Why Interaction Design Matters


“When the Museum of Modern Art’s senior curator of architecture and design announced the acquisition of 14 video games in 2012, “all hell broke loose.” A brilliant talk for you to enjoy this weekend.

Designing for Good: Nonprofit Design Inspirations Episode #1

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I’m passionate about nonprofits and designing for nonprofits in equal measures. In that pursuit, myself and my talented UX colleague Tim Hammond are beginning a new series highlighting the latest and greatest of nonprofit designs from around the world.

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Designing for Good: Top Nonprofit Graphic Designs| Episode 4

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Since we did a special storytelling episode for Designing for Good #3 , Tim Hammond and I decided to cram the last 3 months into a single, double-meat episode. Our favorites this month have been culled from hundreds of graphic and interactive designs across the industry.

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New Year, New Web Design Trends


Observations about how web design has evolved over the last decade to be flatter, bigger and simpler, all making it easier to translate into a mobile experience. Interactive Mobile Web Design Goals Non-Profit web design

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 6: Solution Design

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Note: This is the final installment in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Solution Design is the technical planning phase where we define how the back end of the website should function. Designing templates that control the display of data for each content item.

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#AI4Good: Augmenting Human Interaction

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When we think about applying AI to philanthropy and fundraising, we have to ask this question: What data-based analytical tasks are not yet automated or could be done on a larger scale and that would free up time for the nonprofit staff to focus on the human interaction with the donor?

Reflections on a Decade of Designing and Facilitating Interactive Webinars

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

His research shows that professional development learning experiences need to be as interactive as possible to boost retention and application. I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect again on a decade of experience of designing and delivering interactive webinars.

Interaction design and the future of connecting


If the experience of using a device is natural, like an extension of our bodies, then we can focus on the content, the knowledge and the meaning of the information and the experiences we’re trying to interact with.

Designing for Good: Central Park Conservancy

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Designing for Good: Some of the world’s most talented designers are inspiring others, provoking change, and even saving lives for nonprofits. After talking with the designers of CPC, I found the diversity of their projects a little staggering.

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 5: Visual Design

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Note: This is the tenth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. The visual design details the final look and feel of the website. Purposes for the Visual Design phase include: Agreeing on a creative vision and personality for the web presence.

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Help Design the Greater Good Track at 2012 SXSW Interactive

Amy Sample Ward

Voting is now open to select sessions for the next SXSW Interactive conference, taking place in Austin in March. Explore the Proposals for SXSW Interactive ». When it isn’t “conference season&# , it’s “session submission season&# ! You can vote on all the sessions you find interesting, but I hope you’ll pay particular interest to the 160+ submitted to the “Great Good/Nonprofit&# track!

Designing for Good: Pratima Mani + Josh Tabb

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The world’s most talented designers are inspiring others, provoking change, and even saving lives for nonprofits. In my new series Designing for Good , we’ll chat with these innovators about their inspirations, challenges, and favorite tools. My favorite tools for design?

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Feel the Heat: Great Tools for Mapping Website Interactions

Byte Technology

Well, if you have, then it’s time to check out heat-mapping, programs that help you gain insights into user interactions such as where on your site they click, what specific areas they explore more than others and generally how they use your site for their purposes. Web Design

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 4b: Wireframes

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Note: This is the ninth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. It’s best to get buy-in on wireframes first so we can truly focus on creative look and feel during the visual design phase of the project. Wireframes are the key input for a website’s visual design.

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 4a: Sitemaps

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Note: This is the eighth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Visual Design. Solution Design. See the end of this post for a linked index of other posts in the series. Purposes. Your sitemap is a visual representation of the structure of your website.

Designing Interactives for Adults: Put Down the Dayglow

Museum 2.0

Many exhibit developers create thoughtful interactives intended for all ages and then discover that old familiar pattern--kids engaging while parents stand back and watch. It's possible--likely even--that today's adults are more motivated by interactive experiences than generations past.

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2e: Personas

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Note: This is the sixth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. When they’re based on solid user research, personas can be great tools for helping your design team and internal stakeholders truly understand your audiences. Visual Design. Solution Design.

Designing Nonprofit Experiences

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Designing nonprofit experiences can be quite different from designing retail or commercial experiences. While there are many differences in nonprofit versus for-profit design, there are a lot of UX techniques we can borrow from one another. User-centered design.

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Designing for Good #3 – Best of 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling

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For this Designing for Good episode, we’re showcasing the best examples of nonprofit storytelling of 2016. Breezy, colorful awareness message for sustainable fishing by heroic designers Nice & Serious. #7

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 3: Content Strategy

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Note: This is the seventh in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Quote from Kristina Halvorson) It’s an essential step in the Web Design process that’s often overlooked or skimped upon. Visual Design. Solution Design.

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2d: Usability Tests

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Note: This is the fifth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Usability Tests provide insight into how your users interact with your website. Usability Testing of any sort is a good idea to incorporate into your design process to validate (or invalidate!)

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2c: Card Sorts

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Note: This is the fourth in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Some indicators that a card sort test is a good activity for a design project include: A website that is structured according to the org chart so that each department has their own section.

