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How to Buy a Small Nonprofit IT System

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Ever wonder what it takes to get a IT system up and running as a nonprofit under 25 people? I think many nonprofits can get away with a kind of virtual IT system where the files reside primarily on Amazon’s S3 and any more specific applications can be set up remotely (maybe even on Amazon EC2 which now supports Windows servers ). Here’s a suggested IT system for nonprofits under 25 people: Software. Use Google Apps for your e-mail and file storage solution.

ROI for a donor database

Robert Weiner

My colleague Charlie Hunsaker posted the following question on the FUNDSVCS Advancement Services listserve: I have two clients who are looking for new systems and want a “cost justification” for their acquisition to share with their management. First, there are often situations where we “have to” replace our current system – regardless of costs or expected $$$ benefits: 1. Our system is like the “roach motel” of data; the data goes in, but never comes out again.

Crazy for the Tools


Collaborative Files I couldn't get through my day without Dropbox , which I have blogged about before. Dropbox continuously replicates local files to a personal cloud file space and synchronizes those folders across multiple computers and mobile devices. Within a personal file space, you can define shared folders with others. Now an entire team can enjoy continuous synchronization of a folder (and sub-folders) for a project.

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