More Likes, More Comments, More Shares: Using Psychology to Get the Most from Your Facebook Page

Byte Technology

Why aren’t they commenting on our content and mission and becoming a part of the conversation? Indeed, it appears that liking something such as photo or video, sharing information with others and commenting on said information is hard-wired into the human psyche, an inescapable and inherent trait that guides our thinking and our interactions with others.

#AI4Good: Augmenting Human Interaction

Beth Kanter

This week I interviewed long-time blog reader, Alison Lowndes who I first met via my blog as a regular commenter. We reconnected, of course, through a recent blog comment. Among the many insights that Alison shared is that the nonprofit sector needs to think about what they can do that’s more human. The chatbot has to interact with the target audience. It is also important to reminder that chatbots should not replace human interaction, but augment it.


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Nine Teddy Bear-Approved Tips for Getting Comments On Your Blog


Include a question or encourage readers to share their thoughts in every post. Read comments carefully and be sure to have the author/poster/someone from your organization answer questions. You don’t want to monopolize the conversation, but keep an eye on the comments and pop in when the time’s right. Send them the post ahead of time, so they’re well prepared to make a real value-add comment. What are YOU doing to get more comments on your blog?

Reflections on a Decade of Designing and Facilitating Interactive Webinars

Beth Kanter

His research shows that professional development learning experiences need to be as interactive as possible to boost retention and application. I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect again on a decade of experience of designing and delivering interactive webinars. It is less about disseminating content and best practices and more about pulling ideas and knowledge in through many-to-many interaction. Tailor the Interaction to the Size of the Group.

Member Round Up: Corn Dogs! Interactive Maps!


In between rounds of Flukey Ball and deep fried sticks of butter, we've managed to wrangle some highlights for you: from a chance to win a $5,000 grant and an ebook collection to free and interactive fundraising tools, check out what your fellow NTENers have been up to lately. We know everyone loves free tools, so we definitely wanted to mention The Chronicle of Philanthropy 's great interactive charitable giving map , released as part of their study on charitable giving in America.

Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March, 2012 in Austin, Texas) is a mega huge social media industry event. Share the link, title, and names in the comments. 2008 SXSW Panel: Pimp Your Nonprofit Cause photo by Ed Schipul. The final program is selected through a combination of an open submission and voting process. The process has opened – so you can browse and vote for the nonprofit panels you think are worthy of being on the program until September 2, 2011.

Designing Interactives for Adults: Put Down the Dayglow

Museum 2.0

Many exhibit developers create thoughtful interactives intended for all ages and then discover that old familiar pattern--kids engaging while parents stand back and watch. Even if adults would like to engage with the interactives, it can be easy to fall into the background, endlessly waiting your turn to get your hands on after the kids in the vicinity have had their fill. And yet in the museum world, we still see interactives as being mostly for kids.

Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Jonny will provide live graphic facilitation of the highly interactive and fun panel. The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March 11-15, 2010 in Austin, Texas) is a mega huge social media industry event. I hope you’ll also vote for my panel proposal, Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World and while you’re there vote for the other awesome nonprofit panel proposals (I’ve shared a list below). They want to share in more than one medium.

The Photo that Was Worth 25,000 Shares

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Earlier this month, I posted shared an article mentioning a warning from Facebook to Page Admin s: Your organic reach will decline. I asked fans if they thought paid reach will become a standard part of their strategy. The post prompted lots of comments and complaints, especially from smaller nonprofits without the resources to purchase ads on Facebook. Shaun Dakin shared this petition from asking Facebook to set up an advertising grant program.

Photo 61

The Old Dog Gets New Tricks – Social Comment Systems

Allegiance Group

Blog comment systems have come a long way from the early days. In the past, to achieve a level of interaction with your audience, you provided a simple form somewhere near the bottom of your page, which would allow a user to leave a note on your site by posting data to the server with would be stored in your database or text file for future rendering. Enter the new social commenting platforms. Also, most systems allow you to easily share the comment or the site with friends.

Using Social Media to Share Research

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One of the ideas we explored is it possible through social media to share some of the findings in a conversational way to help prod more insights from the field. We experimented with “Conversational Case Studies&# and found that conversation in the comments helped improve the richness of the final report. Another way to use social media is for the sharing and distribution of the finding.

Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March 12-16, 2010 in Austin, Texas) is a mega huge social media industry event. We'll share big ideas for using social media for nonprofit program delivery and some good tips for crowdsourcing for social change. And like last year's ROI Poetry Slam , our session will be interactive, thought-provoking, and dare I say, fun! In addition, there's be lots of learning shared freely.

More than Clicking the "Like" Button: Social Media Integration & Nonprofit Websites


From the ubiquitous Facebook "Like" button to Google’s new +1, it’s never been easier to share what you’ve found exploring. But sometimes clicking the share button just isn’t enough. For the social web to come alive and really spark change, users need to be given other actions to take beyond standard sharing. In the end, the site cataloged and accepted YouTube videos, plus allowed users to share and comment. More Than Sharing.

APIs for Nonprofits 101: How to Share Data Between Systems

Tech Soup Blog

An API allows you to interact with and “hook into” any piece of software that makes such an interface available. If you're already using APIs (or thinking about using them), log in to tell us about your experience in the comments. Your nonprofit is getting ready to lead an important advocacy campaign: a key bill central to your mission has just been introduced in the state legislature, but the process of getting it passed is fraught with uncertainty.

API 60

Guest Post: One Museum's Experiment with Threaded Comment Stations

Museum 2.0

In this post, Jasper shares some lessons learned from a recent experiment to design a more social comment station. He will respond to comments here and can also be reached on his blog (where this post first appeared). After concluding the interaction, some people would encourage others to participate. On an average, interaction with an individual or small group lasted from 5 to 10 minutes.

Backtype: Another Listening Tool - Who's Talking About You In The Blog Comments?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

  It solves the problem of monitoring blog comments where people specifically mention you.     People can make comments about you on other blogs and if you only track links from blog posts, you won't see it.     BackType lets you find, follow and share comments from across the web.   You can also track other bloggers and see where they commented  -- I might do this only to study how the masters do it. 

13 #npEXPERTS Share their Most Valuable Donor Acquisition & Fundraising Ideas

Connection Cafe

Due to the incredible response we received the last time we brought together leading nonprofit experts to share their best fundraising insights, we decided to do it again! That’s right – we’ve rallied 13 nonprofit thought leaders to share their best fundraising strategies, tips and ideas with YOU. I have no doubt that you’ll improve your fundraising efforts and boost acquisition rates if you take the advice each of these professionals are sharing.

Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March 13-17, 2009 in Austin, Texas) is a mega huge social media industry event. And, if you submitted a nonprofit panel - and I managed to miss it while scanning 1200 in ten minutes - please add the link and description in a comment. I've gathered up some of best of the best folks in the nonprofit tech field to share their stories, metrics, and lessons learned - this will be informative AND entertaining.

What the Association of Children’s Museums InterActivity 2014 Had to Say About Cultivating Donors

Connection Cafe

You have to change the relationship before you can change the reward – Katie Boehm shared that changing appeal messaging to focus on intrinsic rewards is NOT a slam-dunk. However, you CAN change the relationship – Julia Kennard shared the success her organization was seeing by changing their organizational culture to restructure their relationships with their donors.

Free2choose and the Social Dimension of Polling Interactives

Museum 2.0

At level two, the visitor has some interactive experience (pushing buttons, etc.) At level four, the visitor has some awareness of how other distinct visitors respond to the issue and can access their comments and opinions. The screen plays an interactive show that invites visitors to vote on a variety of issues related to human rights. The game could instruct people to share voting stations and to use a brief discussion to come to a consensus vote.

Poll 23

Diamond-Encrusted Skull Spawns Video Feedback Interactive: News at 11

Museum 2.0

The reason I’m writing about For the Love Of God is not the skull but the post-visit feedback interactive that accompanied it. But the thing that makes this project stand out is the way these videos are shared on the Web. I'm still waiting for the video feedback system that truly encourages visitors to engage with each other by curating and commenting on each other's videos, let alone recording videos in reference to each other. Projects design usercontent interactives

Forum One Staff Share OpenGov Ideas

Forum One

USAID Should do More to Require their Contractors to Share Data. Many contractors avoid sharing this raw data for competitive reasons. USAID should require contractors that collect data to share with USAID and the public in readable formats that are more easily accessible and usable by third parties. Interactive Rich Media Learning Tool for Historical Benefit Info. On January 21, 2009, the White House issued the Transparency and Open Government Memorandum.