Nonprofit Web Design Process: The Series

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My team here at Blackbaud works with nonprofits to design online experiences. We design desktop websites, responsive and mobile-friendly websites, event fundraising sites, mobile apps, email messages, donation forms, you name it. Visual Design. Solution Design.

How to Design Your Nonprofit Website for Better User Experience

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Mine was to be a better designer this year and to outdo my old self from 2016. As I was thinking about what kind of designer I really want to be, I realized that even though I’m trained as a graphic designer, I don’t see myself as one anymore.

Experts Weigh-In on Nonprofit Website Design Best Practices

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And while I’m usually able to offer some general guidance, nonprofit website design best practices have never been my area of expertise. Here are 6 questions and answers from the experts on nonprofit website design best practices: 1. Want more nonprofit website design best practices?

Designing for Good: The Best of Nonprofit Designs Episode #2

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It’s the end of April, which means designer Tim Hammond and I mined another month of the finest nonprofit designs from every corner of our fine planet. But even with all of this creative diversity, you’ll find a common purpose in each design, every month. .

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2b: Surveys and Interviews

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Note: This is the third in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. Usually the internal stakeholders have enough knowledge about the demographic make-up of their constituency to get me what I need for design. Visual Design. Solution Design.

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 1: Stakeholder Discovery

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Note: This is the first in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. No matter how big or small the design project, Stakeholder Discovery is always the first step. To transfer information from the client team to the design team. Branding and design assets.

Testing Your Donation Form Part 2: Designing Your Test

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Note: This is the second in a series of posts about usability testing your website from guest author Brandon Granger, Senior Interaction Designer for Blackbaud. Only by directly observing real users complete real tasks will you know if your website’s design really works.

Test 240

3 Tools for Designing Nonprofit Websites Like a Rockstar

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Good designers love data. Because whether you’re crafting emails or designing web experiences, you will ask yourself the two big questions over and over. Is my design effective? Ultimately, a designer only truly knows if their baby is successful by testing it.

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2015 SXSW Interactive Round Up


>>Read the full article Battling Online Harassment There are inevitably many formal sessions at SXSW Interactive, virtual announcements or product launches, and hallway conversations about new platforms and mobile apps. austin sxsw sxsw interactive

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2a: Analytics Data as User Research

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Note: This is the second in a series of posts about the Nonprofit Web Design Process. This post is about how we incorporate Google Analytics data into our Design Process. To understand how visitors interact with the site. Visual Design. Solution Design.

By Design: The Next Big Trends in Website Development

Byte Technology

Like all things in the virtual world and online living things seem to move at the speed of light, and website designers are no exception. So what’s next for the ever-changing world of website design? Material design versus flat design? Web Design

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The Importance of Heat Mapping for Truly Effective Website Design

Byte Technology

With a few clicks a designer or administrator can see numbers of hits and click-throughs, time spent on specific pages, which pages and elements are being ignored and much more. Digital Resources Web Design

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3 Responsive Design Trends I’m Digging and Which Nonprofits are Working Them Best

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As we head into Fall of 2014, (yes, I prefer to skip August as a Texas resident) we approach the 3-year anniversary of Responsive Design. I love responsive design and am especially digging these 3 fancy design trends that have developed along with it….

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Fundraising


As a nonprofit focused on fundraising, you’ve likely started making resolutions … Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design #nptech fundraising online giving web design websitesIt’s 2013.

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HR Reinvention: A Strategic + Interactive Conference for HR Leaders


This presentation is based on leading-edge research in behavioral economics and positive psychology, performed for Josh’s new book, Igniting The Invisible Tribe: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck. Joe Gerstandt will lead us through an interactive session to close out the day!

Only 3 Days Left: SXSW Interactive Scholarship Program for Nonprofits


#1 Thing You Need to Know about This Post: 5 non-profit groups will attend the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival for free if they submit their innovative ideas by Sunday, October 31. The SXSW Interactive Festival wants to help more non-profit groups attend their event.

Making a Connection: Tips and Tricks for Designing a Contact Page

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That said, not all contact forms are considered equal, especially those designed for WordPress sites where there are so many choices for customization. That means making the form inviting and enticing enough to encourage more interaction. Web Design

Designing Your Event Website: A Little Bling Goes A Long Way

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And that first impression may make or break a decision to interact further with your organization. Nonprofit Fundraising event fundraising Nonprofit web design Online Fundraising p2p peer to peerWhat’s in a website? It’s a tactical tool for getting data into your system right?

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Design for Community is Design for Strangers

Museum 2.0

Sadly, most of these places are not intentionally designed to bring us together. Public space is designed for neutrality. But what if we designed public space for community? What if we designed spaces and interventions to bring people together?

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Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This past month I’ve done several workshops where I experimented with different audience online interaction tools to engage people in the room as well as a remote audience tuning in through a live video stream. Slido’s Q/A feature is well designed. Training Design

Nonprofit Focused Workshops at SXSW Interactive Festival: Join Us!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The annual SXSW Interactive Festival is a geek home coming for those who work on the web, social media, and gaming. I’m honored to be involved with the instructional design and delivery of two workshops specifically for nonprofits.