Two Key Questions for Every Community Manager


Online Community Management is a profession that has seen a huge boom and evolved over these last couple of years. For Community Managers, this has happened fast; we’re still trying to develop key concepts that will help current and future Community Managers do the job.

DIY Community Engagement Metrics

Amy Sample Ward

I had a lot of fun yesterday giving a webinar for the Nonprofit Webinar series ; it was a whole hour discussing community engagement! DIY Community Engagement Metrics. Community Mapping. >> Step 1: Identify all the groups within your community.

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Five Questions About Open Community

John Haydon

I’m taking part in the virtual book tour Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer are doing to explore concepts from Open Community : a little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. In this post, Maddie and Lindy answer a few questions for anyone interested in nonprofit marketing.

7 Questions To Ask First

Connection Cafe

Ramping in public is hard enough - meeting & leading the team, taking inventory of a community of supporters, revitalizing relationships that may have wilted – without finding yourself facing unexpected infrastructure failures. The Seven Questions. Author: Jennifer Darrouzet.

Online Community Manager Job Description


Here’s the best job description we’ve come across so far, courtesy of our friend Ben Martin at Online Community Results. We’re doing lots of cool work with Ben, who’s our go-to for outsourced community management. JOB DESCRIPTION: ONLINE COMMUNITY MANAGER.

Job 140

Calling all online community managers!


Guest post by Ted McEnroe, The Community Roundtable. ———— A few months ago, I made a switch moving from the nonprofit sector to The Community Roundtable , a leading provider of community research and support for business, association and nonprofit communities.

Use Case: The Community-Driven Social Impact game for Community Media Centers

Amy Sample Ward

Last month, at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference , I had the opportunity to run the Community-Driven Social Impact game in a session workshop. One of the participants was Ericha Hager, the Regional Collaborative Coordinator for Community Media Access Partnership.

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How Good Is Your Community Management?


For eight years, the Community Roundtable has dug deeply into the strategies, operations and tactics behind the most successful communities in our annual State of Community Management reports. Research places your community in context. Understanding community is one thing.

Open Community and Nonprofit Techies


They’re doing a virtual book tour exploring concepts from Open Community : a little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. In this post, Maddie and Lindy answer a few questions for the NetWits Think Tank community (Oh, and please ask more in the comments.

Open 181

Online Community Organizing: Start small, think big!

Amy Sample Ward

NetSquared’s February series exploring “Online Community Organizing” includes three different interviews; I’m really excited to participate! Q: What does “online” add to the community organizing? Q: What makes a community?

5 Assumptions Every Community Manager Should Make Daily

Amy Sample Ward

When it comes to managing or building communities, online or on the ground, the work can seem overwhelming and sometimes even never-ending. Wherever you are, and whatever the kind of community you are wrangling, there are some general lessons that I recommend.

Getting Meta: Inviting the Community to Drive the Community Builder Chats

Amy Sample Ward

For about a year, I moderated a monthly online chat focused on community building, community management, on and offline engagement, and the technologies that support those connections. Would you rather have a set topic or set of questions ahead of time?

Community Builder Chats: Exploring the Community (August 2010)

Amy Sample Ward

Welcome to the new monthly chats focused on community building. In the future, these chats will have a topic and questions (generated from you!) As this is the very first one, I wanted to keep it open to focus on exploring what was most appropriate for this community in a few respects: Do we want to use a hashtag other than #4change? Hopefully exploring those questions and responses leaves us with plenty of time to also ask questions that we are currently thinking about.

Are you strangling your community?


Her new book is out and I asked her to share some thoughts about community building, a topic dear to our hearts. BUY THE BOOK – FIERCE LOYALTY: UNLOCKING THE DNA OF WILDLY SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES. We dictate the operations of the community.

STUDY: The Business Impact of Online Communities


How do organizations track the impact of their online communities? How do they link the community to competitive advantage? Communities are organizational orchestras, and marketing is the conductor. Align community with member retention programs.