Share 43

At the table with Share Our Strength | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

06/28/2010: User Expectations and Interface Response Times 06/16/2010: Making the most of conference hashtags: A tool for presenters 06/08/2010: Beaconfire Survey: Seductive Interactions 06/08/2010: Emailing with Convio – Testing Conditional Content 06/07/2010: Goin’ Barefoot? Share Our Strength has just finished redefining their brand. Share and Enjoy: Categories: Nonprofits , Our Clients. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Comments are closed.

Share 40

What the Facebook Subscribe Feature Means to Nonprofit News Sharing


On Wednesday, Facebook rolled out a subscribe feature that should be of interest to nonprofits because it may make it easier for organizations to interact with people on a personal level. Here you will also be able to manage who can comment on your posts seen by subscribers. Most organizations have a branded page that Facebook users can like. When they like your organization's page your updates appear in their news stream.

Share 61

Is FB Causes interaction design is a one-night stand. no flirting, no romance, no love notes, no coffee?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

" The slide show shares the results of a pattern analysis of the 100 most popular Facebook applications (video of lecture here ). " In the comments, Weiksner clarified that Facebook Causes fits the "self-expression" model of interaction and incorporates competition to enhance engagement. " Danielle Brigida notes, " On Facebook people collect friends, groups, pictures and share them with others. Flickr Photo from Lanier67.

Good Sharing v. Bad Sharing

Museum 2.0

There have now been a couple comments on this blog to the effect of: "Visitors already create content in museums through their thoughts and social interactions." One person commented that the more interesting question is not how we build a platform for visitor content creation but how we facilitate sharing of that content. And so, informed by my experiences as a kindegardener, I humbly submit a couple good (and bad) points on sharing.

Share 20

Moment Capture/Sharing from Conference Sessions.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

" He observes " the combination of excellent short video clips available online, together with an "I could do that" feeling, means we are going to see more and more attention paid to mixed media in knowledge sharing." " Now post event and definitely past the publish while the iron is hot stage, opens the door for some more self-reflection about being in the moment of moment capture and sharing during conferences.

Share 50

Top 10 SXSW Interactive Panels Your Nonprofit Should Attend - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


60) Search « 5 Quick Steps to Better SEO | Main | Tech & Style Tips for Conducting Blog Interviews » Tuesday Mar 10 2009 Top 10 SXSW Interactive Panels Your Nonprofit Should Attend Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 05:27PM | by Allyson Kapin Are you planning to check out SXSW Interactive this year? An interactive conversation between past and present elected officials and the audience on political leadership in the digital era.

7 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit’s Google+ Posts More Engaging


To reach your nonprofit’s supporters and potential contributors, it is good to reach them where they are already interacting. To get started on Google+, The Social Media Hat recommends using the G+ button directly from your blog to share to your nonprofits Google+ network, that way all the +1s transfer to the blog! Just like on Twitter when you share something another person posted or wrote a post based on a follower’s blog. Image courtesy of The Independent.

Google 120

Community Science Workshops and Shared Authorship of Space: Interview with Emilyn Green

Museum 2.0

The core program is a permanent, dedicated physical space, full of interactive hands-on physical exhibits, as well as a tinkering and making space, and recycled materials. They are comfortable with shared authorship of space and events. Whereas formal organizations have a harder time facilitating a shared sense of space and events. Big thanks to Emilyn Green and the Community Science Workshop Network for sharing insights in this post.

NSF 31

Great reads from around the web on October 18th

Amy Sample Ward

You can join the conversations in the comments, or click through to the original posts to find what others are saying. "" Photographs, Digital Rights & Social Media Events | Geoff Livingston's Blog – Geoff shares a recent example of his attendance at an event where he was photographed and his images shared. And where you stand on the discussion of copyright, digital rights, online content sharing and intellectual property?

Web 109

An Interview David J. Neff about American Cancer Society's Sharing Hope Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Neff is the Director of Web, Film and Interactive Strategy for the American Cancer Society. is the place for people to share their stories around cancer. is the place to share that story in Video, Audio, Artwork or Photos. We wanted to give people a good enviroment to share their stories of hope in anyway they wanted. YouTube has tons of trolls and comment spam. We want a friendly enviroment where people can share and learn. What are people commenting on?

