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4 Tips For Maintaining Your Nonprofit’s Databases


Database are extremely useful in simplifying business operations, communication, and workflow for both the for-profit sector and nonprofit sector.

3 Ways to Ruin Your Donor Database Before Entering Any Data

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But a donor database doesn’t just go bad on its own, and no system is immune from neglect or over-indulgence. Age/Birthday. Gender.

Technology and the Shift to Donor-Centric Fundraising

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But NTEN is certainly not the only organization leveraging advances in technology to make fundraising a donor-centric process. Automation.

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3 Reasons Why Your Donor Database Data Went Bad

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We see this happen often within donor databases and nonprofit CRMs. Jay Love is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. Lack of Use.

One Thing Most Nonprofits Stink at (Donor Retention) and How You Can Change It in 2014

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Donor acquisition is all the rage, but did you know nearly 3 out of 4 new donors leave and never come back. Great donor service.

5 Steps To Collecting Better Donor Data


Here are 5 simple steps you can take today to start benefiting immediately from collecting better donor data, and more of it. Analyze that data.

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How Accessible Data Can Help You Better Care for Your Donors

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Like any hospital patient, donors don’t want the same “care” as the guy before them. Donor data is the key to securing a gift.

On the value of donor database ratings

Robert Weiner

If you are not familiar with Idealware and N-TEN, they are both well-respected non-profit organizations that focus on helping non-profits enhance their use of technology. Donor Databases Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Technology SoftwareThe report they sent is actually from 2011, so I wouldn’t call it “recent” if I were them.).

5 Steps to Boost Donor Acquisition with Ticketing

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Are you struggling to find ways to meet potential new donors? Do you often feel limited by your database, connections, and networks?

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The 5 Factors That Helps Predict Future Donors’ Giving


Future prospective donors can be predicted with surprising accuracy based on a handful of factors. The post The 5 Factors That Helps Predict Future Donors’ Giving appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Well, predicting your nonprofit’s fundraising potential is not a mystery.

From an Event Manager | Focus on the End Goal: Donor Engagement + Retention

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Initially, it was difficult to carve out time to take a step back and think about the bigger picture when it came to donor engagement and retention.

Guarantee Success for Your Year-End Campaign with Donor Data as Your Guide

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To engage donors in this way, we have to know them, and in fact, we do know a lot about them. With 17.4%

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Reigning in shadow databases

Robert Weiner

The following story, posted with permission, was sent to the FUNDSVCS list in response to a question about how to reign in schools and departments at a university that keep their own shadow databases of contacts. I have a story that we have used quite often: A few years ago, we imported a shadow database into Raiser''s Edge.

Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

3rd Sector Labs

If you’ve migrated donor data from one CRM to another, no doubt you have dealt with a lot of difficult decisions. The list. What now?

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Is Your Organization Prepared to Dodge Donor Data Disasters?

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You also most likely have some experience with accepting and tracking financial gifts from donors to a charitable organization. Now what?

Lessons from a Fundraising Insider: How our Donor Retention Rates grew to 43%

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I work as the Donor Relations Coordinator at Lena Pope , an agency that serves children and families through counseling and education.

Finding Your Next Funder: How Prospect Research Helps Secure New Major Donors

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You glance at your watch uncomfortably, and then look up to see a long-time major donor walking up. Prospect research.

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What Do You Need to Track in a Donor Database?


[Editor's Note: We're talking about fundraising this month on the NTEN blog, and when you're fundraising, you've got to collect and track information about donors and donations, right? Donors are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. A donor management system is sometimes called a fundraising system or a donor database.

Finding the Right Donor Database for Your Nonprofit

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Consider this—7 out of every 10 donors only donate once. 77 percent of donors leave due to a lack of communication. And with the right donor management tool to fit your organization’s needs, you have a better shot at communicating in the right way and building better relationships, so donors come back for round two.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Data Clean and Donors Happy

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Additionally, services provided by Blackbaud can be very helpful in keeping your data clean and your donors happy , specifically Deceased Record Finder. It’s nonproductive to send mail to donors who are deceased, and doing so is a great way to upset surviving spouses. Picture this…. Your membership has expired.

