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TechSoup recently updated its disaster planning and recovery guide, The Resilient Organization , to include the new ways nonprofits, charities, and public libraries are using technology. One of the big additions to the guide is a section on backing up a mobile phone or tablet. To supplement this section, we compiled the best disaster preparedness apps from TechSoup donation partners, government agencies, other nonprofits, and more.

Disaster Relief Donations: Help Nonprofits Help in a Crisis


When disasters strike, it’s comforting to know there are people on their way to help. Government agencies are often dispatched to address disasters, but so are many disaster relief nonprofits who lend a hand alongside governmental relief efforts.


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Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

My contribution to the panel is to provide context about the use of social media in emergency and disaster response as well as an overview of some of the tools we saw deployed last year and we may see in the future. Reports of violence and of peace efforts could be placed via the web or mobile phone. Whether it’s direct or indirect content, why do citizens turn to social media in moments of need or disaster? 100% of donations went directly to disaster relief.

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Resources

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Prepare Your Organization for Any Disaster. Help prepare your organization for any type of disaster with our disaster planning and recovery guide. Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition. How the Cloud Can Make a Difference for Disaster Relief. Digital Volunteerism – Effective Disaster Relief the GreenTech Way. Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Webinar Recap. Disaster Recovery, Knowledge Sharing, Cloud Computing, and More.

Technology's Impact on Disaster Relief

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Mobile technology, web apps, and mapping software have become enormously helpful in sharing news and spreading information about relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy. project has a slew of resources for both responders and those affected by disasters. Tweak the Tweet is a layered map that shows the locations of disaster-related Twitter hashtags. According to mobile app's founder Kevin Systrom, more than 344,000 images have been posted with the hashtag #sandy.

Nonprofit Technology Planning for Disasters (and Turnover)

John Kenyon

Every year we face natural disasters from fires to hurricanes to earthquakes to tornadoes and flooding. We never know when disaster may strike. Turnover & Disaster Planning similarities. A good transition/disaster plan includes, but is not limited to: Documentation.

The Social Media Response to the Disaster in Haiti

Amy Sample Ward

I have a guest post up on the NTEN blog discussing some of the ways social media was put into action as soon as the earthquakes struck in Haiti: When disaster strikes, we want information as soon as possible and we want to help just as quickly. Whether we look at mapping tools, fundraising, or missing person systems, the social media response to the January earthquakes in Haiti all leverage the powerful technology we can hold in our hands: our mobile phones.

Haiti 109

Technology for Resilience: The Future of Disaster Relief

Tech Soup Blog

Disaster preparedness is something every nonprofit and public library needs to be on top of — whether you deal with disaster relief directly or not. Sometimes the communities you serve are affected by disaster, and there's also the chance that your own organization could face some sort of disaster. The Red Cross is holding global workshops that bring together tech and nonprofit communities to explore how new technologies can be adopted for disaster relief.

Social Media for Disaster Relief

Forum One

Social media has become an important tool in helping to plan for, assess, and recover from disasters. Whether used by citizens, aid organizations or world governments social media is enabling those providing assistance to organize and mobilize more quickly than ever before. Here are some examples of how social media has improved disaster relief. Social media has become an important tool in helping to plan for, assess, and recover from disasters.

Upcoming Free Webinar This Thursday! Disaster-Proof Your Nonprofit or Library Tech

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With this year being the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation, it's a good time to make sure your organization is prepared to remain resilient and keep the doors open to serve your community - whether you face a natural disaster or a simple server failure. Eastern for Disaster-Proof Your Nonprofit or Library Tech , a free webinar with IT and disaster preparedness expert Lars Eric Holm from CARD.

The Single Most Important Thing to Prepare for Disasters

Tech Soup Blog

On this 10th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, we polled a variety of smart NPtech cognoscenti on the single most important thing charities need to do to prepare for a disaster. The Red Cross has excellent free mobile apps that are specific to first aid, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disaster cases. Then the key disaster preparedness concern becomes communication, not system and data preservation. disaster

5 Ways Libraries Support Disaster Relief and Recovery

Tech Soup Blog

" Saskatoon Public Library's support is just one of many examples of public libraries supporting disaster preparedness and relief. Educating the Public on Disaster Preparedness. The library is a natural place for community members to obtain information on disaster preparedness. The American Library Association put together this helpful annotated bibliography to help you provide support for disaster preparation and response in your community.

Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition

Tech Soup Blog

This edition of the App It Up project "Cool App Roundup" highlights different ways apps can be used in disaster, crisis, and emergency situations. Preparing for Disaster. The FEMA app includes preparation guidelines for a variety of disasters, including checklists, safety tips, and local shelter maps. Learn more about how Windows Azure has been used for disaster and emergency response here.

TechSoup's Disaster Planning and Recovery Guide

Tech Soup Blog

Most organizations don't think about disaster planning until it's too late. Since Hurricane Katrina struck the US in 2005, TechSoup has created and maintained content specific to nonprofits, libraries, and charities on disaster planning and recovery. We have recently revised this content in our Disaster Planning and Recovery page to reflect changes in the way nonprofits and libraries are using technology, namely: Mobile.

Mobile Fundraisers: Explore Best Practices & Campaign Ideas


Mobile fundraising empowers people to give on the go! We at Qgiv are experts in nonprofit software and have seen firsthand how mobile fundraisers can further a mission and engage donors. In this guide, you’ll be exploring the following topics: What Is Mobile Fundraising?

Preparing for Disaster: Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 3/3

Tech Soup Blog

Now let’s look at technology disaster preparedness. Preparing for Disaster. We don’t mean the power-surge-ate-my-blog-post kind of disaster, though. Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) outlining the off-site locations of backup servers, roles and responsibilities, emergency contacts, etc. Here Are Our Top Ten Disaster Preparation Strategies. will be helpful in a disaster, as you’ll already have a list of. disaster.

Digital Volunteerism – Effective Disaster Relief the GreenTech Way

Tech Soup Blog

The January 12, 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti showed some of the astonishing potential for volunteer-based digital disaster relief. Thousands of people - with the aid of their computers, mobile phones, and online applications - were able to do important work to save lives and bring resources where they were badly needed, without needing to travel.

Rapid Employee Relief in Disasters: How companies can provide timely and compassionate support to employees in their time of need


When disaster strikes, timing is everything, and the best kind of relief is the kind that comes fast. Disaster relief organizations understand that needs begin before the storm arrives, through evacuation orders, and last until homes are rebuilt or are safe to inhabit.

iPhone App for Disaster Shelters


VisionLink has launched a Shelter View iPhone App now available in the Apple iTunes store, providing information about disaster shelters across the United States. The application provides links to donate, or to view up to date disaster information from the Red Cross Newsroom website. It is, however, a great easy way to keep up to date with small and large disasters across the United States. More iPhone and Mobile Apps are coming.

Disaster Relief Memo to Fundraisers: Lessons for Sandy from Katrina

Tech Soup Blog

Domestic relief organizations of all kinds are no doubt mobilizing to support disaster recovery (read Molly's post 7 Tips for Quick Response During a Time of Need ). Below, are some of the post-Katrina lessons that are worth keeping front of mind: If you are a disaster relief organization, you are likely to "benefit" from an influx of donations. What portion of it may be attributed to the disaster-based fundraising?

Red Cross launches mobile app on disasters | The Jakarta Post

AFP Blog

Red Cross launches mobile app on disasters | The Jakarta Post : "The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has launched an Android-based mobile application that helps users anticipate natural disasters and share disaster-related information. The app, called Mass Rapid Assessment (MRA), was launched during a seminar on IT-Telekom and people''s disaster preparedness and resilience in South Jakarta on Thursday." ''via Blog this

New Mobile Giving Facts You Must Know


The mobile revolution is a well covered phenomenon that has captured the imagination of an entire generation of technologists from around the world. Despite this initial push back, there seems to be some misconceptions about the effectiveness of the mobile platform with contemporary web users. The bottom line is, mobile is coming, and it is up to you whether or not you want to prepare for it. Mobile giving wants to trend up. in 2013 and you have a recipe for disaster.

