The Year-End Survival Guide for Community Foundations

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This is especially true for community foundations. This blog has tips you need to help you and your community foundation colleagues finish the year strong. So grab a glass of eggnog, a plate of holiday cookies, and enjoy our 5 Community Foundation Year-End Survival Tips!

Introducing: TechSoup Registration and Eligibility Tutorials

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The three videos, available on the TechSoup YouTube page : The TechSoup Eligibility Tutorial. In the TechSoup Eligibility Tutorial , you will find out where to go to check eligibility, what the best practices are for checking eligibility, and what you need to know before taking the TechSoup eligibility quiz. Share your ideas in the comments below or in our TechSoup community forum thread.

New Tutorial: How to Get Started with the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

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Over the past months, TechSoup has been answering the call from the community to provide short, video tutorials on topics of interest to nonprofits and libraries. Some of these videos have included tutorials on the eligibility and registration process , TechSoup's eligibility quiz , and updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program. Check out Microsoft's tutorials on the Microsoft Volume Licensing site.

New on SSIR: Can Giving Days Strengthen Your Community?

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In the report “ How Giving Contests Can Strengthen Nonprofits and Communities ,” sponsored by the Case Foundation and released today, Geoff Livingston analyzes the impact of Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington and the repercussions for other regions and nonprofit communities.

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New Media Literacy Site from MIT - and check out the great Vlog Tutorial!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There is a fantastic how video blogging tutorial from Steve Garfield , John Barth , Jason Crow and Four Eyed Monsters. Community and Conversation 5. From Steve Garfield's Flickr Stream.

How To Put Social Fundraising On Steroids: Community Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Many nonprofits view social fundraising with a degree of skepticism. If the dollar amounts for campaigns are modest, why invest the effort? They don’t often value community engagement as a metric for success. How To Marry Social Media with Fundraising.

Recap: Community Organizing Tools from the Experts


As we all know, the nonprofit tech community is loaded with smart and thoughtful organizers who give their time and efforts to help the rest of us do the good work we do. We recognize NTEN’s 501 Tech Clubs (local in-person groups) and Communities of Practice (CoPs) (online affinity groups) organizers are one clever and innovative bunch! We learn new community organizing tips and tools from them all the time.

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Great reads from around the web on May 28th

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YouTube Goes Fully Social And Challenges Facebook | Community Organizer 2.0 – "Today, YouTube announced that every single YouTube channel now comes equipped with a moderator feature. It combines expert judging with popular vote, online strategy with good old fashion off line organizing, links objectives to a theory of change, and incorporates a fun and engaging way for people to learn about and take action on a timely community problem.

Get Fundraising Tips at a NetSquared Community Event

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If you're holding monthly events gathering the #nptech community, let me know and I'll include you in the next community calendar. Baltimore, Maryland: Salesforce CRM Tutorial and Free Tech Help Session! Fall has arrived, and with it comes fundraising season!

Need Hands-on Help? NetSquared's Free Workshops Are in Your Community

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If you're holding monthly events gathering the #nptech community, let me know , and I'll include you in the next community calendar. Cleveland, Ohio: Tableau Tutorial: Free Data Visualization for Nonprofits.

The Hour Of Code


Check out the self-guided tutorials , available to everyone, or get your school involved with an after-school program using the starter kit for schools. For classes without computers, the program also offers un-plugged tutorials. Video courtesy of on YouTube. Hour of Code.

New at TechSoup: Online Courses from Atomic Training

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Hear what other nonprofits and libraries are saying in our Community Forums. Training online courses Atomic Training tutorials e-learningFor nonprofits, libraries, and their constituents, training is essential to keep technology knowledge and skills up to date. Offers new Site and Resources to Help Nonprofit Community Master Social Tools for Social Change

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Last week marked the launch of the newest resource site and treasure trove for the nonprofit community – In the words of the site: “Socialbrite is a learning hub & sharing community that brings together top experts in social media, social causes and online philanthropy.” Scores of additional articles, guides and tutorials to help newcomers and veterans alike get better acquainted with this fast-moving space.

