Pledge Drive Plugin for Wordpress

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I got a comment on one of my vlogging for nonprofits posts from Devlon of LoadedPun who tipped me off to a wordpress plugin that he created for live vlog/blog pledge drives. (It version of passing the hat around to friends for a personal or community cause. It was used for the HaveMoneyWillVlog project.) It allows a vlogger/blogger to add pledge drive on the blog - visitors can pledge, have it be linked to PayPal, and then have a graph show the progress towards the goal.

It Takes A Village: Joining and Participating in the WordPress Community

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For anyone who designs, owns, manages or administers a WordPress site, the importance of the “community” that surrounds the wildly popular content management system cannot be understated. After all, the platform is open-sourced, meaning anyone and everyone can contribute to it in the form of updates, new themes, and custom plugins that help create more functionality and give the program greater versatility and, in turn, greater popularity.

Does the Age of Facebook make blogging more critical for nonprofits?

John Haydon

As Social Graph plugins multiply accross the web like rabbits on viagra , users will expect a similar social experience during their visit on your site. Ease Of Use – The new Social Graph plugins is the tip of the iceberg. There were 7 plugins within a day or so.

How To Create A WordPress Website For Nonprofits On A Budget

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Website Plugins And Functionality Requirements. This is especially true with the recent scandals surrounding the nonprofit community. For example, algorithms adhere to community guidelines and can block people from viewing your posts if they feel like there has been a violation.

Useful Hacks, Tricks & Tips for WordPress Users: Part 2

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In Part 1 of this column we learned that, thanks to the vast and incredibly helpful community of WordPress users, there are countless hacks, tricks and tips to make designing, building, editing and administering a WordPress site a lot easier and, often, a lot more fun.

Ask the Experts: The Best Security Tips for Your WordPress Site

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But for as many hackers as there are operating in our virtual world, thankfully there are even more good guys helping the WordPress community keep their sites and safe and secure. Consider a plugin that automatically backs up everything on a regular basis, or just make it a point to remind yourself to do it all the time. Choose only safe and high-quality plugins. Have they had problems with any of their plugins in the past?

The Buddy System: Going Social with Your WordPress Site

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Of course, the problem many people run into when looking at a social media program or plugin is, which one to pick? But before you run out and grab a social media plugin, first check out BuddyPress, a sister program to WordPress.

Care to Share: Allowing You Users to Submit Content on Your WordPress Site

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First install the WPForms plugin (you’ll need the pro version to have access to the post submission addon) and activate the program. Another method is to accept content from your users with the “User Submitted Posts” plugin.

Useful Hacks, Tricks & Tips for WordPress Users: Part 1

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It’s no great secret that one of the elements that makes WordPress so incredibly popular is the fact that it thrives on a sense of community. To stop this, install and activate the Login LockDown plugin.

The Latest and Greatest: What to Expect With WordPress 4.8

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set to be released in less than a month, the online community is already abuzz with facts and speculations as to what the newest version will bring. now via their computer or by using the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin.

Blog Redesign: Adding the Extras

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When I say extras, I mean the widgets, plugins, apps and other random bits that can really add a bit of flavor, not to mention functionality, to a website. Tags: blogging community webtools blog redesign extras feedback redesign tools widgets wordpress

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Social Actions Community Call, July 2009

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On July 1, 2009, Social Actions convened a Community Conference Call. Peter and I can share some ideas that are already underway, but we also want this to be a reminder and an opportunity for truly community-sourcing that work going forward. So these conference calls for Social Actions’ community are just as much about listening to what each of you want to see Social Actions make possible for you. Jason, our lead developer created a plugins functionality for our API.

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Taking Care of Business: Some Great WordPress Themes for E-Commerce Sites

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And indeed developers and programmers quickly identified the desires of a burgeoning e-tail community and reacted with some excellent themes, plugins, payment programs and more, all based on the needs of intrepid sellers, buyers, marketers and the like.

