How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures. Work with your Board, attorney, and an HR professional to create and adopt the policies you need to ensure a safe, quality Volunteer Program.

Why Every Organization Should Make Sustainability Part of its Mission

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Most recently, we took a critical step in our climate action plan by including climate as a part of the company public policy platform, joining priorities like equal rights and privacy and security. “We They also use Salesforce to plan and chart a future path to growth.


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We've Built The Tools You Need for 2018


FALL Build Beautiful Charts & Graphs with Data Visualization on EveryAction Whether it's for a board meeting or a conference, nonprofit professionals often spend hours of time trying to figure out ways to present their data. Often, this means settling for (pretty ugly) charts with data estimates made in Excel or Powerpoint, but no more! Throughout 2017, our team introduced some of the most cutting-edge tools to help empower nonprofits to not only reach, but exceed their goals.

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Recruiting Geeks for Human Rights!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Check out recent press coverage of our work, featuring the head of our human rights team, Dr. Patrick Ball, in Foreign Policy magazine and NPR's On The Media. We use free and open source software whenever possible, but we're pragmatic and work with what our human rights monitoring and advocacy partners need, so our environment is a pretty eclectic mix. Familiarity with python, R, and JavaScript libraries for charting, mapping, and vis is helpful.

How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact

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Whilst this is important, it’s not actually the biggest change we can make for the environment. Some changes you can make to make your voice heard on climate change are: Vote for parties and candidates who prioritise environmental policies.

What Fuels Financial Sustainably? A Continuous Cycle of These 4 Elements

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Now, relate those to your external and internal environments. Shore up any potential cash flow weak spots by acquiring a line of credit and creating an operating reserve ( 5 Key Elements Your Operating Reserves Policy Needs).

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How To Save The Planet: 10 Changes With The Biggest Impact


Whilst this is important, it’s not actually the biggest change we can make for the environment. Some changes you can make to make your voice heard on climate change are: Vote for parties and candidates who prioritise environmental policies.

[VIDEO] Raising More Money By Asking (And Answering) Better Questions


Was a major environmental foundation because a dollar spent on the environment today is worth five dollars a decade from now if we’re doing things like climate change or preserving [inaudible 00:30:02] forests. . You need to have a gift acceptance policy.

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How Telecommunications Is Changing Work for Nonprofits


Yet a successful transition from a traditional work environment to an open work environment demands considerations beyond technology solutions. An organizational telecommunications system that allows for the greatest adoption of an open work environment may look something like this: VoIP and PBX. A Shift from a Traditional to an Open Work Environment. This chart is from Learning from a Natural Environment: Study a Corporate Work-Time Policy Initiative.

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4 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Move to the Cloud

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Cloud-based applications are more secure from cyberthreats than a typical nonprofit server environment is. Power BI — transforms your nonprofit's data into visuals including graphs and charts from your own CRM or from your website using Google Analytics. All providers have different privacy policies regarding using your data themselves and allowing governments to have it on demand.

The Overhead Solution: A New Nonprofit Pride Movement

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Firms limit their audit of expenses to comparing current year to prior year or budget, which is customary in a for-profit environment, simply because most audit programs are not tailored to nonprofits, or auditors do not have sufficient nonprofit experience." Budgeting, fiscal policies, and internal control resources. Charity Raters Part 1: Charting the Bad and the Bad. Think of the words "overhead" and "nonprofits" and what comes to mind?

How Cell Phones and Tablets Enable Telework

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Telework and the Environment. There is a ton of info on how telework helps the environment and is considered part of green technology. Extrapolating those savings across the agency, NSF teleworkers each year collectively spare the environment more than 1 million pounds of emissions and save more than $700,000 in commuting costs. TechSoup: Telework Policies.

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Training Board Members As Brand Champions on Social and Beyond

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As everyone finished, they brought them up to the flip chart. Some of the passions written were arts, education, animals, domestic violence, dance, family, health and wellness, abused children, boy scouts, environment and many others. As next steps, I’m working on implementing a social media policy and suggested posts for board members to use online.

Not Business As Usual!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It takes visionary leaders to try to create an environment for cultivating innovation in government. We need you to help get involved in charting that course — as a movement, by getting involved as a member, by joining your local chapter, by starting a local chapter, by talking to your elected representatives, by advocating for the policies and the changes that will provide the capital needed to make the impact the social enterprise movement is capable of on a national level.

Games for Change 2011: Channeling Our Collective Power

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” Gore gave kudos to the Games for Change community in harnessing the explosive interest in games and directing it towards social good, and encouraged the progress, saying that he looked forward to seeing “FarmVilles for policy.” Here’s a chart mapping the various game design platforms with recommended age range and beginning to advanced game design skill level: How else can we engage learners? Twice as many people play FarmVille as watch CSI now.

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Research Friday: Financial literacy: understanding money for today’s activities and tomorrow’s security

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And there should be board policies about how reserve funds can be used and the authorization for such use. In particular, a study suggests that boards of effective organizations are more involved in strategic planning, policy formation, financial planning and control, resource development, program review, and dispute resolution. posted by Pat Lewis , Senior Professional. in Residence. ASU Lodestar Center. Welcome to Research Friday !

NpTech Tag Summary: Party Metaphors, Conversations, and A Few Good Links

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon, the capstone thesis project for Heinz School Masters students. Inspired by the NTEN blog post about whether online engagement leads to more money, Gavin's Digital Dinner gives a brilliant counter point essay on the topic filled with facts and nice pie charts. There's been lots written on educational technology blogs about personal learning environments that assume deep understanding of the topic.

Beyond 800 Pixels: Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Control | Beaconfire Wire

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Not surprisingly, these two goals can often end up colliding into each other after the design goes into a production environment. With Venn Diagrams and Pie Charts for All Facebook needs to shear the fluff Online Community: Old School Still Rulz “Your privacy is very important to us&# Software So We All Can Get Along Building online communities privacy policy | sitemap copyright 2009, beaconfire consulting

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Grating Expectations | Beaconfire Wire

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I realized that this is the same thing that we do as email marketers with so many of our constituents: bring them in on the promise of something they want (“Sign up to help the environment!&# ) in order to bring them to somewhere we want (“Become a monthly donor&# ). 5 ways to make improve your publishing volume privacy policy | sitemap copyright 2009, beaconfire consulting

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Why Women Are the Market for Changing the World, and How to Reach Them: Interview with The She Spot co-author, Lisa Witter

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Just don't have it be some organization online where you see graphics of bar charts and research reports, but not real human beings. And we also know that when they make a purchase, they want it to impact their family as well as the environment. I did policy reports, and analysis and research.