Creating a Safe Space for Members to Share

Joy of Membership

This week’s podcast conversation with Irene van der Zande was a reminder that part of creating a safe space for member interaction involves being sure that they feel like they can share and others are truly listening.

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Sharing is Caring: Delivering Value to Your Members, On-Demand

Association TV

We’ve talked a lot about creating content offerings in digital formats to meet the demand of an increasingly younger member base, but have you considered how your members will access that content?

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How to Effectively Share Text-to-Donate Campaigns on Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Sharing your text-to-donate keyword and shortcode on social media helps brand your campaign and allows donors to easily give from their mobile devices, which is where most people view social media. A similar graphic appears in the lower third to create brand consistency.

[FREE WEBINAR] How to Create Highly Engaging Nonprofit Videos

Nonprofit Tech for Good

In this webinar you’ll learn the science behind creating highly engaging videos, review key findings from the largest study of nonprofit videos ever, and receive practical tips to make your nonprofit’s video more engaging. Which emotions trigger viewers’ impulse to share and comment.

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Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

Get Fully Funded

They enthusiastically sign up for several upcoming events and offer their professional assistance in creating a marketing plan. So, how do you create that? Create a digital flier for each job. Ask people already involved with your work to share your post with their networks.

Are Your Members Creating Value – or Just Consuming Value?

Joy of Membership

The urgency created by the pandemic situation meant that many boards were able to break out of talking-about-doing-something mode and move into actually making it happen. The post Are Your Members Creating Value – or Just Consuming Value?

Creating Personalized Event Experiences with CadmiumCD

Cadmium CD

With CadmiumCD's new matchmaking capabilities within eventScribe, you can create a personalized networking experience for each and every attendee based on their own preferences. The very first time someone logs into eventScribe, they'll be prompted to create their attendee profile.

[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


Creating a video with social media in mind (while also growing your social media audience organically) is a great way to grow your base and reach more supporters. We chatted with digital strategist Yash Mori for insights on creating video for nonprofits, campaigns, and advocacy organizations. We shared Yash’s invaluable insights on digital storytelling and we couldn’t resist sharing his advice on creating compelling videos.

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[ASK AN EXPERT] Does Sharing A Campaign’s Fundraising Goal Drive More Donations?


Today’s question comes from a nonprofit employee who wants advice on whether or not it’s a good idea to announce and share a financial goal for their fundraising campaign. . Using a fundraising thermometer can create a sense of urgency and motivate donors to give. .

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Share Buttons and Bars

NCE Social Media

Are you using share buttons and or bars on your websites? They are a key enabler to make your site and it’s content viral, i.e. allowing people who view it to easily share it with others. While you can get all fancy and create your own buttons, bars, or code, you really don’t need to at all. A share bar is a bar that goes on the side or bottom of your webpage. Sharing Tools. Tools addthis addtoany bar buttons meebo share sharethis wibiya

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Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Of course, your mid-level donors will also share their vision for the future of your nonprofit. Once you’ve named your program, it’s time to determine what perks you’ll share with these donors. Provide them with sophisticated content and create calls, webinars, or events to provide them deeper insight into the organization.

3 Tips to Create Unforgettable Moments for Donors


Be honest: What kind of memorable and meaningful experiences are you creating for your donors right now? Here are 3 surefire ways to create memorable moments to wow your donors. It could be a video of a person you have helped or just a staff member sharing their heartfelt thanks.

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Creating Passionate Supporters for Your Mission

Top Nonprofits

This session will help you identify and create thoughtful engagement paths and understand how focused communication helps build stronger relationships with all of your stakeholders. Share This Post!

What Have We Learned About Creating Engaging Meetings from Virtual Conferences?

The MatrixFiles

We’ve worked with our BeSpeake clients to create opportunities like: Morning Coffee, where attendees get matched up with others randomly for a virtual coffee break. Creating a welcome or tutorial video to help attendees get the most out of the conference.