The Starting Line: Great Tips for Beginning a WordPress Blog

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Utilizing WordPress plugins and widgets, be sure to plant social share buttons on your pages. The Jetpack module is really helpful, as is the plugin MashShare. By giving visitors the opportunity to pass on your articles you will vastly increase your exposure to the larger blog-creating and blog-reading community, which will inevitably increase hits to your site. Choose a design—theme, plugin etc.—that It’s no great secret that blogging is big. Huge really.

Association Social Media Jobs – Marketing/Communications November 3


Louis Community College. plugin. Here are the latest communications and marketing jobs from the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology.

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Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

EC2StartersGuide – Community Ubuntu Documentation. Amazon Web Services Developer Community : Amazon EC2 API Tools. WordPress › SyntaxHighlighter Evolved « WordPress Plugins. The reason I post these is because 1) I think they might be helpful resources, and 2) you can get a feeling for what I’m working on, or thinking about (or wishing for.)

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5 Ways to Protect Your Nonprofit’s Data

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As nonprofit professionals, we understand the importance of protecting our organizational data and the privacy of those in our community. One browser plugin, HTTPS Everywhere , will ensure that if a website offers an encrypted SSL connection, it will use it.

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WordPress 4.8: What’s New and Notable in the Latest Release

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First there’s the Image Widget, which allows users to add a picture to a sidebar without having to use a plugin or write custom HTML. Back in May we gave readers a sneak peek, thanks to WP Beginner editorial staff, of what was coming down the line with WordPress 4.8.

SEO For Nonprofits: A Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing Success

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If there’s one thing I see the community adopting quickly, it’s optimized pages for mobile devices. I’d recommend using the free Google (XML) Sitemaps plugin if your site is built on WordPress. Just download the plugin and activate it and you’re all set.

6 Reasons Open Source Makes Sense

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It isn’t just that WordPress or Drupal work, it’s that the support universe is so vast that if you have a special need chances are almost certain that someone else has built a plugin or widget for it – in fact, there are probably dozens of them.

User-Generated Content: Put your constituents to work!

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Comments are the simplest way to begin a conversation among your website visitors, which can build community. For many nonprofits, writing new online content can be a huge burden. It always seems to be the most daunting task in a website redesign project.

Screencast: Using Widgets to Build Community on Blogs Featured on NTEN Blog

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My screencast on widgets is featured in this month's NTEN newsletter in a section pointing to " How To Build Online Community." They are akin to plugins or extensions in desktop applications. Flickr Widget/Badge: If your organization is using flickr to say run a photo content or a community tagging project, it makes sense to add a flickr badge to your web site. Widgets, charity badges, blog fundraising plugins allows your supporters become messengers for your cause.

Making Sure Your New Website Theme is Social-Friendly


If not, you may need a plugin like Yoast SEO to streamline the process. At template monster you can browse CMS, web, and eCommerce templates as well as plugins and add-ons to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Six Powerful Ways To Make Your Website More Social

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Add Sharing Plugins. The Digg Digg plugin (the one you see to the left of this blog post) includes all the major social media sites and then some. The folks over at Buffer own this plugin , so you can bet that it’s very reliable. Add Facebook’s Social Plugins.

New on SSIR: What the New Facebook Changes Mean for Nonprofits

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The good news is that the nonprofit technology community is rich in sharing, and there are lots of online tutorials about this latest wave of updates on Facebook. In the midst of all this change, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and why you are using Facebook for your organization in the first place—instead, we focus on the particulars of how to use new tabs, plugins, or applications.

Why millions of WordPress sites are at risk


On top of this, WordPress users tend to run a number of different plugins and themes, all of which need to be updated and maintained. WordPress remains a popular content management system for many people, owing to both its ease of use and the fact that it doesn’t cost anything.

Great reads from around the web on March 2nd

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CTK Foundation Grant Award: Social Media, Technology, and Poetry for the Soul | Community Organizer 2.0 – "I was contacted by my colleague John Haydon last week to write about an interesting foundation grant challenge by the CTK Foundation. " Pew: Open government is tied to higher levels of community satisfaction | Gov 2.0: Broadband users are more critical of their communities and local institutions."

