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Last year, as jobs, schools, government services, social gatherings, and everyday tasks moved online, there blossomed a growing recognition that digital access and skills are critical in our society and should be a universal human right. 2020 was a rough year.

How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal


Grant funds from foundations, government entities, and corporations help nonprofits diversify their income streams. Leverage Language and Formatting From Past Grants. Updating any past funder names if reusing past grant language. Tailor Language to Meet the Mission of the Funder.


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HealthCare.gov: A Model Facebook Page

Forum One

Wall: This is where the government publishes updates for its fans. This page would be strengthened by the addition of some short language explaining the Page's sponsors and purpose. "Family/Children," "Person with Disability," "Senior," etc.). Also, privacy practices are governed by Facebook, not the U.S. government. Tags: Influence Government Internet Strategy Social Media Tips & Trends

Model 56

NetCentric Advocacy: Protection and Empowerment: Themes that work

Network-Centric Advocacy

I am not sure if they have the working and exact language nailed yet but I feel like this is as close as they have come. he progressive view of government is simple. Progressive government has two aspects: protection and empowerment. It also includes protection from the government itself, and hence a balance of powers, openness, fundamental rights, and so on. Progressive government makes business possible. he progressive view of government is simple.

Sponsorship v. Donations: The Drawbacks and Benefits

NonProfit Hub

Whether it’s sponsoring children, saving animals, or underwriting a golf outing or gala, we are always working for sponsor support. Similarly, you might have been asked why the receipt didn’t contain charitable tax receipt language.

[ASK AN EXPERT] Motivating Donors to Make a Will to Leave a Bequest


If they have no heirs, it will go to the government. Also, they don’t consider the other useful aspects of a will, such as: Determining who will look after children, pets, parents or other dependents. Give people suggested language they can share with their attorney.

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Making the Book Truly Accessible for All Students

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Schools are back in session, and with them millions of American children who struggle daily to learn using traditional printed books. We have the technological innovations to help these children and their families and educators, who are looking for strategies to aid their success. Thousands of students with differing learning styles and language requirements can also benefit greatly from accessible books.

Force Multiplier Podcast Episode 2: Creating More Equitable Healthcare

Saleforce Nonprofit

Protecting Nearly Half the World’s Children Through Vaccination. On its own, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has prevented upwards of 14 million future deaths by helping vaccinate more than 822 million children in the world’s poorest countries.

Giving Trends in Brazil: How Crowdfunding & Social Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Those initial fundings rarely come from online donations, most are community-based initiatives, companies, and local government incentives. A lack of government resources in the slums and low-income areas to address the problem of animal abandonment and cruelty has inspired many Brazilians to give to nonprofits that support animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Doare built the platform, both multi-language and multi-currency, so people can donate anywhere.

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A Social Publishing Strategy by John Gautam, Pratham Books

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: During my trip to India in February, I was introduced to a nonprofit children's book publisher in India, Pratham Books. “It was set up to fill a gap in the market for good quality, reasonably priced children’s books in a variety of Indian languages. I was impressed with how Pratham Books has used social media to reach out to children in rural areas who are the " Bottom of the Pyramid.". Source: Pratham Books.

India 81

Comprehensive Guide To Year-End Giving


The annual 24-hour giving day, created to counter the retail-heavy push that begins with Black Friday, has thousands of nonprofits, businesses, city governments, and other institutions participating in a drive to highlight generosity and partnership for good.

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Kids, Coercion, and Co-Design

Museum 2.0

Children are easy to applaud, and easy to ignore. They learn about all aspects of creating such a trail, hold meetings to plan it, but check in with a friend’s parent in local government, several parents, and a teacher with an interest in ecology, for their diverse ways of thinking about certain aspects the project. The caution with this rung is in children carrying out their projects in secret because of fear of adults, or being intimidated by them.

Guam and the Consortium

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The native people of Guam are called Chamorros, and the language is resurgent. The FSM, which is made up of four distinct island states (Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Yap) sent teams from each of their states as well as the national government. The highlight of the meeting for me was showing off books in the local languages that the Bookshare.org team had already scanned or typed in, and which were already on the Bookshare.org website in our library.

Guam 100

How to Get Donations: Try These 20+ Tips!


Here are some branding elements you should keep consistent across your operations and include in your organization’s style guide: Overall mission and goals Audience Tone and language Colors Logo Fonts. Also, don’t forget to use active language and short, easy-to-read sentences.

