Strengthening program evaluation in your nonprofit

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As nonprofits attempt to tackle some of our communities' most difficult problems; funders, government agencies and the general public are actively calling for accountability, transparency and proof that a program is producing change. The root problem here is poor evaluation capacity.

Report calls for shift to more equitable evaluation practices


A report from the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations highlights how foundations are working to integrate an equity lens into their evaluation practices. Reprinted from PND.


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Creating a More Robust Volunteer Development Program During the Covid-19 Crisis

Blue Avocado

What does your volunteer engagement program look like right now? The post Creating a More Robust Volunteer Development Program During the Covid-19 Crisis appeared first on Blue Avocado.

Nonprofit Technology Assessment: Evaluate Your Tech

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A nonprofit technology assessment is an evaluation of the digital maturity of your organization. Over time, we’ve found that the first step to creating an optimized tech stack is developing a clear understanding of the nonprofit’s current tech lineup.

Leveling up your major gifts program


As development professionals, many of us see signs of an inequitable recovery in our daily work. One way to get more funding is to start or grow your major gifts program to channel resources toward an equitable recovery for all. Starting a major gifts program can be intimidating.

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The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Kelly Fitzsimmons on a New Blueprint for Evaluation Plans


Vice President, Chief Program and Strategy Officer. How can a foundation understand *how* a program works, not just *if* a program works? Smith described the White House''s Social Innovation Fund (SIF) , which has developed a new program evaluation guide based on best practices. Data grants management program evaluation Fundraising Program Kelly Fitzsimmons. Edna McConnell Clark Foundation.

Evidence = Funding: A new blueprint for evaluation plans


The White House's Social Innovation Fund has developed a new program evaluation guide based on best practices. Tiered-evidence programs take the approach that there is a continuum of evidence, ranging from preliminary to strong, and that programs move along this continuum. The Social Innovation Fund, one of the first of these tiered evidence initiatives, is committed to investing in evidence and evaluation that help prove and improve promising models.

Workforce development for the nonprofit tech professionals of the future: It will be a consortium, not a building with a dome!

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Here’s what I think we need: Allies from workforce development , job readiness , and college readiness programs. The best example of this kind of ally is UMass-Boston , which has programs in related areas, such as: Information Technology (undergraduate degree).

How Can Systematic Evaluation of a Volunteer Program Positively Impact an Organization?

ASU Lodestar Center

Evaluating volunteer programs within nonprofit organizations is a key step in continual improvement and data collection. Systematic evaluation can positively impact the organization by creating more structure, providing results for adaptability, increasing volunteer retention and improving staff-volunteer relationships. Evaluating a volunteer program is exactly like evaluating any other program.

5 Ideas for Developing More Inclusive Volunteer Management


An excellent place to start promoting inclusivity is your organization’s volunteer programs. At InitLive, we’ve worked with thousands of organizations to refine their volunteer programs and provide valuable volunteer opportunities. Volunteer Program Planning and Scheduling.

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My Notes from Next Generation Evaluation Meeting

Beth Kanter

The opening keynote by Hallie Preskill, Managing Director, FSG talked about the trends setting the stage for new evaluation methods, but also cautioned that these methods would not replace traditional methods. These methods included: Developmental Evaluation , Shared Measurement , and Big Data. These approaches have the potential to change how nonprofits and funders view of evaluation in a significant way. I followed the developmental evaluation thread most closely.

How to Sunset an Educational Program

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Only 30 minutes in and your highly energetic committee members have already come up with several new online learning program ideas. Since some of your courses have been around forever, you wonder if it might be time to sunset an educational program or two. When an organization has limited resources, you can’t afford to invest time and money into educational programs—online courses, certifications, or conferences—that no longer meet the needs of your target audiences.

Guest Post by Gale Berkowitz: Evaluation for Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: This post, Evaluation for Learning , was originally published as a guest post on the Good blog as a response to “ How Might We Celebrate Learning through Evaluation? I'm republishing here because I think several of the principles for evaluation that Gale outlines are very important to approaching how you pilot, monitor, and improve your social media strategy over time so it has impact or ROI. Finally, what are the overall program resources being invested?

Fostering User Adoption in your Learning Program


Fostering User Adoption in your Learning Program. Successful implementations hinge on how well the user base accepts the new program and what is has to offer. Allowing them to evaluate and discern features of the products which are available to them. Inform Users of the Changes they will experience in the new program. ” Educate on the Interworkings of the New Program. The post Fostering User Adoption in your Learning Program appeared first on Gyrus.

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How to Evaluate Your Digital Literacy Program: Free Webinar on June 30

Tech Soup Blog

Broadband Technology Opportunity Program) and are busy creating and updating. developing ways to keep their community engaged and interested in improving. How to Evaluate Your Digital Literacy Program Thursday, June 30, 11 a.m. We will also provide a broad overview of evaluation fundamentals and. This webinar is specifically developed. computer-related programs, those who support digital literacy programs, or BTOP.