Community design showcase: NTEN keeps it simple


This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. SocialFish and OCR partner on many online community strategy and implementation projects – contact us if you need help with yours. Let’s look at a few key parts of the community.

Design 108

Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention


And of course I was excited to get a chance to talk about my favorite subject, online community, with my friend Josh Paul , in the session we presented yesterday, Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention. Two of these three can be addressed/alleviated with online community.

Get Open Community on Audible


Open Community is now on Audible! Just answer any of these questions: How has the growth of online community changed the way you work today? Is community management part of your job? How has community management changed other business processes at your org (e.g.

Open 112

June 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

Amy Sample Ward

The June Community Builder chat focused a lot on listening, engaging, and supporting communities with organic and emerging conversations and goals. I find that its critical to step back and help the community let itself emerge. I think that every community needs goals.

3 Ways Community Foundations Can Become the Donor’s Choice

Connection Cafe

And they’re asking questions such as, ‘Should I support the global animal welfare organization or the local animal shelter?’ These questions aren’t all that different from the ones asked of nonprofits. So, how does your community foundation become the donor’s choice?

What’s in Your Community Manager Job Description?


This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. SocialFish and OCR partner on many online community strategy and implementation projects – contact us if you need help with yours. ————— Are you thinking of hiring a community manager?

Job 133

To CAPTCHA or Not to CAPTCHA, That is The Question?


automated questions the user may not know the answer to. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, some CAPTCHA programs are better than others, but none are perfect. In other words, take a review of who your community of users are.

Get your Online Community Software Selection Guide!


Remember the white paper we produced in 2009 that included a comparison of private online community vendors? I’m constantly asked questions about where to start and who the online community players are. Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Open Community

Guide 127

January 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive #CommBuild

Amy Sample Ward

The conversation in this month’s chat focused on these questions: What are the best mechanisms for connecting online & offline communities? How much communication with your online community is too much? Topic: Community Building, of course!

Join the monthly Community Building chats!

Amy Sample Ward

Two weeks ago I shared a couple reflections that I had on a recent #4change chat about community building – the major output from that chat and the follow up blog post was the call I heard for a regular opportunity to talk about community building. Monthly Community Builder Chats. What: Community Building Across Platforms. Even though I’ve selected the topic for this first chat, I haven’t picked the questions that will guide our conversation!

Online Community Building: Gardening vs Landscaping

Amy Sample Ward

My current job title includes the term “Community Builder” and I get asked nearly every day just what that means: how do you build community? where is the community you want to build? how can I be a community builder online? I want to take a break from all the hard work building community (does that get a wink?) to share some of what I believe is the core of successful community building (on or offline). Community building” is about a lot of things.

Community Engagement and Social Media for Public Media

Amy Sample Ward

I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar for the National Center for Media Engagement , focused on community-driven engagement, and present a session at the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference , talking about building a social media strategy. Defining Community.

Public 197

5 Questions for Jay Frost

NonProfit Trends

This is a continuing series of 5 Questions for experts from across the nonprofit sector: 5 Questions for Jay Frost. To my mind, social networking is the most important development in fundraising since the advent of direct mail campaigns and phonathons and holds the promise of transforming organizations by making them more responsive to the needs and interests of the community. 5 Questions

Crowdsourcing vs Community-sourcing: What’s the difference and the opportunity?

Amy Sample Ward

The first time I focused on DIY Community Engagement Metrics and shared lots of templates and examples. Community sourcing vs Crowdsourcing. Community & the Crowd. The core elements in both crowd and community engagement are time, action, and people.

March 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

Amy Sample Ward

We just wrapped up another rousing Community Builder chat – I’m always so energized and inspired by these chats and thankful for all those that participate and share. Some of the topics from the chat include: Engaging specific ethnic groups/communities.

