Nancy Jo Craig’s Lifetime Achievement Award In Nonprofit Computer Refurbishment

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Nancy Jo's and CACRC's work in frontline disaster relief was featured in Sundance Channel's "Big Ideas For A Small Planet" series. ” Her bio in the book sums her up: “She shares her life with happy dogs, grumpy cats, box turtles, and some rare humans. Acquiring Technology GreenTech Recycled and Refurbished Computers Green IT refurbished computers Each year the International Computer Refurbishers Summit awards a lifetime achievement award.

Ushahidi BRCK: Bringing Internet to the Developing World

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It is a nonprofit tech company that develops free and open-source software for information collection, visualization, and crowdsourced interactive mapping to help mitigate disasters. It has eight hours of battery life to keep it going when the power runs out. Connecting to the Internet Digital Divide GreenTech International Networks Green IT WiFi tsgreentechnology BRCK Ushahidi Here’s some news on a now famous NetSquared alumnus project.


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Building Refurbished Computers with Volunteers at InterConnection

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During the past few years, InterConnection has also participated in supplying badly needed IT equipment to disaster stricken areas like Chile , Haiti and Pakistan , and Japan. InterConnection also runs a free RCI end-of-life Take Back Program , in which nonprofits and libraries that receive RCI computers can have them responsibly recycled at no cost. GreenTech Recycled and Refurbished Computers Volunteers Green IT refurbished computers

Reinventing Our Battered World through Kindness and Curiosity

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In his career journey but also in his personal life, what James is truly about is shifting our Western, capitalist financial system from an extractive and dehumanizing one to one that invests in a more equitable world.

How an Effective Partner Ecosystem Strives for Collaboration Over Competition

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Are we doing enough on the front end to prevent personal and professional disasters from happening?

Why Instagram Is A Great Platform For Nonprofits (And 7 Accounts That Are Crushing It)


in real-time through Instagram Stories which have a shelf life of 24 hours unless saved to Highlights. (As goes green – and we don’t just mean through the past 32 years they’ve spent working to advance biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods around the world.

10 Ways Geolocation is Changing the World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Finding Green Businesses : The web has effectively replaced the paper Yellow Pages as a way to find local businesses and services. The Yelp and Around Me apps are popular ways to find restaurants, coffee shops, or hotels wherever you are, but what about green-rated businesses? Greenopia has transformed its printed, local guides into a dynamic, nationwide mobile application that lets you find local, green-rated businesses in any category.

5 Things to Look Forward to at MCON 2015

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We’ll also hear from Jonathan Neman , founder and co-CEO of sweetgreen, a culinary lifestyle brand dedicated to smartly sourced food and the balance between work, life, food and community. Since its founding, Fashion Project has expanded to serve over 500 nonprofits, helping provide valuable funding for disease research, humanitarian aid, sustainability initiatives and disaster relief.

5 Things to Look Forward to at MCON 2015


We’ll also hear from Jonathan Neman, founder and co-CEO of sweetgreen, a culinary lifestyle brand dedicated to smartly sourced food and the balance between work, life, food and community. This post by Derrick Feldmann originally appeared as a guest blog for. Nonprofit Hub.

[VIDEO] Major Donor Stewardship – Strategies That Build Lasting Relationships With Your Most Significant Givers


Did you hit the green button? We didn’t practice, and all of that equaled disaster. We used to get Google alerts whenever certain people was in the newspaper so that we would know that something happened in their life, that we would then send an appropriate communications for.

[VIDEO] 5 Must-Do’s of Year-End Fundraising Success


I’m going to start sipping my green tea, like you said. I’ve lived here most of my life. You require some dollars, you’re fundraising, because of that face, that person whose life is different because you walk alongside them. . Lori L.

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Meet Connie Reece: Using Social Media to Strike Back At Ike

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last December, I watched Twitter turn into a sea of frozen green peas to support Susan Reynolds in her fight against breast cancer and to raise money for research in her honor. Recently we set up an office in Second Life, on the Nonprofit Commons Plush island, and we just purchased our own island in Second Life. Our food bank went into disaster relief mode and has been coordinating food donations to evacuees who fled to the Central Texas area. Connie Reece.

Nonprofit Technology News: 2013 Year in Review

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Green Technology. In hardware life extension news, the grand award winner for software in Popular Science's Best of What's New 2013 this year is a server/software technology called Neverware Juicebox. Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council was recognized for their great disaster relief work and their leadership in teching up schools in southern Louisiana.

Small Groups Can Change the World: An Interview with Marianne Manilov of The Engage Network

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inspired by Julia Butterfly Hill's tree-sit, Off the Mat Into the World , founded by yoga teacher Seane Corn, and Green for All , founded by Van Jones. You see, perhaps, Julia Butterfly Hill, who sat in a tree, or you see Van Jones, who's the leader of Green For All, or maybe you see somebody else. A team from Circle of Life , and myself, went around and started studying organizing models. Off the Mat, and Green For All. Off the Mat, or Green For All.

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NetCentric Advocacy: Madoffs Fraud Destroyed my Job and Threatens my Cause: Ongoing Network Failure.

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Home Green Media Toolshed Profile Twitter Shared Links Subscribe Archives « Online Debate or Isolation? The people that can say "Madoff Fraud Destroyed my job and threatens my life work and cause."   The Madoff case must serve as an accelerated case study for the rest of us on the edge of the economic disaster (and by "the rest of us" I mean you, the US, economy, everyone working for a nonprofit, everyone). 

The Wildness in the Corner: A Discussion with Jason Nelson

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The interview includes stories about some of his projects, and a delving into questions about what makes viral content compelling, how to draw people into an uncomfortable environment, and ways that art--or museum content--can become more pervasive by being hidden in the corners of life. When I lived in Bowling Green, the museums in Ohio used to bother me with exhibitions like The Art of Star Wars. Okay, I lied. Last week I announced the end of Game Friday.