[VIDEO] The Board’s Role in Fundraising & Resource Development


They have children, they’re doing all of this. I worked with a organization that they worked with abused children. They have families, they have children, they have this. You’re speaking my language.

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Turning Waste into Beautiful Art

Tech Soup Blog

Waste management is also incredibly costly, and is causing crises for governments all over the world. Creative Reuse: A Universal Language. C3 educates children in schools, exhibits at community art crawls, and partners with other organizations to host community art projects, all using recycled materials to create works of art. As Betsy says, "One of the things we say about art is that it's a universal language. "There is no such thing as 'away.'

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How Do Fundraiser Bonds Protect Nonprofits?

ASU Lodestar Center

One way government agencies help curb professional fundraising fraud is by requiring individuals and businesses to purchase surety bond insurance before they can be licensed to work on behalf of nonprofits and other organizations. Thousands of individual surety bond types exist, each providing a specific type of financial protection that depends on the bond's purpose and its contractual language. posted by. Danielle Rodabaugh , Educational Outreach Editor. at SuretyBonds.com.

The Tech That Will Change 2016

Tech Soup Blog

But with so many charities and libraries working with children, the weird new security threat in 2016 will be smart toys. Children love it. The intruder was able to get names, addresses, genders, birth dates, and even photos of children — more than six million children. Microsoft is developing a Mandarin-language version of something like that for the Chinese market called Xiaolce.

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SEO For Nonprofits: A Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing Success

Nonprofits Source

Think of SEO as the language used by search engines to communicate with your website. For example, if you write about a shortage of clean water in the world and then link to a website that is dedicated to providing clean water to children in Africa, then Google will read your page as clean water shortage + Africa. We’re in an interesting period in time where companies, nonprofits, and even world governments are at risk of falling victim to a cyber attack.

100+ Fundraising Event Ideas to Try in 2021 and Beyond


Board fundraisers – Your nonprofit board of directors is the governing body of your organization. For instance, if your organization is dedicated to children battling cancer, you might also send costumes to the kids in need. “A

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What We Learned at 17NTC: Day 1

Tech Soup Blog

Also check out the work Microsoft did with the Missing Children Society of Canada and the Calgary Police Department. These partners deployed Azure services to create a system for helping to more quickly and reliably rescue missing children. The two key ingredients for healthy data, though, are good insight analysts and good data governance. Language has power, so wield it carefully.

Preparing for the Next Disaster: The Future of #crisisdata


Then, exactly 7 months after the earthquake on August 12, 2010, we convened an Emergency Social Data Summit with more than 150 representatives from the government, nonprofit, technology, and citizen sectors to: raise awareness about the gaps between public expectation and emergency managers' capacity acknowledge we should take steps to close these gaps and begin to formulate action items we can take together. By Wendy Harman, Social Media Director, American Red Cross.

Leadership Development in Nonprofits: Identifying Toxic Signs of Ego in Your Development Space

ASU Lodestar Center

If you witness a person is consistently taking over a conversation to talk about themselves, you can veer the focus back by kindly acknowledging what they were saying using reflective language, and then saying, “but this meeting is about X and we need to hear from Mr. Y.” Government Executive. She was the license holder and head curator for TEDxMesa, has worked with gifted youth, youth in crisis and children with special needs.

Alexandra Rampy, Guest Post: The Cool Factor About Mobile

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The program was presented at the Texting for Health Conference this past February, and hopes to provide the tool in multiple languages as well! *. Organization(s) : Save the Children and Verizon Wireless. Organization(s) : mGive & Keep A Child Alive, mGive & the Washington Nationals, The MLB and the Children’s National Medical Center, mGive & The All-Star Game, Stand Up for Cancer, and Make a Wish Foundation. Cool Factor : Government Goes Mobile.

Research Friday: Is traditional civic engagement dead?

ASU Lodestar Center

Citizens should seek opportunities to create and share public knowledge and discuss public issues; expect their governments to be open, transparent and collaborative; volunteer to the best of their ability; and create and share knowledge about the networks and relationships in their communities." [1]. HOWEVER, also included in the July 2011 edition of CIRCLE is a report on "The Language of Youth Civic Organizations." posted by Pat Lewis , Senior Professional. in Residence.

The Internet Gets Charitable

Beth Kanter

Invisible Children’s film tapped into a network of celebrities, whose tweets and status updates helped to amplify a simple story and call to action. But the truth is that many of the basic building blocks cited above – IP, HTML, URLs, EINs that enable today’s information exchanges – are frequently set, revised, and administered in a top-down fashion, by government or industry consortia. Flickr Photo by Mburpee.

