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Protecting Our Planet Challenge Commits $5 Billion To Conserve 30% of Planet by 2030

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Nine organizations have joined together to pledge $5 billion over the next 10 years to help address three of the planet’s most life-threatening crises: the climate, extinction and health crises — with an emphasis on the role of nature and the leadership of Indigenous people in solving them.

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The Role of Data Warehouses in Nonprofit Technology Strategies

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The Role of a Data Warehouse. Leveraging a data warehouse for campaign segmentation allows you to move high-volume campaign membership records out of Salesforce, conserving data storage while supporting better donor segmentation. A data warehouse is a structured database that supports reporting, segmenting, and analytics needs.

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The Not-So-Secret Way to Power Your Nonprofit’s Future Growth

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Fill Leadership Roles Finding the right fit for a leadership position within your organization can be a challenge. Use event data to find someone who might step into that role! Then, you can refine your programs to better meet participants’ needs and goals based on data-driven insights.

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Thursday Thoughts: building a great nonprofit volunteer experience


Most recently he helped lead the 2022 Nevada coordinated campaign that played a major role in re-electing Sen. For example, if your organization is focused on environmental conservation, you could offer a training session on sustainable agriculture or wildlife conservation. Get in touch at

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[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: The Nature Conservancy

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Organization: The Nature Conservancy. For my role, social media is only about 30% of my job – I manage our paid online advertising strategy, SEO, and web analytics strategy in addition to social media. Organization Size: +1 million members, +3800 staff. Name: Amy Ganderson. Title: Associate Director, Digital Marketing.

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Big News at Benetech (and for me!)

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Helped environmental leaders design, manage, monitor, and evaluate global conservation projects and campaigns with the first open source conservation project management tool. My firm belief is that tech will play a key role in solving just about every social problem imaginable. I can assure you that I am not retiring.

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How The Nature Conservancy’s Work in the Cumberland Forest Supports Jobs & Climate Mitigation

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By: Andrew Tingley, Director of Communications at The Nature Conservancy. At The Nature Conservancy , one of the world’s largest environmental nonprofits, we have examined a huge range of nature’s benefits throughout our 70-year history. When you think about nature, what comes to mind? © Cameron Davidson; May 2019.

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