E-Mediat Networking Conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m here at the Dead Sea in Jordan where I delivered the key note for the E-mediat Networking Conference, “New Media for the Networked NGO.” 83% of participants are applying their social media skills to engage local and global communities.

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Meeting the Geeks of Arabia at N2Vlabs Talks in Amman, Jordan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

E-Mediat is working with more than 220 NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen. I’m looking out my hotel window at the Dead Sea in Jordan. I met Dina Masri, a talented engineering student and change maker at the University in Jordan. Rami Al-Karmi, N2V Lab.

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Guest Post by Jordan Viator: Submit, Share and Shout Out - Nominate Your Nonprofit Holiday Hero to Win a Free NTEN Membership!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Collaborating with leaders in the nonprofit tech community, we’ve put out heads together to find a way to come together this season and tap into the spirit of giving to give back to the amazing community of nonprofit professionals that do wonderful things all year. Jordan Viator is the Interactive Communications Manager at Convio, and manages the Connection Cafe blog, all things new and social media related and the company's corporate Web sites.

Introducing the 2013 Communities of Impact


The 2013 Communities of Impact (CoI) pilot program consists of two groups, both focusing on the ways that nonprofits measure, learn from, and share their data. The idea is to create clear, measurable organizational change to participating nonprofits while sharing the learnings and findings with the whole community. communities of impact Community data Data microsoft nonprofit transparency

Creativity, Collaboration & Community - Three Words to Sum up the TAFA Conference

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. The entire conference site is socially enabled, but the Community page itself is “home base for all things social related to the conference". The Community Dissected (elements of the page). What I love about this Community.

A Survey from the Communities of Impact: Data Practices in the Nonprofit Sector


In February we introduced you to NTEN''s Communities of Impact (CoI), a pilot program whose 19 participants are spending this year looking at ways nonprofits measure, learn from, and share their data. Can you spare a few minutes to take this anonymous, community-led survey ? The CoI survey committee: Michelle Chaplin, Eric Eagon, Doug Jacquier, Matt Koltermann, Mark Mathyer, Andrew Means, Jordan Michelson, Marisol Pierce-Quinonez, Jeff Piestrak, and Michael Silberman.

Nonprofit & Technology Tweetup in DC This Week

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Why, a Tweetup bringing together the tech and nonprofit communities to discuss and live-tweet ways to leverage the power of the social web to do good, of course! What’s better than a local, happy hour Tweetup?

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Great reads from around the web on March 17th

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10 Questions for Camfed — Camfed International – Jordan Ridge and Kristy Green will be traveling to northern Zambia this week to meet students, filmakers, and young entrepreneurs in the communities where Camfed works – and you can go with them! Submit a question by Thursday, March 18th and 10 questions will be answered by Jordan and Kristy. I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

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How Nonprofits Can Raise Money Using YouTube

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Community fundraisers. Community Fundraisers will enable multiple YouTube “Creators” to raise money for the same fundraiser on multiple YouTube channels and videos, all updated at the same time. Now she wants to give back and help other illiterate woman in her community. ?.

Submit, Share and Shout Out - Nominate Your Nonprofit Holiday Hero to Win a Free NTEN Membership!

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Collaborating with leaders in the nonprofit tech community, we’ve put out heads together to find a way to come together this season and tap into the spirit of giving to give back to the amazing community of nonprofit professionals that do wonderful things all year.

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Member Round Up: We've got dancing babies!


Teams in Croatia, Ecuador, Jordan, and the United States were awarded $75,000, software, cloud computing services, solution provider support, and access to other Microsoft resources. community Fundraising nptech nten

Social Media, Integrated Marketing and a Morning Out of the Office Sure Does a Body Good

Connection Cafe

Author: Jill Ward. Yesterday, I spent the morning out of the office (yay!!)

Nonprofits & Video FTW - Lights.Camera.Help Brings Top Notch Nonprofit Video Again

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Hope to see the Austin community out in full force this weekend at the event In its second year, Lights.Camera.Help. is once again bringing the worlds of philanthropy and video together to inspire and move people through multimedia.

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NTEN Member Round-Up: You're Doing NPTech Right!


Jordan Viator ( Convio ) weighs in: Seth Godin took nonprofits to task on their (as he argued) lack of penetration into the social media sphere. Jordan writes a great summary of the debate this kicked off, and her own thoughts about the issue.