4 Pros and 4 Cons to Creating a Microsite for Your Event

Cadmium CD

4 Pros and Cons to Creating a Microsite for Your Event As your association grows, so does the content you produce. Just because your association can create a microsite, doesn’t mean it’s always beneficial to do so. Create additional functionality unique to the microsite.

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Create a VIRAL Micro-philanthropy Campaign

Greater Giving

Tap into the sustainable, year-round generosity of micro-donations with communications that must be shared! If your organization has already created fundraising materials for a Year-End Giving campaign, put it to use raising micro-donations, too!

Donor Appreciation: Creating a Strategy (And 22+ Ideas!)


In this guide, we’ll dive into how your organization can create an appreciation strategy. When you start putting together your donor appreciation strategy, create slightly different plans for each of your various audience segments. .

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Donor Appreciation: Creating a Strategy (And 22+ Ideas!)


In this guide, we’ll dive into how your organization can create an appreciation strategy. When you start putting together your donor appreciation strategy, create slightly different plans for each of your various audience segments. .

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How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

Get Fully Funded

But if you put yourself in the shoes of a new volunteer, you will be surprised how much information you can share. Also share with volunteers about the Volunteer Protection Act , which protects volunteers from liability in cases of ordinary negligence.

Top Fundraising Benchmarks to Share With Your Nonprofit Board [SLIDESHARE]


Step 2: Know Which Fundraising Benchmarks to Share With Your Nonprofit Board. Share these slides with your nonprofit board directly, and use our game plan in step three to bring thoughtful considerations to the table. .

Why is Creating Change in Membership Organization so Difficult?

Joy of Membership

This week on the podcast, I talked with David Horning, a comedian-turned-public speaker who shared about using humor as a strategy to break through the status quo. . But the thought of taking the actions necessary to accomplish those goals creates discomfort.

10 Tips That Will Help You Create an Engaged Nonprofit Board


Nor do they have the time or energy to find, meet, and cultivate everyone in the community who shares a passion for the organization’s mission. Sometimes the knowledge that performance is being monitored and shared can spur a change in behavior. .

Everything About Creating A Nonprofit Marketing Plan

NonProfit Hub

But at the stage of creating a marketing plan, there can be many difficulties since ordinary people united by a “let’s save the world” idea have to work on this issue. The more carefully you create a plan, the more likely it will help to achieve your goals.

How to Create the Best Nonprofit Marketing Plan


Some organizations prefer to prepare these documents at the beginning of each fiscal year, and some create them as individual campaigns come up. If you’ve never created a marketing plan before or need a refresher, look no further! The Importance of Creating a Marketing Plan.

Unlock Fans While Engaging Supporters Beyond Like, Share and Comment

Amy Sample Ward

The mystery of creating real impact using Facebook has eluded many organizations for years now. I recently met with Drew Bernard to learn what ActionSprout is all about; and I got so excited that I asked him to share a guest post I could put up here so you could get excited, too. At the same time I have watched organization struggle to engage with Facebook supporters in meaningful ways using just the actions Facebook has provided; Like, Share, or Comment.

How To Create Digital Supporter Communities on Social Media

Get Fully Funded

These include sharing updates with supporters, hosting fundraising campaigns , marketing upcoming events, researching your audience, or even celebrating birthdays. How To Create Digital Supporter Communities on Facebook. Create the technical infrastructure for the Challenge.

[VIDEO] Measure Of Success: Creating Tools And Process To Report Impact


Marie Palacios will explain what donors want to know, why it is crucial, and how to share your past achievements, so donors contribute to your future goals. We are here to talk about reporting impact, specifically creating tools and some good processes to do that for your donors.

UNICEF Shares How You Can Support India Today Amidst the COVID-19 Surge

Saleforce Nonprofit

UNICEF is also the lead partner with government on the communication of vaccination programmes and in creating demand for COVID-19 vaccination and countering vaccine misinformation. By: Richard Beighton, Chief of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, UNICEF India.