Create Dynamic Online Trainings: Webinar Recap

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The two presenters also answered many questions from the audience during the webinar and in our community forum for the event. and produces the Ask Idealware video tutorial series. He also described turning slideshows into interactive tutorials. eLearning Online Seminar Training cloud video cloud computing nonprofits webinars nonprofit online training Idealware online meeting tutorial screencast slideshow

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Scratch: An Educational, Multi-Generational Online Community that Works

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Then, in May 2007, the Scratch online community (called ScratchR) was released. It's an inspiration to anyone trying to create an online community around informal learning. As in any online community, ScratchR has spectators, joiners, collectors, critics, and creators.

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Free Facebook Guide for Small Non-profits

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social media consultant John Haydon has a free ebook for you: "The Complete Guide to Facebook for Small Non-Profits" is a comprehensive collection of strategies, tactics, tips, and tutorials to help small non-profits get more out of using Facebook.( Tags: Non-profit technology Fundraising nptech Marketing online community Facebook social media If your organization is struggling to figure out Facebook – and who isn’t?

Resources for Small Staff Associations


W3Schools is a good online tutorials for learning HTML and CSS. Cool Social Tools Featured From the Trenches Implementation Nimble Nonprofit Open CommunityThis post originally appeared on Mizz Information. ————-.

6 Reasons Open Source Makes Sense

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The Drupal framework, for example, has been extended through more than 25,000 modules contributed by the developer community. Don’t take our word for it, Google “WordPress Tutorial” to see for yourself).

Guest Post by JD Lasica -- Socialbrite: A new sharing & learning hub

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Socialbrite is here to offer articles, videos, resources and tutorials on how to take command of all this Web 2.0 Scores of additional articles, guides and tutorials to help newcomers and veterans alike get better acquainted with this fast-moving space.

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Take a Second Look at Google Wave

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But take another look: Wave is now faster and more stable, with quick-start templates and tutorials - and it's finally open for everyone to use.( online community Non-profit Communications collaboration project management application Google Wave Google Wave's steep learning curve and "invitation only" policy made the collaboration tool less than useful for most nonprofits, when it first launched.

Seven ways to be eternally awesome at Facebooking

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Watch this video tutorial on using Facebook Page Insights. Facebook community facebook page Non-Profit Branding Social Media Optimization StrategyOver the past two weeks, Facebook has yet again, flipped your universe upside down.

Nine Ways You Can Use Facebook Graph Search to Learn About Your Fans (VIDEO)

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Nine Ways You Can Use Graph Search to Learn About Your Facebook Fans (Tutorial). In this video, I show you nine ways to use Graph Search to understand your Facebook community. One of the most critical aspects of an effective content strategy is to understand your audience.

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New on SSIR: What the New Facebook Changes Mean for Nonprofits

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The good news is that the nonprofit technology community is rich in sharing, and there are lots of online tutorials about this latest wave of updates on Facebook. Whether you’re using it for community building, marketing, communications, or anything else, you should have a strategy that extends beyond the “Like” button. John Haydon has an in-depth video tutorial that will walk you through every report now available.

Presentation: Social Media & Philanthropy

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You can read it for free online (or download the PDF) and it includes case studies, how-to tutorials, and lots of information about various tools that may be appropriate for your organization (after you’ve identified your goals, audience, and so on).

How To Make A Back Channel Light Up Like Clark Griswald's House

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to do a Webinar called " Social Media for Trainers: A Bag of Tricks " over at the Engage 365 Online Community site. This online community, Engage365 , is a place to network and share knowledge about how to integrate the use of social media for events.

Upcoming Nonprofits Live on September 14: Accessible and Assistive Technologies

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Before Inclusive Planet he has co-founded two ventures in the education space - Law School Tutorials, the leading law test prep outfit that became an ISB case study in 2009 and, Rainmaker, the leading talent advisory firm for the legal industry and manager of India's Bar examination.

Mozilla Service Week Starts Today!

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This week, thousands of volunteers have signed up and over 10,000 hours have been pledged to make a difference in our communities, our world, our Web. This week - September 14-21, 2009 - we’ve asked individuals to step up and make a difference by using the Web to better their community.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

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If you don't have the Get Windows 10 App notification, the Microsoft community has a good discussion on what to do about it. How-To-Geek's How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC is a step-by-step written tutorial on upgrading from a previous version of Windows.

