10 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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How well your nonprofit’s email and social media campaigns perform depend upon how well your website is designed. Below are 10 website design best practices specifically for the nonprofit sector. Study and implement modern design trends.

Designing Your Virtual Event Website for Sponsor Success

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So your website should be eye-catching and designed to capture their attention. Let’s take a look at four options that you can make use of when designing your website for sponsorship success.


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Ways to Improve Your Website’s Performance

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Reduce the size of your images. HTTP Archive reported that sixty-one percent of the weight on a desktop computer is images. You want to ensure that your images have the appropriate sizes. . Reduce the original size of the image using any editor of your choice.

Free & Easy Design Resources for Your Nonprofit

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Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes Free Design Resources for Nonprofits. It’s estimated that the average American sees up to 5,000 advertisements and brand images in a single day. Research indicates that only 12 of those images make a true impression on the target audience!

Picture Perfect: Building an Image Gallery on Your WordPress Site

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And many site owners, designers and administrators find that having eye-catching imagery is a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd and build a wholly customized experience for your new and loyal readers and visitors. If this is something you aspire to, consider creating, crafting, building and displaying an image gallery. Be warned that using the easy method will cause all your images to appear in a line, one after the other. Web Design

5 Design Techniques That Will Increase the Lifespan of Your Nonprofit’s Website

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Crystal Dionysopoulou is the founder and Creative Director of Lucid Fox , a dynamic web design and development agency that puts people first. While these techniques can’t change the past, here are some design ideas to help your organization adjust and optimize your website in the future.

Website Design for NGOs: 5 Essential Strategies


But your website won’t get your organization very far if it’s poorly designed. Optimizing your site’s design will give your organization the best chance of engaging supporters online. . In this post, we’ll walk you through the following strategies to jumpstart your design journey:

Designing for Nonprofits: Our Commentary + Experience

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Within Media Cause’s Creative, Brand, and Design team, one of our favorite things to do— besides creating incredible work for our clients—is sharing inspirational and educational resources with each other: articles, POVs, webinars, classes, books, case studies, blogs, tutorials, cheese.

5 Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Fundraising Strategy


A strong design with a user-friendly interface can lead not only to more donors, but larger donations and recurring gifts. . Fortunately, all nonprofits can optimize their website to increase their fundraising potential, even those without a web design expert on staff.

How to Design a Fundraising Landing Page that Makes Giving Easy and Inspires People to Give

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It’s a critical page, yet it’s often designed last, with very little thought. Choose a special image for this page – a happy image that “says it all” about the why of your nonprofit so that the message and the image match.

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By Design: The Next Big Trends in Website Development

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Like all things in the virtual world and online living things seem to move at the speed of light, and website designers are no exception. From the necessity of responsive design to the rebirth of parallax scrolling, tweaks to make video more compelling to the altering of simple color palettes, the best designers in the industry thrive on enhancing not only the visual appeal of a site but the overall user experience as well. Material design versus flat design?

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How To Create A Terrific Facebook Cover Image If You Don’t Have Resources To Hire A Designer

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Note From Beth: Nonprofits are beginning to unveil their new timeline designs (I’ve been post examples on my Facebook Page and curating them in pinterest ) In the Friending the Finish Line peer learning group I’ve been working with, participants are sharing their creativity, including this cover design from Utah Children created by staff person Barbara Munoz. Other nonprofits are busy creating mock ups of the new timeline cover image for senior management.

The Importance of Heat Mapping for Truly Effective Website Design

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With a few clicks a designer or administrator can see numbers of hits and click-throughs, time spent on specific pages, which pages and elements are being ignored and much more. And with this data in hand, said developers and administrators can easily take the strategic opportunities heat mapping provides to transform their designs, flows and layout for optimal usage. What images and ads on landing pages are evoking the best responses and generating conversions to sales?

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11 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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11 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits. Websites that are burdened with too much text or too many images without consistency in size and color scheme can immediately lead to an exit response. Whether we like it or not, information overload is a part of our culture now, and the design and tone of your nonprofit’s website need to take this shift in communication seriously and present your website accordingly. Home Page Design.

Design Tips for a Stellar Fundraising Page

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Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Design Tips for a Stellar Fundraising Page. “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.” Whether it’s the donate page on your website or the landing page for a fundraising campaign, design matters.

