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Caitlin Cohen of the Sigida Keneyali Project. In December I wrote a book review of Monique and the Mango Rains , the story of a Peace Corps worker's two years working with a midwife in Mali. Below is an e-interview with another woman making a difference in Mali, Caitlin Cohen, one of two US coordinators of the Sigida Keneyali Project. What is the Sigida Keneyali Project? Sigida Keneyali means “Health in Our Homes” in Bambara, the most common language in Mali.

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When Doria and I were in Mali earlier this month, we found that our nephew Fodé Camara had started to work with a group called Siguida Keneyali - Health in Our Homes - an organization working to improve health in Sikoroni, the poorest Quartier in Bamako. There's no doubt a health education component will be key to the project's success.


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Case Study: An Accidental Techie #FAIL Story


Given the organization-wide scope of my proposed project, effective change management practices were key to the success of the project. My oversight became striking apparent when my strongest leadership-level advocate, our development director, retired before the project was implemented. Without the support of leadership, the project essentially dragged to a halt. Have you lead this sort of ambitious project in your nonprofit?

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Well, for one thing, planning a trip over the holidays to Morocco and Mali. We'll start in Bamako, where we will be staying with our niece Rebecca and her family -- Rebecca is there heading up a project of the Educational Development Center -- but then head up north to Segou, Djenne, pays Dogon, and Timbuctou. Rebecca's husband is from nearby Guinea, so we're counting on getting a good introduction to West African culture - especially music.

The Digital Divide Doesn't Exist


Given the difficulty in unpacking all of the socio-economic, cultural, political, educational, and other mutually-reinforcing components of digital inequality, simple metaphors can't carry the weight. Mohammed Diop, of Mali , presumably one of the very people OLPC wants to convince: "It is a very clever marketing tool. Brett Meyer, NTEN. The digital divide doesn't exist.

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SocioLingo's Africa Blog : Written by an Englishwoman living in Mali, this blog's frequent posts - many times a day - cover all of Africa and point out articles and reports on linguistic, cultural, archeological, economic, and political developments on the continent. SocioLingo's Mali Blog. The Mali blog brings a much sharper focus to Malilady's everyday life in Bamako. Certainly when we were in Mali, the evidence of Chinese investment was everywhere.

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I wonder which one is more effective or appropriate for MySpace culture - visual design or social design ? Geekcorps Mali works to create and deploy ICT solutions that are sustainable and appropriate for Mali. Britt Bravo asks us to encourage people we know working on a social impact technology project to nominate their project for Netsquared Innovation Fund Award. Gavin's NpTech Timeline in SlideShare. It's The People Behind The Tags!

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