Mobile 115

6 Ways To Increase Mobile Giving In 2014


Convenience is key in today’s technology driven society, and as a direct result of this fact, mobile giving is poised to rise in 2014. According to the DEC (disaster emergency committee) , a UK based coalition made up of 14 charities who band together in times of crisis, 6 million british pounds were raised via mobile donations after the Philippines was rocked by the typhoon that occurred earlier this year. Make sure your mobile site is optimized for multiple platforms.

Mobile 163

Giving Trends in Kenya: How the Growth of Mobile Payments Are Transforming Community Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Further, most Kenyans do not use credit cards, instead the majority of the population use mobile payments and cash. M-Changa strives to make it convenient for local NGOs to accept both mobile and card payments. An organisation can register an account on M-Changa and within 5 minutes they’ll have their own web page to accept payments using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and mobile money. Mobile payments are more accessible and convenient than card payments.

Kenya 161

7 Ways to Support Ukraine Now

Saleforce Nonprofit

World Central Kitchen (WCK) : Chef José Andrés and his Chef Relief Team have already mobilized and set up on the front lines where they’re providing fresh, nourishing meals to those fleeing the violence in Ukraine. Education Nonprofit Disaster Relief Human Services Leading Through Change

Disaster Can Strike Anywhere. Is Your Organization Prepared?

Connection Cafe

After working at the Red Cross for nearly 4 years, I learned a long time ago that real disasters aren’t always the ones you see coming. Does your organization need a disaster fundraising plan? When you think of disaster relief, you probably think about the Red Cross setting up shelters or Doctors Without Borders operating mobile care units. Either way, the time may come when your organization needs to mobilize and get involved or seek help for its own recovery.

Consumer Attitudes Toward Mobile Giving


By David Farnes, Executive Director, Mobile Giving Foundation Canada , and Vice President, Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Associatio n and Jim Manis, Chairman and CEO, Mobile Giving Foundation. Early last year, mobile giving evolved from an emerging technology to mainstream awareness with Haiti earthquake relief, raising approximately $45 million for victims of that natural disaster. give fundraising for everyday use, versus only for emergency or disaster relief.

Mobile Beacon Expands Relief Offers to Texas and Oklahoma

Tech Soup Blog

Recent disasters like the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas might have left some organizations in those states without reliable Internet connectivity. TechSoup donor partner Mobile Beacon has generously made a special relief offer to give organizations affected by these disasters access devices for its 4G mobile broadband Internet services. About Mobile Beacon's Internet Services.

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL -

AFP Blog

Red Cross Fights Disasters With Social Media, Mobile Apps GOOGL - : "In response, disaster relief organizations are creating mobile apps and better leveraging technologies like geographic information systems (GIS) and social media to improve their reach and services.

Map 24

Disaster Planning and Recovery Toolkit: 3-Minute Evaluation

Tech Soup Blog

Have you checked out TechSoup's new Disaster Planning and Recovery Toolkit ? We've updated and expanded our downloadable book, The Resilient Organization: A Guide for Disaster Planning and Recovery , and hosted two webinars on disaster planning. As a part of the disaster campaign, we've been blogging about disaster planning and recovery over the past few weeks: Free Webinars: National Preparedness Month: Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month?

The Social Media Response to Disaster in Haiti


When disaster strikes, we want information as soon as possible and we want to help just as quickly. Whether we look at mapping tools, fundraising, or missing person systems, the social media response to the January earthquakes in Haiti all leverage the powerful technology we can hold in our hands: our mobile phones. But the way we think about and turn to social media in a time of disaster is changing. 100% of donations went directly to disaster relief.

Haiti 67

Best Practices for Securing Data in Humanitarian Crisis Situations

Saleforce Nonprofit

Whether involved in humanitarian response in conflict or disaster situations, development work, human rights, or peace-building, our international nonprofit customers have some of the most complex nonprofit missions on earth.

