Christian Kreutz, Web 2.0 for Development Blogger, is in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam Now. Cambodian Education System Changes To OpenSource Software!

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tools in different cultures around the world. The new textbook teaches the use of Khmer language Free and Open Source applications, such as OpenOffice, Mekhala (Firefox) and Moyura (Thunderbird), which have been fully translated to Khmer language (Cambodian). I've been following Christian Kreutz 's blog, CrissCrossed Blog , which explores social changes through communication and focuses on the impact, potential and challenges of using Web2.0

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That facilitator has to be able to manage many different personalities, the different cultures, different experiences. And there was a lot of cultural misunderstandings, something very basic. You’re going to have some cultures that lean one way to another.

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Vietnam and Indonesia Join TechSoup Asia’s Growing Family

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The LIN mission is to foster a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility by providing support services to local nonprofits, skilled volunteers, and donors who are committed to building strong communities. English is increasingly favored as a second language. The organization promotes ASEAN awareness through language training, mass media, and youth exchange activities (such as volunteer programs and youth camps).