E-Mediat: Day 2 – The Networked NGO in the Arab World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Rami Al-Karmi , Founder and CEO of Shabakat , Al Ordon (JordanNet) and is serving as the E-Mediat Strategic Adviser for the Jordan In-Country Team shared some lessons about working as networked ngo.

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Convio 2008 Innovator Awards - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Online Advocacy , Technology , Trends Reader Comments (2) Thank you for sharing the success of these nonprofits with your community. One of the most exciting aspects of working for Convio is participating in the community with organizations like Care2 and others.

Using Social Media to Speak *With* Your Audience.


This is a guest post by Jordan Menzel, COO of CrowdHall. And like that community, you may already realize that you will miss opportunities if you don’t find the answer. —————— Jordan Menzel is the COO and Co-Founder of CrowdHall.

Lights.Camera.Help. Nation's First Cause-Driven Film Festival Now Open To Submissions

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Nation's First Cause-Driven Film Festival Now Open to Submissions Nonprofits and filmmaking community welcome to submit films for consideration. David Neff, nonprofiteer extraordinaire, is at it again with the kick-off of the second annual Lights. Camera.

How to Hype Up Your Next Fundraising Event

NonProfit Hub

Michael Jordan definitely didn’t start out as a professional basketball player. Your fundraiser is going to be the best fundraiser that’s happened to your community. Bring it up in conversations with friends and community members.

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Austin "Art from the Street" wins World's First Nonprofit Film Festival

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. After months of outreach, community building and of course, video submissions, judges selected "Art from the Streets," a documentary directed by Layton Blaylock, as the winner from a field of 140 international entries at Lights.

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NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up: Week of October 16th


09 NTENnies At Large (Blackbaud's Chad Norman, and Convio's Jordan Viator) (Note: This is a weekly round-up of NTEN members doing and sharing their nptech awesome. and information on her Community Organizer 2.0 Tags: community buzz NPTech NTEN nten members

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Five Social Media Best Practices for Small NGOs in Developing Countries

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Finding refuge just across the border in Hartha, Jordan, the family now lives in a meager one-room shelter. This will significantly increase traffic to your website, help build your e-newsletter list and social network communities, and thus increase your online fundraising success.

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Beyonce + Bacon + Trombones = Holly Ross' breakout performance & NTC scholarships galore!

Connection Cafe

You're registering at a record-breaking pace, and we can't wait to get the whole community in one room this April. Think of it as a double win for our community: Your donation sends more folks to the NTC and gives the gift of laughter to the entire community. I have to say up front, Holly Ross is a much braver woman than I.

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Ring in 2010 with New Resolutions to Revitalize Your Nonprofit in the New Year

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. The Resolutions Guide delves into each of the above resolutions, providing do-it-yourself tips to help ensure the resolutions can be attainted and sustained, including success stories from peers and resolutions made by community leaders such as NTEN , AFP and many more.

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Happy Birthday Beth Kanter- Nonprofit Social Media Maven and Endless Source of Inspiration

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Happy Birthday to a truly brilliant member of the nonprofit community – Beth Kanter ! This includes: her feedback and insights, her influence to make a difference for a social cause, her time to make resources available to an entire community.

Creating a "Socially-Enabled", Non-Techie Conference - Guest post by Carie Lewis, HSUS

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Last month I wrote about how the Taking Action for Animals conference essentially created their own socially enabled conference and online community of sorts. Here were the social components of the conference: Community page on the website.

A Sweet Serving of Free Tech Webinars

Tech Soup Blog

Join Tech Impact's Jordan McCarthy on November 15 to learn about this free data visualization tool from Microsoft. These programs can be a great way to engage new community partners and volunteers and have proven successful in many libraries in the United States and Canada.

More Cute Dog Theory Evidence: Meet Teddy, Brooklyn Museum Staffer Shelley Bernstein's Dog

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The community will guide you if you listen. Remember it's not marketing - it's community. Hat Tip Jordan V at Convio Photo by Aur2899.

NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up: Last of 2009!


Jordan Viator explains. Peter gives an overview of what the changes are and what they mean -- and how we, as the nonprofit technology community, can help make tracking and reporting more effective for the whole sector. Tags: community buzz nten members (Note: This is a weekly round-up of NTEN members doing and sharing their nptech awesome. Members are in bold.

