All Politics is Local

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“ All politics is local.” What problems could you solve with more support from a local, state or federal government? This quote is often attributed to the late Thomas P. Tip” O’Neill, Jr., Speaker of the U. House of Representatives from 1977 until his retirement in 1987.

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Go Local with CSR


Ed.note: Give Local America is coming up on May 5. They see it as a valuable investment in their community, and as such local causes are critical to a corporate brand’s CSR program. Local means more to customers because they can relate to it.

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Case Study in Local: Oakland Local

Amy Sample Ward

Oakland Local is launching today! Oakland Local is a news & community site for Oakland, CA, USA, focusing on social justice issues including climate change, air quality, food access, arts as activists, and identity, race & ethnicity. About Oakland Local.

Gov 2.0, Shirky & Local Communities

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David Wilcox and I are getting ready for iterations on Social by Social - the first two being applications of the lessons learned and strategies for using social media shared in Social by Social ( read online or download the PDF for free, or buy your hardcopy ) in local communities and the same for local government. It’s something I say all the tine: my brain can only hold so much, but when I rely on my community, on the web, I can be SO much smarter!

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June #4Change Chat: Local Community Organizing

Amy Sample Ward

I love community organizing. I’ve had experience organizing communities offline in local communities, and organizing community online – but the kind of organizing that inspires me the most is combining online and offline. My work with NetSquared and with Social by Social has helped shape so many of my beliefs about community organizing and has offered the opportunity to meet so many others doing it well. Sustainable Community Building.

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Your Official Netroots Guide to Shopping Local (and Progressive) in Phoenix


In case you haven't heard, the progressive community is gathering next week in Phoenix for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the tenth annual Netroots Nation conference !

Twestival is Back and Local

Amy Sample Ward

The Twestival is back this September, this time focusing on local groups instead of a global campaign! Now is the time to help choose the local organizations that will benefit from the twitter-powered organizing and convening. Check out Twestival Local.

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Glitch Torpedoes Give Local AmericaThe NonProfit Times

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Glitch Torpedoes Give Local AmericaThe NonProfit Times : "Technical difficulties brought Give Local America to a screeching halt yesterday, forcing some communities to extend the 24-hour crowdfunding event for at least another day." 'via via Blog this

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New on SSIR: Global Tools for Going Local

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—– I truly believe that in all communications, information sharing, marketing and even community building there is a natural balancing between more-and-more-global and more-and-more-local. Social media may connect people around the world but it can also connect them locally. Just as our tools get more interesting and dynamic for global collaboration and impact, so do they for locally-focused work, campaigns, and communities.

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Change Ahead: I'm Shifting from Local to Global in 2019

Museum 2.0

In mid-2019, I will transition out of my role as the executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) to focus full-time on leading OF/BY/FOR ALL, an emerging global movement to build more inclusive community institutions. I knew something about community participation.

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To Act Nationally or Globally, Think Locally

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We all know the value of building relationships with Members of Congress and local legislators. How do groups entice a Member of Congress to attend a local event or meet with key stakeholders? Who should be invited from our community and what role should they play in the event?

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Open Community Case Study – Local Government Knowledge Network


Community: Local Government Knowledge Network. The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is the professional association for appointed local government administrators throughout the world. Tracy advises helping your community build the habit of sharing content.

How Your Nonprofit Can Partner with Local Businesses

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When nonprofits and local businesses work together, both parties reap the benefits. The nonprofit gets the word out about its cause and expands its donor base, and the business boosts its sales and exposure in the community.

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Powerful Online Tool Will Highlight Local Nonprofits

AFP Blog

Powerful Online Tool Will Highlight Local Nonprofits : TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Sept 10, 2012 – The Community Foundation of North Florida is excited about launching, the community’s first comprehensive online database of local nonprofits. The website will connect the community with local charities and help donors and citizens research organizations and their needs.

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Ahead of Give Local America, 7 trends in Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

With the clock ticking for Give Local America on May 5, community foundations and others are finalizing plans for this national day of online giving. The Community Foundation Boulder County did – and raised $43,600 through 201 donations.