The Importance of Training and Development for Start-ups


The Importance of Training and Development for Start-ups and Small Businesses. With the hectic nature of start-up organizations today, one can easily make a claim that it is never too early to evaluate the effectiveness of a structured Learning, Training, and Development program. Without a Training and Development program, the following scenarios tend to present themselves in various manners across and organization: Process Creation.

Reinvigorate your Employee Giving Program

Connection Cafe

There are many ways to reinvigorate your program. The following information and guidance are intended to inspire you to take a new look at your employee giving program or employee crisis fund through a fresh lens. Your program contributes to strengthening the company culture.

Kick-Start Your Major Gifts Program in 5 Easy Steps

Neon CRM

If you haven’t refreshed your major gift program, now’s the time to get started. Do you have enough resources to fund a program? If you have had issues fundraising in the past, consider evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your previous efforts.

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NTEN Is Hiring an Educational Program Manager


NTEN Programs are growing and so is the Program Team to support it. So, I'm thrilled to announce a job opening for NTEN’s Educational Program Manager. The new Educational Program Manager will work directly to serve the NTEN community by harnessing adult learning theory and educational curriculum development to provide the training and resources you need to use technology to further your organization's mission and good work. > job nptech nten program

Disaster Planning and Recovery Toolkit: 3-Minute Evaluation

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Pangea Foundation developed the tool in response to the October 2007 wildfires that destroyed land and homes in and around San Diego. Actively helping staff and volunteers to program their phones will directly and immediately increase their personal as well as your organization's preparedness. Have you checked out TechSoup's new Disaster Planning and Recovery Toolkit ?

Program Sustainability is Not Just About Funding

NonProfit Hub

Then one day I had the opportunity to research what factors are actually associated with greater program sustainability, and my world changed. In fact, the promoters of program sustainability read like many best practices for operating a non-profit: diversified funding, program champions, evaluation and performance measurement, and collaborative partners. Why Should We Care About Program Sustainability? 1] Compare the two programs below.

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What makes an Association Education Program Successful?

WBT Systems

In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of associations and non-profit organizations working to support, develop, and advocate for their respective members and industries. Many of these associations offer some form of professional development, continuing education, or training to both members and non-members, and increasingly this includes an online learning element. With such diversity, how do you determine what makes an association education program successful?

3 Questions Environmental Organizations Should Ask When Evaluating a CRM


For organizations that are interested in integrating more digital advocacy into their programs, be sure to ask how well a CRM’s digital tools integrate with political actions (such as emailing, calling, or tweeting at an elected official). You’ll have the CRM that you choose for several years (at least), so it is important to be forward-thinking in your approach to evaluating vendors.

Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program

Beth Kanter

A few months ago, I facilitated a mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the Google Nonprofit program at the Impact Hub. The workshop used design-thinking based on Luma methodology to help participants develop a communications strategy for measuring impact. The process took participants through an assessment of the problems facing them, collective brainstorming, and prototyping. Set Program Goals & Metrics.

Basic Tips for Evaluating New Technologies for Your Nonprofit

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New applications and technologies are being developed at a rapid pace. Every new phone, new software-as-a-service, or a new program will claim to do many wonderful things that have never been done before — until the next version comes out. This post originally appeared on NTEN's blog. This is the second in a fantastic series of guest posts by the authors of Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission.

How to Get Useful Student Feedback on Online Courses

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When you collect useful student feedback on online courses, you can confidently assess and improve the effectiveness of your e-learning programs. Good feedback gives you the data you need to improve courses yourself and to make a case for hiring professional instructional designers to develop courses. Don’t wait until the end of a course to send out evaluations—you’ll miss a huge opportunity to improve the course and deepen relationships with students.

How to Train and Develop Millennials Today?


How to Train and Develop Millennials. It is important that we try to understand exactly the training and development challenges that they may represent. In order to develop an effective learning plan to account for this particular generation, it is best to play to their strengths. Social media, in theory, should be a detriment to an individual’s development. Gyrus Team – Training and Development. LMS Workplace development eLL

How can professional development advance nonprofit performance and ensure sustainability?

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Professional development (PD) is the "process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff through access to education and training." Performance evaluations are an imperative aspect of leading and growing. Evaluations should not be about power, judgment, blame or failure.

How to Build an Online Learning Program with a Limited Budget

WBT Systems

You know your association should provide online learning programs to members and others in your industry. However, you don’t have the budget to hire instructional designers to develop courses. Here are some ways to build an online learning program with a limited budget. When taking on any new initiative, it’s best to develop a strategy so you don’t squander resources, especially when you’re trying to create an online learning program with a limited budget.

Learning and Development: The Presidential Debate Edition


Learning and Development: The Presidential Debate Edition. What can we do to make our training and development offerings exciting? If you are worried about the integration of components into your LMS, think about the real process required to get you up and running, and start prepping the components that input into your learning program to conform to the required needs of what you are looking to institute. Instead of struggling to get your program off and running.

