The State of Community Management 2014


From the Community Roundtable comes the awesomest comprehensive report on communities. Those objective markers – developed in conjunction with members of TheCR Network – enable community teams to validate their approach and develop roadmaps.

Get your Online Community Software Selection Guide!


Remember the white paper we produced in 2009 that included a comparison of private online community vendors? I’m constantly asked questions about where to start and who the online community players are. Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Open Community

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How’s your community manager doing?


Rachel Happe has a really important post at the Community Roundtable about the lack of support she’s seeing for community managers. And yet, most CEOs and executives probably would respond with a blank stare if you asked them about community management and/or social business.

Giving Trends in Kenya: How the Growth of Mobile Payments Are Transforming Community Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

However, this type of community giving (known as Harambee in Kiswahili) usually goes towards individuals rather than organisations, common examples include medical bills, funeral costs & weddings.

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Is the Humans of New York Community Every Nonprofit's Dream?


One of the most important factors for success is a highly engaged community who is extremely passionate about your mission. Humans of New York (HONY) is an amazing example of how building an engaged community inspires people to rally together and raise money for an issue they are moved by.

Report Release: The 2011 NTEN Community Survey Report


> Download the 2011 NTEN Community Survey Report. In May of 2011 we circulated the link to the online survey to the NTEN Community via direct email and announcements in our community channels, including our blog, NTEN Discuss email list, our Facebook page, and our Twitter network.

Case Study: Tools for Community Engagement


Building community and maintaining engagement is often a full time job – even if it goes unpaid! By comparison, when Epic Change launched the original TweetsGiving in 2008 - when Stacey herself had far fewer followers & the Twitter ecosystem itself was exponentially smaller – the campaign generated over 3,000 tweets in just 48 hours. campaign case study Community community building justcoz Social Media technology tools Program

Voices from the Community: Donor Management Software

Tech Soup Blog

Voices from the Community is an ongoing series of blog posts culling. popular topics of interest from the TechSoup Community Forums and other. online community channels. Luckily, the TechSoup community is full of folks who have faced this challenge and lived to tell about it — and are happy to share their experience with you. In considering a switch, our community members find that there are two steps to take first: Get clear on your needs.

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Community Is Better than Cute Cats: How to Raise Money for Your Unsexy, but Important, Cause


When we pulled the numbers two weeks later, a small nonprofit community center called the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California had raised over $400,000, while the American Red Cross had raised $322,540. Consider this simple comparison of potential reach for campaigns run by two very different nonprofits: Large Nonprofit Using Direct Mail. friends on social media of community members. causes Community facebook Fundraising

Full Case Study Report from GiveToTheMax Day


One recent contest—Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington—was conceived to strengthen the area’s nonprofit community, not only financially, but also through improved online fundraising skills and better donor-nonprofit relationships. Case Study From the Trenches Humanize Open Community

5 Ways to Effectively Use Your CRM


Quantifying actions with a point system enables a quick comparison of engagement level across various channels, so that you can easily see who your most active members are.

Monitoring What Others Are Saying About Your Organization


Furthermore, these apps can supply you with social analytics, comparison tools, website tracking, reporting and much more. Essentials of Online Community Management On-Demand Course Cool Social Tools: Noosfeer. Cool Social Tools Nimble Nonprofit Open Community Risk and Social Media

Using Psychology to Attract Social Media Donations for Your Nonprofit


Humans naturally search for comparisons, and they will subconsciously create scenarios and outcomes to make the right decision. By trying to get users to like your Facebook page or join your online community, you’ll make them feel like their foot is already in the door.

Why Nonprofits Are Needed in the Sharing Economy

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In some models, it's not sharing that's taking place at all; it's renting a commodity owned by the community, rather than owned by the company. Or that unionized hospitality-industry staff (many of whom are from lower-income immigrant communities) aren't put out of work?

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How To Create Explainer Videos That Donors Will Love

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Monitor social media: Growing social media communities and maintaining them is an essential piece of a robust online presence, and nonprofits aren’t exempt! For instance, let’s say your nonprofit is all about reducing food waste by connecting food locales with community kitchens.