Making the Most of TechSoup: Webinar Recap

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The Community Forums. Check out the following video tutorials: TechSoup Registration and Eligibility Tutorials. TechSoup’s Eligibility Quiz Tutorial. Microsoft Donation Program: Short Tutorials. Last week we held a webinar on Making the Most of TechSoup. During this event, TechSoup staffers Lara Franklin and Shala Harris provided some helpful tips on navigating the TechSoup website and product pages.

Build Your Facebook Muscles

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5 video tutorials: 1) Configuring your page for maximum reach , 2) Creating a custom tab to acquire emails , 3) Moderating your community , 4) Measuring engagement with Insights , and 5) using the POST method for publishing updates.

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Digital Analytics Basics: Free Online Academy from Google

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That training was either expensive or a hodge podge of low cost webinars and free video tutorials available on the web.

Why I Love The Headway WordPress Theme Framework More Than Ever

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I’m in the process of publishing several video tutorials over at , but I wanted to give you guys a heads up on what’s new with Headway 3.0. Headway’s Awesome Support Community. Last but certainly not least, the Headway support community is top notch!

The Complete Facebook Guide For Small Nonprofits (eBook)

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Your Facebook Community. You’ll also find hot-linked video tutorials and case studies throughout the guide (simply click on the video images to view them online).

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The Shocking Truth About Your Board Members Serving as Ambassadors

ASU Lodestar Center

You need your volunteers to spread the word about your good work, to connect you with their networks and generally be the amazing gatekeepers to the community you know they can be. Speak publicly to community groups, service clubs, etc. Do they need a social media tutorial?

12 Examples of Nonprofits Using Augmented and Virtual Reality


A dutch nonprofit called The Dolphin Swim Club uses underwater VR goggles to allow people with disabilities to virtually swim with dolphins in their community pool as a form of therapy. Here’s an easy tutorial on the whole process. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to do this.

Connect with TechSoup at NCVS!

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This post was written by Evonne Heyning , part of TechSoup's Community team. YouTube tutorials — YouTube offers special features just for nonprofits , including the ability to add fundraising links to your videos. Second Life — TechSoup formed the Nonprofit Commons five years ago as a virtual community of nonprofits, thriving and building complex 3D interactive environments and hosting regular meetings with streaming media and a wide variety of participatory options.

Writing and Speech Assistance Tools Are Now Available at TechSoup

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For more details on using SpeakQ + WordQ check the many video tutorials available on the goQ website. Accessible Technology Acquiring Technology Community Tech Centers Digital Divide Software goQ

Member Round Up: We Never Hibernate!


This week our community is helping with data analysis, social media, and getting otherd organized. Share your mobile media sucess story with the community ! Check out his video tutorial covering all of the reports available through the new Insights. Community nonprofits nptech nten technologyFlickr:bichxa Although the Fall season brings to mind soup, cider, and hibernation for many, NTEN Members seems to be energized by the change in season.

Nonprofits and Instagram: The Ultimate Curated Collection of Best Practices, Examples, and Tips

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Earlier this month, when Instagram announced its user community had grown to more than 400 million, it reminded me that I needed to update my curated collection of Instagram for Nonprofit resources. Cheat Sheets and Tutorial To Coach Your Nonprofit CEO.

Celebrating Free Agents: Mark Horvath Launches WeAreVisible

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

His new project is a social media literacy website to help homeless people learn how to use the Internet to tell their stories, build community and connect with support services. The content is fantastic — particularly the tutorials.

3 Social Media Opportunities Your Nonprofit is Losing


Founded as a platform that provides “business services for the business community,” Talkbiznow is a lesser-known site that promotes professional networking and community for companies at no cost. Guest post by Yazmin Gray.

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Mozilla and Bookshare: Volunteer Power!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Guest blog by Pavi Mehta, Volunteer Coordinator Open source champion kicked off seven days of service earlier this month: September 14-21st thousands of people donated over 6000 hours of their time to good causes in their communities as part of Mozilla Service Week.