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iFixit’s Basic Phone Repairs that Most of Us Can Do

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A single cell phone, for example, is composed of between 500 to 1,000 different components — many sourced from countries that aren’t well-known for safe mining practices, human rights, or environmental practices. In the last 10 years, iron ore production has increased by 180%, cobalt by 165%, and lithium by 125%. Although we’ve been told otherwise, there is no such thing as a “green” cell phone or computer.

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Orlando iPhone Repair Tips on Prolonging Your Battery Life

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All iPhone devices use lithium-ion technology. Compared to older generations of batteries, lithium-ion cells are quickly charged and longer lasting. Batteries are phone components that become less effective after a while. In the phone settings, check out the list of apps and notice those with the highest percent of battery use. Your eyes may not like this at first, but after a while, you won’t even notice the difference.