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Overcoming Declining Nonprofit Website Traffic

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Assuming you’re using Google Analytics*, here are 4 steps you can take: Year-Over-Year Comparison. Setup Google Analytics to do a year-over-year comparison. But know seasonal events/activities could affect that comparison.

Foundation Revenue Grows 4.7 Percent

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In comparison, overall charitable giving to 5,170 nonprofits representing over $17 billion in annual giving grew 1.4 Greater Kansas City Community Foundation: Serving donors. ” Council on Foundations: Building community.

Seven Ways to Improve Engagement With Your Nonprofit Financial Reports


A $1 million community group may have limited personnel and need four weeks to close the month, while a large university may only need a few days. Provide a basis for comparison.

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7th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Report: A Closer Look (Staffing Levels)


Here is a Year-Over-Year comparison of our survey responses to technology staffing questions for the last three years: The key things we notice here are: The significant diffence between tech staffing levels reported in 2010 as compared to 2011 and 2012.

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How to Use CRM + Donor Management Software to Talk to Anyone


Sending Emma a reminder before or a follow up message after a community event? From there, craft specific messaging that speaks to those supporters, celebrates their place in your community, and encourages them to take the next step - becoming donors.

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WordPress vs. Drupal … fight!

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I figured that with the release of Drupal 7, this would be a great time to do a comparison of the two. Drupal started out primarily as a web content development platform, with a strength in community features. Community Blogs. Kinds of sites best done in Drupal: Large community sites where you need different kinds of content generated by users (blogs, wikis, job postings, etc.). Community blogs with many authors and identified, authenticated users.

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Client Success with CHOICES

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By promoting weight management and lifestyle changes through nutrition education, peer socialization, physical activity and community involvement, CHOICES hopes to significantly reduce the presence of childhood obesity in their communities. Author: Blair Naylor.

Jump In Now to the Spring 2013 State of Grantseeking Survey

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The more folks who participate, the better the results and comparisons are, thanks to the abundance of data. Fundraising Grant Management Databases Online Grantseeking Reporting philanthropy community GrantStationEllen Mowrer is business development advisor for GrantStation.

Open Source vs. Proprietary: CMS

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

As you know, I am pretty loyal to Drupal (and secondarily, WordPress) but I have to say that Joomla and Plone are solid, wonderful projects, with great communities, and active development, and will serve you well. Check out Idealware’s newish comparison of the four – it can help you figure out what’s best based on your needs. Content Management Systems are an essential part of the communications function of nonprofit organizations.

eCommerce #1: Options

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Has a community forum, and seems to be pretty popular. Magento – this is also LAMP stack, and is using the SugarCRM business model (which I will admit is not nearly my favorite) – they have a community version with fewer features and no support compared to the other versions. Like Ubercart and Zen Cart, this is a truly open source community effort, with an ecosystem of providers rather than a business model.

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First Reflections on Jumo

Amy Sample Ward

For comparison’s sake — Apple’s Ping had 2,000 artists two months out of the gate.)&# I’ve been playing around with the new social platform this morning and wanted to share some of my early reactions. (So Tags: community networking jumo nonprofits social media social network

Is 2013 the Year of Video for Nonprofits?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Regardless of mission or size, your participation will help to define the value of video in the nonprofit community”. The results will provide a comparison as to where to you stand among your peers and the nonprofit sector as a whole. •

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Six Best Practices from the NGO Technology Report

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The 2018 Global NGO Technology Report provides insight on the online and mobile communication tools NGOs around the world use to promote general awareness, communicate with core audiences and raise funds from donors, as well as an analysis of those online tools and comparisons of regional usage.

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Drupal security, and other CMS Report comments

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Making apples-to-apples comparisons of these systems was one of the most difficult analytical tasks I’ve taken on in a while (and, actually much of the heavy lifting of designing the analysis was done by Laura Quinn), and until you attempt such a thing, please be somewhat tempered in your complaints about it. The report isn’t about security, it’s a very, very broad comparison of the systems, with security as a very small component.

