The Save Darfur Coalition’s "Be A Voice For Darfur" - A Stellar Example of A Multi-Channel Campaign

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Be A Voice for Darfur is an excellent example of multi-channel campaign designed to bring attention to the appalling genocide in Darfur. The genocide in Darfur continues - now in its sixth year and at the price of nearly half a million lives. Darfur Voices.

Paul Rusesabagina & Bloggers for Darfur

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The talk was also sponsored by Facing History, Facing Ourselves , Human Rights Watch , the Museum of African Diaspora , Marines' Memorial Association , Bay Area Darfur Coalition , Amnesty International and Stacey's Independent Bookstore. Send a Million Voices for Darfur e-card to Bush.

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Do What You Can: National Week of Action for Darfur April 6-13

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I just have to do what I can. " -- Jerry Fowler, Executive Director of the Save Darfur Coalition , during an interview on the Voices on Genocide Prevention Podcast. One of the reasons I think the issue of genocide in Darfur, and in other places, hasn't reached the mainstream consciousness, is that it is hard to find actions that make concerned citizens feel like they are having an impact. Tell China to, "Extinguish the Flames of Genocide in Darfur."

Not On Our Watch: The Least Depressing Book About Darfur You'll Ever Read

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It isn't often that you can't wait to keep reading a book about genocide, but that is how it was while I was reading Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond by Don Cheadle and John Prendergast. Darfur activism book Don Cheadle John Prendergast

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I hope you'll add to the list: Change/Wire Dining for Women Ella Baker Center Echoing Green Genocide Intervention Network Global Fund for Women Global Voices' Rising Voices Idealist NetSquared NTEN People's Grocery Save Darfur Social Actions is Hiring Bloggers for Social Action Blog Network

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Want to create the premier online space for your issue and become a leading voice for social action? Hey all you do-good bloggers! Ben Rattray of wanted me to let you know that they are hiring bloggers. Positions are part-time, paid and start in June. To apply, go to [link]. I've pasted the blurb below: Hiring Bloggers for! Want to blog on an issue you are passionate about for an audience of hundreds of thousands of activists and nonprofit leaders?

What Can I Do About Genocide? An Interview with Janessa Goldbeck

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Our members envision a world in which the global community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities. this past Sunday was the Global Day for Darfur. Darfur. One of the world's challenges that disturbs me the most is genocide.

Solutionary Women: Heddy Nam

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Heddy also writes for the Global Youth Fund blog. On the other hand, some politicians may care a great deal about improving human rights abuses or ending the violence in Darfur, but don’t act because they don’t have constituent backing. Use your voice!