Preparing for the Next Disaster: The Future of #crisisdata


Unfortunately, this isn't Domino's Pizza and disaster response can't work as if it is. The American Red Cross is now looking into how best to give the public an increased role in disaster response. We discussed the challenges and opportunities around codifying an online request code, what role mobile must play, the needs for increased capacity and public education. The first people to respond during a disaster are not usually trained responders or other professionals.

UNICEF Shares How You Can Support India Today Amidst the COVID-19 Surge

Saleforce Nonprofit

By: Richard Beighton, Chief of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, UNICEF India. Chief of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, UNICEF India. Richard Beighton is Chief of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships at UNICEF India.

India 107

Mobile Storytelling: An Evolving Story


By Nam-ho Park, Director, Mobile Service, Forum One. With the arrival of smartphones, it’s amazing how much data we are collecting and consuming on our mobile devices. Now we have our mobile devices diligently collecting our data. I keep on telling my story of how I moved between the East and West, between physical environments (architecture, urban design) and virtual (web and mobile development and strategy), between technology and the humanities.

11NTC Preview: Technology in Times of Disaster: The Important Role of Social media in Disaster Response and Awareness


Campaigns like the “text HAITI to 90999” allowed individuals to send small very small donations (usually $10) through their mobile telecommunications provider directly to specified Haitian Relief funds. The Haiti response has indelibly impacted the way we now think about fundraising and individual philanthropy, and the role that social networks and mobile donations can play therein.

Poor suffer digital deficit in disasters - Red Cross

AFP Blog

Poor suffer digital deficit in disasters - Red Cross : In its annual World Disasters Report, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) charts the revolutionary impact of technology on humanitarian aid, but also explores the barriers to its adoption.

Chart 23

Why Are Charity Mobile Phone Donation Programs Going Extinct?

Tech Soup Blog

Not that long ago, there were dozens of charity mobile phone donation programs vying for attention. In the world of electronics recycling, mobile phones are a problem. Examples include: Cell Phones for Soldiers , a nonprofit that collects mobile phone donations and sells to recycling and used phone reseller companies like Mobile Karma. We discovered that operating a successful charity mobile phone donation program is complex and difficult.

Phone 58

Veterans Leverage Their Pro Bono Skills to Rise to the Call of Duty from Afar

Saleforce Nonprofit

True to their military training, the veterans quickly mobilized to help from afar. Salesforce Volunteers Mobilize. Hooper quickly mobilized a team of volunteers with a wide variety of skills from across Salesforce. Nonprofit Disaster Relief Human Services Veterans

Mobile Fundraising: A Complete Overview — Pt. 2 of 3

NonProfit Hub

In the first part of this mobile fundraising series , we covered the basics, diving into the various forms of mobile fundraising and key terms that every mobile fundraiser should know. Now that you have that background, we’re moving on to part 2, which answers: Can mobile giving technology be used for more than just fundraising? How do various types of organizations make use of mobile giving? Can mobile giving technology be used for more than just fundraising?

The Future of Mobiles for Nonprofits


Being asked to write a few words about "What's the future of mobiles for nonprofits?" I could point to the Haiti disaster as the tipping point in cell phones -- for the increased engagement with donors, and more importantly, for the contributions of information from survivors. One statistic alone should have us running to the mobile apps party: by year-end, some are forecasting that we will have 5 billion mobile phones in word.

Tips for Disaster Relief Bloggers

Have Fun - Do Good

The panelists were Grace Davis , who created the Hurricane Disaster Direct Relief blog; Sara Ford, a native of Waveland Mississippi whose posts about Waveland after Hurricane Katrina turned her into a disaster relief center of one; and Dina Mehta who set up a community blog, Mumbai Help , after the tsunami, that grew in three days from a few bloggers to 250 contributors. Here are some of the tips they gave for other disaster relief bloggers: Tips from Grace 1.

Typhoon Haiyan: How to Help with Recovery Efforts

Tech Soup Blog

Relief organizations and first-responders are mobilizing to provide aid to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We've compiled a list of organizations to which you can donate to support these efforts as well as some disaster recovery resources. Oxfam International's disaster relief teams are assessing the extent of the damage in the Philippines and deploying water and sanitation materials. disaster recovery Esri disaster relief tsdisaster maps tsesri