Lessons from IGS16: The How-To’s for Applying the SDGs to Grantmaking

Connection Cafe

The SDG Philanthropy Platform aims to advance the SDGs by encouraging philanthropy, the UN, governments, the private sector and NGOs to collaborate. IDP’s pilot program in Ghana started with initial enrollment of 27,000 children and now is expected to reach a total of 150,000 children by July 2017. The program’s successes can be attributed to IDP’s ability to work with local government education frameworks and build strong partnerships with local stakeholders.

Grantseeking Basics: Researching Suitable Funders Part Three – Corporate Funding

Tech Soup Blog

Find the first installment of this series, Developing a Grant Project here , the second installment, Researching government funders here , and the third installment on researching foundations here. The Foundation Center has several specialized publication like: Grants for Information Technology; Grants for Arts, Culture, & the Humanities ; Grants for Children & Youth , etc.

Fund 49

Research Friday: Volunteering and Financial Statements - What’s Missing?

ASU Lodestar Center

Governance. The software is intended to accompany the book, a needed resource as the thinking and language is non-traditional; the book is very explanatory. posted by Pat Lewis , Senior Professional. in Residence. ASU Lodestar Center. Welcome to Research Friday ! As part of a continuing weekly series, each Friday we invite a nonprofit expert to highlight a research report or study and discuss how it can inform and improve day-to-day nonprofit practice.

Computer Refurbishment and Accessibility

Tech Soup Blog

Programs like this often add an array of useful freeware software to their AT computers like GCompris , Childsplay , and the Zacbrowser , which is an Internet browser specifically designed for autistic children. The software applications WordQ + SpeakQ provide writing assistance and speech recognition help for people with disabilities, new language learners, and those who are learning literacy.

[VIDEO] Exploring Cryptocurrency: Introducing New Giving Methods to Your Nonprofit


For many of us, it’s new language. A government can’t just come in and decide to print more like the U.S. government might decide to print more U.S. or to the whims of that central ledger holder be it a bank or a central bank or a government.

Stop Cyberbullying Day: Some Inspiration from the Blogosphere

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As I think about my own children getting to the age when they will use the web, I'm trying not to get too depressed about what educators have said about this growing problem of cyberbullies over at the Stop CyberBullying site. Speak up in your sphere of influence: the classroom, the PTO, the civic group, the government agency, the educators organization. Bad language directed at a person.

Empowering Women Citizen Journalists: An Interview with Cristi Hegranes

Have Fun - Do Good

"Now, 18 months later, all of Juana's children are in school. So often, government control, or just lack of access to information and media, prevents people from really being able to be educated and informed about serious issues that are going on around them. For example, when women have this kind of specific skill-set training, they are more likely to have less children, to keep the children they do have in school, to be able to provide access to medical care, and things like that.

Nepal 40

Using Photography to Change the World: An Interview with Paola Gianturco

Have Fun - Do Good

The children are ages 6-16, and they're making huge strides by leading a national movement against child rape in Zimbabwe. They are gaining support from people in government, and politicians, and academicians, and business people, men, boys, women, girls. It was about woman entrepreneurs who were sending their children to school with the money they earned, even though they were living themselves on a dollar a day.

Self-Censorship for Museum Professionals

Museum 2.0

Experimental trails on humans Historical antecedents to modern day “hot button” topics Lecture series Population growth (down arrow) What technology is developed reflects the political structure of a society and its values An exhibit of a plastinated cow or pig as part of a larger Children’s museum exhibition on agriculture. Failure of NIH drug testing design An exhibit only in a language other than English Santa Claus – Real or Not?

Interview with Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

Have Fun - Do Good

She speaks three languages fluently, Swahili, English, and French, among many other local languages. She once took a microphone in a big celebration on Women's Day that we had at our office there, and she addressed a group of men who are the governor, and the mayor, and different government officials. With finances a little tight this year, I've had to reduce the number of organizations I'm donating to in 2009.



However, I feel there is a growing awareness of the value of process-oriented thinking also in professional life, in particular in the non-governmental children and youth sector, where the level of youth participation in government decision-making is sometimes seen as even more important than the final product itself. Another deliema is the English language and it lack of words that describe the objectivity of process thinking.

Big Vision Podcast: Steve Williams from POWER

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At the time, the Federal government had just signed the welfare deform legislation, pushing millions of welfare recipients from welfare to work. The industry -- the federal government, and the state government specifically exclude domestic workers as classes of workers to be protected by labor rights legislation.