Learn to Love Your Local Data

Museum 2.0

We should identify a few key community health indicators to focus on." Here are three reasons to find and connect with community-wide sources of data instead of doing it yourself: The data already exists. In some communities, it exists in different silos.

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TH - Local News Article

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TH - Local News Article: "A Web site could forge new links between prospective donors and local nonprofit organizations in is a facet of the GoldPenny Project, a partnership between, the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque and the Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa.

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#4Change Chat Wrap-Up: Community Building

Amy Sample Ward

Last week, I had a fun time moderating the June #4Change Twitter Chat on Online Community Building. What’s the point in using “global” tools (social media) for local organizing? From @amoration: I find we’re always both global & local, so many of us travel frequently that virtual organizing tools are essential even for “local&# endeavors. And in each local place, people are on different types of social media, some of which are global in scope.

My Colorado Project empowers local change: Interview with Jason Manke

Amy Sample Ward

I recently came across the My Colorado Project when Jason Manke connected with me, asking for feedback and ideas about community building and online community engagement tools. Jason is the Media Director and My Colorado Project Manger for Community Shares of Colorado.

Your Official #NN18 Local's Guide to New Orleans


Considering our team is obsessed with all that is NOLA, we thought we'd share some favorite local spots to eat, drink, party, and enjoy the sights while visiting for the Netroots Nation 2018 Conference. Anyone briefly strolling through this park will likely hear the sound of a brass band and see local artists scattered along the sidewalk. Located right outside of the Convention Center, this local joint is the perfect way to start your day.

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Give Local America: Getting People Excited About Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Over the last year, I’ve been facilitating a peer learning network of community foundations, grantees of the Knight Foundation, that are hosting Giving Days throughout the year. Participants are learning and sharing best practices.

Local fundraising a snap with app created in Calgary

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Local fundraising a snap with app created in Calgary : Last February, the Charity App Challenge brought together several local non-profits and software developers to build a mobile application over two days. The challenge saw local programming teams compete to create an innovative and entertaining web-based fundraising app. The aptly-named app — pledgeCalgary — launched two weeks ago and has attracted attention in the community, according to the challenge’s co-founder

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Will Give Local America Be The Largest Crowd Funding Event in History?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Give Local America , powered by Kimbia’s technology, is an effort to coordinate giving days on one platform. Last year, Give Local America raised more than $53 million from more than 306,000 gifts in 2014. Give Local America emphasizes small, local nonprofits.

30-hour donation blitz targets $2 million for local nonprofits - The Orange County Register

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30-hour donation blitz targets $2 million for local nonprofits - The Orange County Register : "Can supporters of local charities raise $2 million over a 30-hour period for their favorite cause? An initiative of Orange County Community Foundation, iheartOC is modeled after similar successful giving days held in other communities." ''via Blog this

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6 Technology Tips for Community Foundations to Engage Millennial Donors

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In order to keep up with the next generation of tech-savvy donors and engage with them on shared causes, community foundations must consider how technology can be harnessed to meet Millennials on their terms.

In Defense of Community Managers

Amy Sample Ward

There are definitely times when community building and even campaigning or organizing feels just like that! But, operating as a community organizer or manager is such a filling and critical role for programs, platforms and even campaigns to be successful that the idea of herding cats turns into searching youtube for cutest kitten videos. In Defense of Community Managers. Community Managers provide key facilitation that empowers participation and engenders trust.

Meet Your Local NetSquared Organizer at #17NTC

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Don't worry, there are NetSquared groups in 75 cities who are dedicated to holding events for their local nonprofit technology communities. SF Online Community Meetup. Dublin, Ireland: Techfugees: A Tech Community Response to the Needs of Refugees.

Technology & Community: Strategic Options for Building Movements

Amy Sample Ward

Technology and Community: Strategic Options for Movement Building. How many people hear that word and think it is just as generic as the word community? To that end, siloed brands are replaced by unifying goals that rally more than select individuals but entire communities.

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Online Community Organizing: Start small, think big!