Picture Perfect: How to Remedy the Most Common WordPress Image Issues

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WordPress experts and website designers are constantly reinforcing to their clients the importance of having great imagery on their pages. And although the program comes with some truly nifty tools for managing and editing images it’s not always intuitive when in comes to tweaking definition, size, cropping and the like, and uploading images onto pages comes with inevitable technical issues. Want to add a caption below your image? Web Design

Take a Load Off: How to Be “Lazy” with Your Site’s Images

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Thankfully, sometimes all it takes to speed up your site is something simple and easy to execute, like learning to deal with your images in a new way. To begin, it’s important to realize that images take the most time to load on your website compared to everything else. You can optimize the images for your site using a plugin or online service, or you can take a more direct route: BJ Lazy Load, a free plugin for WordPress. Web Design

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10 Website Design and Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

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The rapid rise of social media and mobile technology has had a profound impact on website design and email marketing, yet many nonprofits have not yet adapted to the new aesthetics and functionality of a mobile, social Internet. It was the final presentation of the website design and email marketing webinar. 10 Website Design Best Practices for NGOs. There are hundreds of responsively designed, low cost WordPress.org templates for NGOs and freelancers available for hire.

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Content Strategy: What Are Your Images Saying To Your Visitors?

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Some organizations are fortunate to have stunning images at their disposal that perfectly convey their brand. In fact, there are times when subtle, less impactful images are the most effective choice. One of my favorite examples of a site that chooses its images wisely is the online financial website Mint.com. The mint.com homepage is intentionally under-designed. The No Image, Image Choice. The Image That Says It All. Choose Your Images Wisely.

11 Nonprofits Utilizing the New Twitter Profile Design

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The vast majority of nonprofits have yet to utilize the new Twitter profile design that was launched on September 18. The good news is that upgrading to the new design is extremely easy – it can be done in just a few clicks by following these four simple steps. That said, your biggest challenge will be finding a “Header” image that looks good on multiple devices especially if you are a small nonprofit without easy access to a graphic designer.

HOW TO: Custom Design Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Timeline

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As admins, you can currently “ Preview Your Page “ to enable the new design in advance of the mandatory rollout. Many nonprofits are postponing upgrading their pages because the Default Landing Tab option is disabled in the new design, but I personally have never been much of a believer that Default Landing Tabs have resulted in high numbers of e-newsletter subscribers or online donors.

Simple Editing Tips to Make Social Media Images Stand Out More

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Are you trying to edit your photos or other images for social media in the hope that they’ll stand out more? If you’d like to give it a go, these simple editing tips should help you to draw more attention to your social media images: Make the colors more vibrant. The fact of the matter is that people are naturally drawn to vibrant colors, and your images will ‘pop’ more if their colors are vibrant. Apply the rule of thirds by cropping the image. Add text to the image.

Making the world more accessible with web design


When architects and construction professionals start designing a building, one of the first things they have to consider is accessibility. But if your web design isn’t accessible, you risk missing out on online donations and other conversions.

10 Website Design and Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The rapid rise of social media and mobile technology has had a profound impact on website design and email marketing, yet many nonprofits have not yet adapted to the new aesthetics and functionality of a mobile, social Internet. It was the final presentation of the website design and email marketing webinar. 10 Website Design Best Practices for NGOs. There are hundreds of responsively designed, low cost WordPress.org templates for NGOs and freelancers available for hire.

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Ways of Improving Your Website Design

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Design and content alone are not it to bring success to your website. Website design Malaysia can help you to design a perfect business for your business. Among them include complicated animations, too long content, and stocky website images.

ATTN Nonprofits: LinkedIn Rolls Out New Design for Company Pages

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For those nonprofits that have claimed their LinkedIn Company Page , today the site rolled out a new design that you’ll want to upgrade to much sooner than later. Slowly but surely company pages have been improving since their launch in November 2010, and with this new design they now have a real possibility of moving up the list of must-use social networking tools.

11 Nonprofit Websites Designed for the Social Web

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That said, nonprofits would be wise to consider the effect of the Social Web when launching or re-designing their websites. The website design principles of just five years ago no longer apply. Today, a well-designed website should have less text, more images and videos, extremely simple navigation, and obvious placement of “Donate Now&# buttons, e-newsletter “Subscribe&# functionality, and social networking icons.

4 Must-Know Features of the New Twitter Profile Design for Nonprofits

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This week Twitter began its roll out of a new Twitter Profile design and at any moment your nonprofit’s Twitter Profile could have a completely different look and functionality. The new design is obviously more visual, but it also places more emphasis on the content that your followers have engaged with. Larger Header Image :: 1,500×500 Pixels :: @ OxfamIreland.

Three Rules for Compelling Images

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” This means making sure you have a designated photographer at events you host and possibly arranging for a photo shoot of volunteers, constituents, staff, and other people who have benefited from your organization’s work. Don’t forget to tag your images based on content and date and continue to acquire new ones so your visual brand stays fresh and engaging. Images help us convey emotion which is a primary motivator when donors choose to support an organization.

Website Design SoupChat: Top Tips and Resources

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On December 17, TechSoup hosted a SoupChat for nonprofits and libraries looking for more information on website design and hosting. Participants joined from social media and the TechSoup community, some having arrived fresh from a webinar on websites for libraries held the previous hour, where presenters from Alaska, Nebraska, and Colorado shared their web designs and took questions on their respective hosting platforms. " Responsive Web Design.