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4 Tips for Turning Your Visitors into Loyal Members

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Laura’s experience working at and serving on the board of multiple arts organizations around the country shape her insights into the nonprofit community. Guest post by Laura Beussman , Blackbaud’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Arts and Cultural Solutions.

Connect with TechSoup at NCVS!

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This post was written by Evonne Heyning , part of TechSoup's Community team. Check this chart for a comparison of web conferencing tools. Second Life — TechSoup formed the Nonprofit Commons five years ago as a virtual community of nonprofits, thriving and building complex 3D interactive environments and hosting regular meetings with streaming media and a wide variety of participatory options. Social Networking Tech Planning social media online community nonprofits

Successful E-Learning – A Roadmap


However, their effectiveness is often debated in the educational software community, as not all eLearnings are made with the same attention to detail. Successful E-Learning – A Roadmap. As we become increasingly dependent on our technology, it only makes sense that it teach us as well.

The Bigger Picture


She started out by volunteering to help a Minnesota community foundation clean up its donor database. Our research, training, and resources make it possible for shelters to help more women, schools to boost test scores, and art to reach every corner of a community.

Nonprofit Worst Practices – How Nonprofits Have Dealt With Risk


SeaChange and Oliver Wyman recently conducted an extensive study of the nonprofit community and have generously shared their very useful findings in their RISK MANAGEMENT FOR NONPROFITS Report. Reprinted below with permission from the Reports’ authors are some of the nonprofit community’s worst practices – with lots of lessons for all of us on how to avoid the pitfalls itemized. Dealing with risk is a challenge that every nonprofit faces.

Emotions vs. Numbers| Developing the Right Strategy for Your Next Fundraising Appeal

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While both are apt comparisons to soliciting donors, they actually represent entirely different ways of asking for money. Further, while neither metaphor is mutually exclusive of the other, they’re often taken as such in the non-profit community.

Shared vs Managed WordPress Web Hosting: Which One Should You Choose?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Hosting has always been a hot topic amongst the WordPress community—shared and managed hosting both have their own advantages and disadvantages and there’s a lot of debate around which is best. Multiple hosting reviews, comparisons and surveys eventually become more confusing than helpful. .

How to deal with technology change

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

And then there are those of us in the Nonprofit technology community who are constantly on the bleeding edge of the next thing, whether it be hardware, software, or web services, are constantly talking about it, and how it’s going to make it easier/better/faster to change the world. There are lots of folks (I do this on occasion on this blog, and Idealware is a great resource) that can provide you with information about specific platforms, and comparisons between them.

Building My Leadership Tribe in the American Express Leadership Academy

ASU Lodestar Center

During my initial, individual coaching session with Kevin, we went over my 360 evaluation, which was an opportunity for me to see how my colleagues and supervisor rated my skills in comparison to how I rated myself. We were literally embedded within the community, and for the first time, I felt intrinsically connected to Arizona in a way I didn’t think was possible. Most importantly, the Academy immersed me within a community of like-minded individuals.

New CMS Guide Available: Low Cost CMS Review from Idealware


It includes a summary comparison matrix for a quick reference, detailed product reviews, plus a directory of consultants that can help nonprofits select and/or implement solutions. Looking at the comparison matrix at the front of the report (p.

Revenue Grows for Faith-based Organizations

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“The failure of churches to effectively communicate the impact that their mission and outreach programs are having in the community has often left many of their members choosing to give directly to these community-based nonprofits,” she says.

On a Shoestring


What I found was a marketplace that made that kind of comparison virtually impossible. Nonetheless, the nonprofit tech community—including TechSoup and NTEN—embraced us and put us to work. How can you make a smart decision when you don’t have good information?

11 Outstanding Nonprofit Reports You Should Read


This great workbook from Idealware and Darim Online provides insightful questions, exercises, and a sample policy template that community managers can use as a starting point in creating an organization’s official social media policy.

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EVOLVE: Technology will Mandate Marketers to Keep Up with the Times


It has become the medium that allows them to search, retrieve recommendations, do price comparisons and make purchases. Community will continue to be a function that sits “outside” the organization and within the agency structure.