Conquering a Cruel Continent for a Cause

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The Namib Desert in Namibia (has the highest sand dunes on earth). This includes approximately 200 deaths of young children every year. What would motivate you to run 150 miles across hottest, driest, windiest, coldest, and sandiest places on Earth? At the end of every day, your legs would be like rubber, and you'd be completely and utterly exhausted. But then you'd have to get up the next day and run another 25 miles (or more). Would you do it for charity?

Microsoft's Ecohero: How Sean Nicholson Is Saving the Earth

Tech Soup Blog

do not own a computer yet, though most jobs are posted online, and many teachers are now assigning homework and having children do it online. This interest may have been kindled when he was an ICT advisor to the government of Namibia before he came to Microsoft. You've heard of the Incredible Hulk and Green Lantern. But you've probably never heard of this green superhero.


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Traveling Postcards: Interview with Founder, Caroline Lovell

Have Fun - Do Good

We know that creativity and freedom of expression go a long way in educating children to be tolerant and open minded. What started out as a personal art project has grown into a global community project that has created over 800 handmade cards carrying voices to and from the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Costa Rica, Niger, Namibia, America, Haiti and Afghanistan.

Why Building Resilient Networks Matter

Beth Kanter

This puts New York City’s economic disparity on par with places like Sierra Leone or Namibia. According to a report by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 450,000 people (including at least 4,000 children under five) are now at risk of severe acute malnutrition. Note from Beth: I’ve wrote about the importance of building resilience in networks given the complex and connected environment we live in today.