Nonprofit Web Design: 3 Common Challenges & Solutions

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For nonprofits without dedicated web design and tech teams, website maintenance and updates are all too easy to neglect. Web design can be an intimidating new task to take on if you’ve never spent much time under the hood of a website. Compress image files and use new file formats.

Designing for Good: Top Nonprofit Graphic Designs| Episode 4

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Since we did a special storytelling episode for Designing for Good #3 , Tim Hammond and I decided to cram the last 3 months into a single, double-meat episode. Our favorites this month have been culled from hundreds of graphic and interactive designs across the industry. The mashing up of conflicting images or elements to grab the attention of your audience. Here’s to finding inspiration, making your designs memorable , and provoking action. Enjoy, designers.

Nonprofits, Get Your License to Design!

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Go from zero to 60 — or at least gather enough speed to get on the highway entrance — with our Design for Nondesigner course series. Get your design driver's license by taking a few of TechSoup's online design courses. They're built to help you gain speed and competency with design software and best practices. In our Design for Nondesigners 201: Applying Best Practices for Design course, you will learn to. Get your design license.

HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Twitter Profile to the New Design

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Now that nonprofits are officially in the throes of peak fundraising season, upgrading to the new Twitter profile design launched on September 18 is likely low on the priority lists of many nonprofit communications and fundraising staff. It’s their busiest time of year and they may not even know that there is a new Twitter profile design. The most difficult part will be finding a background image to use that looks good on multiple screens.

4 Tools to Create Images, Videos, Diagrams, and Flowcharts

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Image and Video Editing. Photoshop Elements is a tool for editing photos and other still images. This suite also comes with Autodesk AutoCAD, the industry standard tool for designing everything from a bookshelf to a building. Have a look at our New to TechSoup: Autodesk Design Suites for info on additional Autodesk design suite donations. Web and Graphic Design solution section on TechSoup. Can I Use That Image for My Website or Newsletter?

An Easy Recipe for Making Text Overlay Images

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If you cook, you know that your dishes are only as good as your ingredients. For text overlay images, you need the following ingredients: text, photo, and branding. For many of your text overlay needs, you can easily create them in PowerPoint and save as a jpg. You will also need to resize your image depending on what channel and how you plan to use it. Have you incorporated text image overlays into your content strategy? Photo Source: Mlaraevski on Flickr.

Designing a Desktop Menu That Actually Helps Your Audiences Navigate

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Designing a desktop menu is one way; it’s one aspect of navigation that informs a website’s overall structure. They take advantage of the space by including images as well. Navigation and menu. Two words often used interchangeably.

8 Nonprofit Branding Strategies to Help Your Nonprofit Design with Impact


This makes it hard for them to create a strong nonprofit design and branding that the public can easily distinguish from other nonprofit brands. This makes strong nonprofit design essential for enabling your organization to stand out from the rest. Design an Outstanding Logo.

Designing a Drive: 10 Food Drive Ideas to Fill Your Donation Boxes


However, getting your supporters to show up and participate in your event is only possible with a well-devised branding and design strategy. Are branding and design really that vital to the success of a fundraiser? Here are a few ideas to make designing your drive a breeze.

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Create Stunning Images on Your Smartphone or Tablet

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The app lets you combine images, apply effects, and share images through social media. You transfer images from your iPad into Photoshop, view open Photoshop images, and more. One advantage of Fotor is that you can save edited images with no loss of resolution. Windows Phone 7/8) is an app that will please both beginners and advanced designers. Check out the Adobe donation program at TechSoup for the latest donated design software and suites.

Designing for Good: Central Park Conservancy

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Designing for Good: Some of the world’s most talented designers are inspiring others, provoking change, and even saving lives for nonprofits. After talking with the designers of CPC, I found the diversity of their projects a little staggering. Print design, visual design, graphic design, illustration, product photography, park kiosks, mobile apps, and all things webby are managed by their team. My favorite part of the design process?

10 Design Tips for Awesome Nonprofit Online Presentations

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By Beth Singer , Principal at Beth Singer Design, LLC – a design firm that specializes in creating digital slide decks with editorial clarity and design that enable nonprofits to connect with audiences and move them from interest to action. 2) Design.

Design 227

Designing Nonprofit Experiences

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Designing nonprofit experiences can be quite different from designing retail or commercial experiences. While there are many differences in nonprofit versus for-profit design, there are a lot of UX techniques we can borrow from one another. I like to compare the nonprofit design world to small town fashion. The rotating image carousel is a good example. User-centered design. Visual design. Web Design nonprofit Peer to Peer Fundraising web design