Your Data Simplified: Idealware's Data Don'ts for Nonprofits

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In addition, the nonprofit evaluation services GuideStar , Charity Navigator , and BBB Wise Giving Alliance have teamed up on something called the "Overhead Myth letter." To measure impact properly requires professional program design and data collection, using techniques such as randomized controlled trials. Are you confused about program evaluation language like "output versus outcomes"? Idealware's In-Depth Course on Program Data.

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Basic Tips for Evaluating New Technologies for Your Nonprofit


are being developed at a rapid pace. Every new phone, new software-as-a-service, or a new program will claim to do many wonderful things that have never. Do you have other tips on evaluating new technologies for nonprofit techies? note: This is the second in a fantastic series of guest posts by the authors of Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission. This one comes to you from Kevin Lo of Techsoup Global. ] . New applications and technologies.

Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

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The authors of this whitepaper make a compelling case for associations to step in and bridge the growing education-to-employment gap by offering alternative, affordable, industry specific education programs for professional development and credentialing. Often this is because of the rigid structure of these programs, which is not supportive of non-traditional students who may need to work part-time, or have other responsibilities.

How to Build a Grateful Patient Program to Drive Lifetime Donors

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These types of constituent programs are formed at the intersection of clinical and philanthropic experiences and should involve hospital executives and foundation leadership. A well thought-out grateful patient program provides the guidelines to cultivate relationships with patients and turn those patients into lifetime supporters and donors. Refinement as program evolves. Once established, regularly evaluating your grateful patient program is crucial.

Breaking Down the Barriers: Hospital Marketing and Development Collaboration

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Contrary to popular belief, this sentence from Rudyard Kipling’s 1889 poem is NOT referring to the historic lack of cooperation between hospital marketing and development departments. It is true, though, that most hospital marketing and development professionals seem to live in separate hemispheres. In spite of the fact that both departments rely on excellent communications to achieve their desired outcomes, there is little to no work product developed or created in common.

What Should Nonprofit Leaders Expect from the Development Officer?

Get Fully Funded

As a consultant to nonprofits, my blood just boils when I am asked by executive directors or board members, “So, we are thinking about hiring a development officer, how long it will take before this person is raising more money than the salary we pay them?” This question indicates that these leaders really do not understand development or the role of a development officer in their organization.

How to Develop Really Good LMS Requirements

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The request for proposal you send to learning management system (LMS) providers is only as good as the process you use to develop your LMS requirements. They can help you develop requirements related to integration, security, and other technical issues. A consultant will narrow down the field or help you develop a request for information (RFI), create the RFP, communicate with vendors, coordinate demonstrations, and negotiate the contract.

Developing a Theory of Change, Part 1: A Logical Process

Museum 2.0

This week, Ian David Moss and I are each writing blog posts about our collaborative process to develop a theory of change at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Experimented, launched, and retired many programs and exhibition formats. This blog post focuses on the theory of change and the process by which we developed it. We didn’t know how to develop a theory of change. We developed a final version of the theory in a wonky powerpoint flowchart model.

Using Data Effectively in Your Grants Strategy Development

Tech Soup Blog

I'd like to suggest Innovation Network's State of Evaluation Project and the Urban Institute's Nonprofit Sector in Brief as excellent sources. At GrantStation , we survey nonprofits to help develop new strategies to serve our member organizations. You can use the information in our State of Grantseeking™ Reports to quantify the status of your grants management program, and more.

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The Power of Plans, Peers, and Pivots

VQ Strategies

As one participant reported: [This] program has equipped me with extensive knowledge and resources that have been integral to my success ESPECIALLY during this crazy pandemic. Develop a volunteer engagement plan for your organization and hold yourself to it.

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Grantseeking Basics: Developing a Grant Project

Tech Soup Blog

As a former nonprofit development director, I know I could have used some short useful basic information on the steps to grantseeking to get things going quickly, so I thought I’d alert you to Stephanie’s wisdom. Once you plan your project, it will be easier to evaluate specific funding sources (our next step!) Evaluation Plan. Evaluation Plan. Many funders require evaluation reports.

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4 Free Professional Development Opportunities You Might Not Be Thinking About

Connection Cafe

It’s so easy to get caught in the day-to-day of our jobs and think of “professional development” as something that only happens at work or that requires a lot of extra time or money (or both). Join a reference program . Many technology vendors run reference programs that allow them to connect prospective customers with current ones for the purpose of sharing their experiences with the solutions.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The Corps Network National Conference is an annual gathering of national, state, and local leaders in the fields of workforce development, community service, and conservation. And like those other core functions, we must examine our technology and data strategies to properly evaluate and prioritize our needs and successfully build our digital capacity. Presented in collaboration with African American Development Officers Network (AADO). It's finally here!