Evaluating Wikis


Wikis are convenient collaborative editing platforms that remove a lot of the legacy awkwardness that traditional editing software brings to writing for the web. Collaborative authoring is another natural use, illustrated beautifully by the Floss Manuals project. Before choosing a Wiki platform, ask yourself some key questions: Do you need granular security? I'm following up on my post suggesting that Wikis should be grabbing a portion of the market from word processors.

Wiki 44

Just found something intensely cool.


I went to the help site to try and figure out what happened, and ended up on this site: Get Satisfaction is a one-stop "help center" for a whole ton of companies and services including Apple, PBwiki, Brightkite, Seesmic, Mozilla, MyBlogLog, Paypal (the company with the worst customer service on the planet, IMHO - hate 'em intensely since they bought over Verisign who used to be great). I posted my question. I was asked to tag my question.

How To Make A Back Channel Light Up Like Clark Griswald's House

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I got an email from hosts Chris Uschan and Tony Veroeven who shared some numbers, "We had 190 attend and ask 140 questions in a back channel that looked like Clark Griswald 's House at Christmas!". Otherwise, more advanced people might get bored or start ask more detailed technical questions.