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6 Tips For Engaging And Retaining Your Nonprofit’s ‘BIG’ Supporters


It is said time and time again, “donors are the lifeblood of our nonprofit.” Image courtesy of Etiquette Consulting Inc.

Using Salesforce to Cultivate Donor Relationships

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Using Salesforce to Cultivate Donor Relationships by Tal Frankfurt, Founder and CEO, Cloud for Good. This was (by far!) Fundraising

10 Ways To Segment Donors To Improve Nonprofit Fundraising Effectiveness


Image courtesy of Fundraiser Help. The answer lies in the way nonprofits are catering o the demands of its donor network. Email.

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A 3 Step Guide to Attracting Corporate Donors Using Social Media


Yet including corporate donors in your fundraising mix is a critical strategy. in total database with active email. Guess what? So hum?

Infographic: Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page


With online donations to nonprofit organizations on the rise, the onus is on the nonprofit to make the donation process as simple as possible.

Fundraising without donor data: What’s that proverb about giving a man a fish?

3rd Sector Labs

How often do the funds come in without workable donor data – or any donor data – behind it? If your organization is fundraising without donor data to support it, then you have a problem that needs your attention. Fundraising without donor data. For tomorrow, you need data … donor data. Solutions.

More fundraising software = more data headaches

3rd Sector Labs

Start with contact databases, donor management systems, and CRMs. There are search results, however, that help us define the problem.

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Is your Database Costing you Crucial Donations?


Last year I received an end of year appeal from an organization I’ve been closely involved with as a donor (and much more) for over eight years appealing to me to become a new donor. At the most basic level the segmentation could have split current donors and prospective donors. ’ Yikes! Online Fundraising

Select The Right CRM For Your Nonprofit


Tech Impact understands this, and we want to help your nonprofit make the most informed decision possible. Get team acceptance. Customization.

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5 Ideas That Will Give Your Donors a Reason to Stick Around

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You see, making new friends is like acquiring new donors. To sum it up, nearly three out of every four new donors leave and never come back.

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Pull that List: Donor Management Tips and Tricks

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It also means separating out donors by their giving patterns. This will help maximize each mailing. Donor Retention Featured

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No More Excuses—You Need to Call Every New Donor

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In our own donor communications experiment over at Bloomerang, we made a $5 online donation to 50 random nonprofits. to 60.8%. Ask them!

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5 Inventive Ways Donor Data Can Boost Your EOY Fundraising


The giving spirit is high, and donors want to know how they can contribute to the causes that they care about. Retain more donors.

3 Easy Ways to Amplify Your Welcome Series for New Supporters

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They enter your database from multiple engagement pathways and have wide-ranging experiences (or no experience at all) with your organization.

5 Key Social Media Analytics Your Nonprofit Needs To Track


Here’s an infographic we posted a while back that has helped us increase our reach on social media! No problem. That’s a lot of data. Twitter.

Does Your Organization Even Need a Donor Management System? Almost Certainly!


Included in the report are helpful considerations and guidelines for determining your organization's needs when it comes to donor management.

How to Chat It Up With Major Donors

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If you are like most non-profits, you define a major donor by the size of the gift to your organization. Some organizations set the major donor threshold at $1,000 or more, for larger organizations that threshold may be set at $10,000 or more. are notified with an email and prompted to call that donor to say thank you.

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Blackbaud kills off Common Ground

Robert Weiner

Today the news is that Blackbaud is killing off Common Ground , one of the two donor management products (aka CRMs or Constituent Relationship Management systems) that they acquired from Convio. I don't know whether that means they'll turn off the CG servers on that date or simply stop providing help desk support.

How to Fan the Flames of Donor Loyalty in 2016 and Beyond

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But relationships, including the ones you have with your donors, don’t survive well on autopilot. Talk to Donors About What They Care About.

Why Continued Training Is Necessary For CRM Success


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