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106 Free or Low-Cost Online Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that adds visually compelling social share buttons to your website or blog. Cureo is a collaboration software designed for task teams, boards of directors, committees, staff, and community partners.

3 Ways Facebook Will Radically Change Your Nonprofit

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The first steps will be to allow users to share their preferences all over the damned internet with the implementation of “like&# button ( users take note of the privacy issue ), a Recommendations Plugin and a Social Bar. Stronger Communities.

Plugin 107

Top blogger-tastic takeaways from #BWENY


We could also, in the second example below, respond to particular things in a threaded way (note that this clearly depends on your commenting plugin). Commenting plugin is LiveFyre ).

The Social Website: Integrating Social Media into Website Design and Function


Debra Askanase, Founder, Community Organizer 2.0 Develop a sense of community on the website. Goals : develop a sense of community, create on-site engagement. Implementation : livestreaming, Facebook event plugin, Twitter feed. The social aspects of the site rest in use of Facebook and Twitter social plugins/widgets for sharing as well as liking the campaign. Goals: create a call to action, develop a sense of community on site.

Writing and Speech Assistance Tools Are Now Available at TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

The SpeakQ plugin lets you compose text in other applications by both typing or speaking into a microphone. Accessible Technology Acquiring Technology Community Tech Centers Digital Divide Software goQ

Why, How and When to Quit FeedBurner


——————— Your blog’s most important asset is its community, and the most committed part of your blog’s community is its subscribers.

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How To Convince Leadership Content Marketing For Nonprofits Matters

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Of Google’s over 200 ranking factors, backlinks have become the focus of those in the SEO community. If your site is built on WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to verify your account in one step.

The Unofficial User’s Manual For Updating Your Facebook Page

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And by spam, I mean unwelcome by that Page’s community. The best way to proceed is to either 1) be trusted by that community or 2) selflessly praise that community (In the example above I’ve given props to the Social Media Examinar Page by tagging it on the Inbound Zombie Page ).

82 Free or Low-Cost Online Tools & Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

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Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that adds visually compelling social share buttons to your website or blog. GrantAdvisor allows anyone in the nonprofit community to anonymously write reviews about their grant experiences with foundations.

Five Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal For Small Nonprofits

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Facebook launched a series of social plugins that you’d like to implement on your site. And wouldn’t it be great to someday add a private social community to your site? Solid SEO – WordPress, along with a solid theme and the right SEO plugins gives you “everything you need to rapidly climb up to the front page of Google&#. "WordPress Is The Best" by Allwin Samuel Jeba.

Looking forward to 2009

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Why it matters that the patient voice is heard by the medical community. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. One thing I think C3 (my org) does well is that we take a lot of short, successful hops. Yes, we’re making a difference against colorectal cancer, and that’s ultimately our big-picture goal. But we’re getting there with a series of small steps.

Build Your Own Social Network : Elgg

Beaconfire Wire : The Homeschool Social Network Brett showed the group how Elgg was extended with a combining a mix of plugin development, and a singular purpose of bringing together the Parents and Children in the home schooling community of the United States.

Mozilla Service Week - September 14-21

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It makes sense for Mozilla to take the initiative to put together a project like this; after all, it's largely volunteer efforts that have put together Mozilla products, translated them into dozens of languages, and built plugins to extend functionality in every conceivable direction.

Best of the Web: March 2016


Don’t Give Your Boo Your Password ( Community IT ). The Landscape of WordPress for Nonprofits: A Report on the Current Marketplace for Plugins ( Idealware ). Small nonprofits can put together a solid website without hiring a coder, but nonprofits seeking a lot of features have plenty of options through the landscape of plugins available. Looking back at our top social media links this month, it’s pretty clear that if Idealware has a bias, it’s “usefulness.”.

Win Cash Monies for Changing the World


The fine people at Social Actions have announced a new contest that hopes to further social change (the hoped-for final result), online democracy (the community will vote to determine winners), and abject geekiness (you get to code for a cause).