June #4Change Chat: Local Community Organizing

Amy Sample Ward

I love community organizing. I’ve had experience organizing communities offline in local communities, and organizing community online – but the kind of organizing that inspires me the most is combining online and offline. My work with NetSquared and with Social by Social has helped shape so many of my beliefs about community organizing and has offered the opportunity to meet so many others doing it well. Sustainable Community Building.

Local 130

September 2010 Community Builder Chat: How to Participate

Amy Sample Ward

The monthly Community Builder chat series is part of the #4Change community of regularly scheduled chats, bringing together people from around the world to talk about examples, practices, tips and more as we all explore the way technology can be used for social change. This is the second in what will be a monthly series of chats specifically focused on Community Building. This time we will be addressing: Migrating a community from one platform to another.

October Community Builder Chat – Connecting On and Offline Communities #commbuild

Amy Sample Ward

Today’s Community Builder chat focused on examples and best practices for connecting on and offline community activities, events, and organizing. It was a really rich discussion – thank you to all those who joined in, shared, asked questions, and contributed! The Community Organizers Handbook available as a public resource, you can certainly refer there for information/feedback/best practices on offline organizing: [link]. About the Community Builder Chat.

The Big Twitter Question


It gets back to community. It is about your community. Data from Comscore Nonprofit marketers should evaluate Twitter once again.

Calling all Community Managers!


Have you ever asked yourself “I love working in community, but what’s next?” or, “I know my community is important, but how can I convince my executives that more investment and resources would lead to even more ROI?”.

April 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

Amy Sample Ward

The April Community Builder chat zeroed in on data and tools. Topic: Community Building, of course! If you have a topic or question you’d like to explore in an upcoming chat, feel free to let me know anytime! community Monthly Chats 4change chat commbuild monthly chat

Would you join a Community Manager Association?


Maggie McGary posits the question on her blog [my bold]: How many associations pay not only ASAE dues, but also registration and travel for multiple staff to attend one or more ASAE conferences a year–easily more than $1,500 a year per person? Featured From the Trenches Open Community

Community Builder Chat Wrap-Up & September Details

Amy Sample Ward

Last night was the first in what will now be a monthly chat for community builders or those interested in learning more about building community, on and offline. August 2010 – Community Builder Chat Wrap Up. The two main questions explored were: Why build online communities? September 2010 – Community Builder Chat Details. We already have two questions selected for the September chat generated in the August chat.

New on SSIR: How to Build Trust with Your Community

Amy Sample Ward

It doesn’t just happen with the flip of a switch, but you can start today by changing small things, and even big things, to make your organization a trusted part of the community. Empower community advisors. Form a community advisory team that can provide feedback, ideas, direction and even leadership or organizing support. Connect program staff with community. community fundraising engagement ssir strategy transparency trust

February 2011 Community Builder Chat Wrap-Up #CommBuild

Amy Sample Ward

The conversation in this month’s chat focused on these questions: How to best stay motivated and motivate your community team. The result is often community managers having to motivate themselves AND their community. Great response from the community.

Community Engagement Teams

Connection Cafe

The following post is by Kivi Leroux Miller and originally appeared as "Blending Marketing and Fundraising into Community Engagement Teams" on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog on July 6. Structure, technology and other resources are key components of effectively engaging your community.

Team 169

#4Change Chat Wrap-Up: Community Building

Amy Sample Ward

Last week, I had a fun time moderating the June #4Change Twitter Chat on Online Community Building. Best Practices: From @davidahood: Still strongly believe that there has to be an element of face to face/on the ground connection to any successful engagement and mobilisation of any community. I think all roles in community organizing have a bit of “willing to try to change the world&# in them.

Context Is Everything: Online Communities

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Mitch Arnowitz and I recently participated in an online discussion at Venture Philanthropy Partners/Leap of Reason about creating a community of practice for continuous improvement and high performance in the nonprofit sector. Communities, trust and The Tipping Point.