Turning Waste into Opportunity

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Lisa Gansky’s presentation on The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing (learn more at [link] ) and the joint presentation from Bill Traynor and Audrey Jordan about Lawrence CommunityWorks, a project in Lawrence, Massachusetts that is rebuilding a profoundly shredded civic infrastructure.

The Generational Divide - The Landscape of Donor Research, Relationships and Generational Realizations Every Nonprofit Should See

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. Share here and help the rest of the nonprofit community keep the conversation going and finding new ideas to put this data to good use.

12 Examples of Nonprofits Using Augmented and Virtual Reality


A dutch nonprofit called The Dolphin Swim Club uses underwater VR goggles to allow people with disabilities to virtually swim with dolphins in their community pool as a form of therapy. The United Nations created a VR film about a Syrian refugee in Jordan.

SXSW Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam


Whether or not online mom communities are mean. I didn't get to capture all the great discussion, but I did get some great video of the poems, thanks to Jordan Viator. Four great panelists, three funny judges, and the incomparable Beth Kanter put on quite a show. Oh, and we tried to learn a few things along the way. Some of the issues our poets raised: Combining qualitative and quantitive data. Proving ROI to your managers. Using measurement as a learning tool.

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NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up: May 27


There are a lot of great discussions going on within the NTEN community: > NTEN Discuss. This week, for example, NTEN members like Johanna Bates , Peter Campbell , Dean Matsueda , David Geilhufe , and many more debated the topic of privacy issues on social networks (a la Facebook recently) and whether that would drive more nonprofits to customized open source options for their communities. Join the community here , and then join the NTEN Discuss group here. >

Doing Good at SxSW Interactive 2013

Beaconfire Wire

So without further ado, please vote for all these great ideas by August 31st , and leave comments if you feel inspired since SxSW places a more weight on community narrative than vote totals alone. We Build a Community, They Come, What Next? Jordan Hirsch, Beaconfire and Amanda Hirsch, Good Things Consulting. Leveraging the New Radical Online Community. It’s that time of year again, cats and kittens. SxSW Interactive 2013 content programming is up for grabs!

Changing the world, one sxsw session at a time

Beaconfire Wire

If you feel so inclined, add your comments to the panel page as well – sxsw wants to hear what our community thinks about these sessions: Beaconfire Panels: Web ROI: It’s not dollars, it’s (common) sense. Jordan & Amanda Hirsch. Community is easy, saving the world is hard. Other Amazing Greater Good Sessions: Hashtags and Non-Profit Community Development. For some people, they can’t wait for excitement of christmas morning.

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Will Nonprofits “Like” the More Social Web that New Facebook Features Present?

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. And the nonprofit community is an exceptional example of a group that thrives from people.

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Nonprofit SXSW Goodness – Conference List Toppers, To-Dos and Topics of Interest

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. You'll learn about Livestrong's community and Bike Hugger's blog, events like the Mobile Social, and the millions who follow Lance Armstrong on Twitter.

Getting Creative with Online Fundraising: 10 Campaigns Using Mission Inspired Gifts aka Gift Catalogues

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. For example: if you purchase to “ train a midwife ” it tells you this “Help[s] train a midwife working in rural communities to provide prenatal care and birthing support to pregnant women.

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Operation #Sx _: 5 Presenters on a Mission

Beaconfire Wire

Jordan Hirsch, Tech Lead/ THINK IMPROV ( @tfish77 ). Building Community is Easy, Saving the World is Hard. There’s something to be said for taking work seriously. There’s also something to be said for havin’ a little fun while you’re doing it.

Guest Post: Measuring Social Media with Multichannel Integration and Meaningful Metrics

Connection Cafe

Author: Jordan Viator. It's no secret by now that social media is hot topic with nonprofit organizations, and quickly the topic of social media measurement is becoming a common conversation thread across the community. Studying real-world examples of Facebook pages and campaigns, Shabbir and Shayna found many interesting nuggets of guidance to share with the nonprofit community.

How Nonprofit Leaders Make Time for Social Media and Other Secrets to Adoption

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week I was in Chicago to facilitate a session about leadership and social media as part of Knight Digital Media Center’s Digital Strategy for Community Foundations and Nonprofits.

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E-Mediat: Networked Capacity Building in the Middle East

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week, I participated in three very intense days of project, curriculum, and online community planning for a new project, E-Mediat , a multi-stakeholder capacity building project for NGOS and Social Media in the Middle East. The E-Mediat Implementation Partners at SF Planning Meeting.

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