Guest Post by Jordan Viator: Submit, Share and Shout Out - Nominate Your Nonprofit Holiday Hero to Win a Free NTEN Membership!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Share the contest with your peers and increase your odds of winning each time you use the hashtag #nphero on Twitter. Leave a comment at and give a shout out to your hero for everyone to see. And to show our gratitude for helping share the campaign and making sure everyone has the chance to recognize the person of their choice, each time you Tweet the contest we’re counting your submission as five. .

How BeSpeake Clients are Adding Fun to their Virtual Meetings

The MatrixFiles

How do we get attendees interacting with each other? The attendees loved it and many of them played along by posting answers in the comments. The host shares his screen, which shows the URL that attendees need to navigate to, and the code they need to enter to play the game.

Fun 130

Notes from Care2/OneWorld/Interaction Fundraising Seminar - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


60) Search « What Social Network Demographics Mean for You | Main | A Procrastinators Guide to Year-End Fundraising » Thursday Nov 15 2007 Notes from Care2/OneWorld/Interaction Fundraising Seminar Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 01:16PM | by James OMalley Thanks to everyone who sponsored, presented, attended, and called in to todays brown bag session. Also, wed like to give a shout out to the wonderful people at and Interaction who also sponsored todays event.

Feelings and Participation

Museum 2.0

As important as excellence is, shared success is equally important in this field. Lumin at Detroit Institute of Art Now on to the interactives…I’ve been thinking a great deal about the function of interactives in museums. With this in mind, when we produce participatory experiences, while our impetus is to serve our power users with extra content or “check for understanding” interactives, there are so many other ways to use interactives.

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » NTEN Does Web 2.0


Home • About Us Mission Team News Partners Careers • Services Overview Interactive Marketing Video Web Design and Development • Clients Clients List Client Login • Resources Overview Events YouTube for Nonprofits Guide to Online Video Video FAQs Our Blog • Contact POSTED BY Daniel Hartman MAR 27, 2008 NTEN Does Web 2.0 You must be a credible member of the community sharing useful information and thoughtful comments before anyone will respond to your asks.

Welcome to NetWits!


For many years, we’ve shared our opinions and advice on Internet marketing, online fundraising, and web-deployed solutions in a variety of other Blackbaud and industry publications. But with the recent creation of our Blackbaud Interactive division, we decided that creating a new publication focused on these topics would be a great way to serve our customers, share ideas, and simply show our enthusiasm for all things Internet!

Advice 103

What the Museum Sell Out Game (Re)Taught Me about Participation Inequality

Museum 2.0

Instead of writing a post and soliciting comments (my typical approach), I used an online polling tool to create a simple game where you could read short provocations about questionable revenue sources and give each source an ethical thumbs-up or down. but it taught me even more about online interaction. 20 people commented on it. Some people actively play, share, collect, or gather online content. A small percentage comment on it. of game viewers commented.

Successful Communication for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Cadmium CD

His answer — just one thing: Interactivity. The 5 Types of Interactions at Events. Each one of these stakeholders interacts with each other in some way. Here are the five most common types of interaction: Planner <> Speaker. Attendee Interaction.

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Ugliest MySpace Pages


Home • About Us Mission Team News Partners Careers • Services Overview Interactive Marketing Video Web Design and Development • Clients Clients List Client Login • Resources Overview Events YouTube for Nonprofits Guide to Online Video Video FAQs Our Blog • Contact POSTED BY Michael Hoffman JUL 17, 2006 Ugliest MySpace Pages So I wrote a while back about how I don’t like MySpace all that much.

7 Key Lessons Learned from Virtual Fundraising Events in 2020

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By going virtual and asking your current supporters to share your campaign and cause widely, your 5K, gala or auction can reach people just about anywhere around the world, helping to advance your cause and bring in more new donors.

Lesson 214

How Museum Hack Transforms Museum Tours: Interview with Dustin Growick

Museum 2.0

They give high-energy, interactive tours of the Metropolitan Museum and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). We interacted with the art and with each other through dynamic photo challenges, kinesthetic activities, and conversations. For the first time in a long time, I was personally interacting and engaging with the museum, the collection, and with complete strangers in a way that highlighted the art.