be confiscated or stolen As you can see, these are fairly simple rules that you can carry out on your own as an administrator. doc 2008_beijing_olympic_games__b_.doc