Amy Sample Ward

NetSquared’s February series exploring “Online Community Organizing” includes three different interviews; I’m really excited to participate! Q: What does “online” add to the community organizing? Q: What makes a community?

Seniors Learn to Use Tablets in Georgia — TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile

Tech Soup Blog

Blue Hair Technology Group is featured on TechSoup’s new Local Impact Map. Get Your Story Up On the Local Impact Map. Is back to school just for kids? Apparently not.

Care2 Launches Hyper-Local Petitions to Empower Activists


Big news for the activist community. Care2 just rolled out a first-of-its-kind localized petition platform for its 33 million-member network for good. Online Advocacy

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Use Case: The Community-Driven Social Impact game for Community Media Centers

Amy Sample Ward

Last month, at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference , I had the opportunity to run the Community-Driven Social Impact game in a session workshop. One of the participants was Ericha Hager, the Regional Collaborative Coordinator for Community Media Access Partnership.

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Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Also, if you have not read it, Kivi Leroux-Miller has written a stellar piece called “ The Heroes and Villains of Give Local America Story. “ Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time – Guest Post by Peter Panepento. million to 339 local nonprofits.

Community is even better when it's face-to-face: Check out your local NTEN 501 Tech Club!


Online community is pretty amazing stuff. These are informal local groups of those working in the nonprofit sector that meet on a regular basis to network and connect with colleagues, share information, and develop a local professional support network. tech club logo.

Getting Social with Your Local Nonprofit Tech Community

Tech Soup Blog

That's why each month NetSquared organizers in 60 cities across the globe host networking events for the nonprofit tech community. Check out the [blog]([link] to get a taste of our grassroots community. * **Katharine Bierce** recorded her recent [tech and philanthropy panel]([link].

How to Use Local Giving Days to Boost Your Donations

NonProfit Hub

While I haven’t exactly been showered with gifts (it’s still early) the community has rallied around hundreds of nonprofit to help raise money and awareness. One nonprofit can’t drive these events; it takes a community to put on these days.

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Why Local Marketing Matters for Fundraising

NonProfit Hub

But it often is the local marketing that comes from trusted, known recommendations that can garner the most benefit. So how can development directors and nonprofits combine the increased interest in online giving and the importance of a local connection? Here are three ways nonprofits can work local marketing into their fundraising strategies. Search engines look for addresses and phone numbers for local optimization. And for them, local communities are very important.

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Pamal Broadcasting Keeps Local Residents Informed & Safe through Instant Alerts

Mobile Commons

Winter is a chaotic time for many communities. The company sends out instant SMS alerts to help keep their communities informed and safe. Most importantly, it works for the community.” Most importantly, it works for the community.”

Community design showcase: NTEN keeps it simple


This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. SocialFish and OCR partner on many online community strategy and implementation projects – contact us if you need help with yours. Let’s look at a few key parts of the community.

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Welcome to the Visionlink Community: Indiana 2-1-1


These good folks have created a statewide solution that helps Hoosiers across Indiana find the local resources they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, aggregated and non-identified data is collected to assist communities in assessing needs and allocating resources. Visionlink is proud to welcome another new customer, Indiana 2-1-1.

3 Ways Community Foundations Can Become the Donor’s Choice

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And they’re asking questions such as, ‘Should I support the global animal welfare organization or the local animal shelter?’ So, how does your community foundation become the donor’s choice? your website’s blog, and local events to drive awareness, interest, and engagement.

Ky. Voices: Support local non-profits by donating to online challenge | Op-Ed |

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Voices: Support local non-profits by donating to online challenge | Op-Ed | : As the holidays approach, it's the perfect time to support the local charities that make our community great. That's why Blue Grass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing developed the GoodGiving Guide Challenge — to make it easy and fun for the whole community to give. This online giving campaign is a fast, simple way to support 68 local charities.

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Open Challenges Harness Local Knowledge for Local Change

Tech Soup Blog

In the last six years, Community Boost_r , ReStart Challenges , and Things Camp have used an open community challenge model. Worman said that the challenge platforms also promoted local champions who had actually solved a social problem.

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