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Create an Email Welcome Series for Donors [With Templates]


Creating a welcome email series for your new donors can help them get to know your nonprofit and learn what communications to expect from your nonprofit. How to create an effective donor welcome series. This is more than sharing your mission statement.

5 Steps to Create a Donor Attraction Campaign

Hands on Fundraising

You can create a donor attraction campaign with these 5 steps. In the previous article (How Changing your Mindset Will Help You Attract New Donors), I shared a different kind of mindset that can help your organization consistently find new donors.

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Create The Future And The Innovation Handbook

Eric Jacobsen Blog

March 10 brings the new book, Create The Future: Tactics For Disruptive Thinking, by J eremy Gutsche , CEO of Trend Hunter. Gutsche shares that, Create The Future , "is a book about Disruptive Thinking, so it makes sense that it shouldn't follow conventional norms.

Force Multiplier Podcast Episode 2: Creating More Equitable Healthcare

Saleforce Nonprofit

Powered with technology shared by among Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) is on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 in racial and ethnic minority, rural, and other communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

5 Ways to Create an Immersive Virtual Event Attendee Experience


Because of this, for your event to truly succeed, you will need to do more than create content that the audience passively consumes while sitting in front of a computer monitor. You will need to create an immersive event experience that empowers the attendees to create their own experience.

How To Create The Best Fundraising Event Invitation + Top Event Invite Examples


The most effective way to increase the number of touches you have is to share your invitation in a wide variety of channels , both online and offline. I’m going to share elements that are great to include in an invitation, but you don’t necessarily have to include all of them.

Share Stories to Further Your Cause

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If you’re having trouble getting momentum behind your cause, try to share stories. First and foremost, storytelling is the easiest way to create personal appeal for your cause. The most interesting stories to share are filled with hardship and tension. With the help of others, your organization can lead the way in creating a happily ever after for your community. Share your stories (a lot). Once you find your story, share it anywhere and everywhere.

How to Create a Virtual Career Fair


Steps for Creating a Virtual Career Fair. Fortunately, creating a virtual career fair is much like creating a traditional one. Before you can create or host any event, virtual or otherwise, you need to define your event goals.

[Pre-Register Now]: How To Create A Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Calendar


And in this live training, I’ll show you how to create one! We offer the CauseVox Basic Plan for free though if you need a digital fundraising solution that’s easily shared on social media.

Creating a Fundraising Culture in Your Nonprofit

Greater Giving

If that’s the case, it may be time to create a “culture of fundraising” within your nonprofit. Developing a strong fundraising culture within your organization creates the mindset that guides every interaction your team has with donors and strengthens the commitment they have to your mission.

How to Create a Virtual Expo


Here is everything you need to know to create a successful virtual expo! They will need to cater their content to the event and create the lead generation strategies that will be most effective. When choosing sponsors , invite those that share the same, or similar, target audience.

Strategic Storytelling For Brand Building: How To Identify And Share Your Nonprofit’s Brand Origin Story


Sometimes without even noticing it, our brain is activated in a unique and engaged way when a story is being shared. Science tells us that when someone is sharing or listening to a story, their brain produces several chemicals and hormones. Once upon a time….

Bright Idea: Create Fundraisers Based on Major Events


Located in Kentucky, RSBC shares a home state with the Kentucky Derby. With this knowledge they created a fundraising event that incorporates this major local sporting event, their annual Night at the Races event. Who they are.

7 Tips to Create a Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Plan [Template]


7 Tips to Create Your Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Plan . You’ll want the added flexibility to create posts around events such as a promotion during a campaign lull or a new donation match announcement. .

Passing the Word: Getting Supporters to Share your Cause

Byte Technology

However, ask any NPO media guru what’s the difficult part of generating interest in said fundraiser and their answer will no doubt involve achieving a well-canvassed publicity campaign: in short, you can create the concept, but you need to encourage supporters to pass the word. It all comes down to one word: sharing. Build your campaign around the concept of letting the community create the content.

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