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5 Essential Tech Tools for Virtual Teams


There are a lot of benefits to virtual teams—you’re not constrained by geography and staff members have a lot more flexibility. To some degree, technology can compensate for the shortcomings of a virtual environment. We have used Google Docs for brainstorming—the way you might use a flip chart or whiteboard in person—and the experience has been interesting. Virtual Phone System. I use my laptop with a headset, Chris uses his cell phone, and Dan uses a landline.

How to Buy a Small Nonprofit IT System

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

I think many nonprofits can get away with a kind of virtual IT system where the files reside primarily on Amazon’s S3 and any more specific applications can be set up remotely (maybe even on Amazon EC2 which now supports Windows servers ). Unfortunately, Google Docs are just not ready for primetime. When you buy your laptops and desktops, say no to the optional antivirus software.

Crazy for the Tools


I also need to be able to work on the move: I need my "virtual desk" in front of me quickly, whether from my laptop or some other desk or smart device. Dropbox sits nicely between formal, full featured project communications tools such as Basecamp (which we also use), Central Desktop , or Google Apps and Docs. Gliffy has smart-looking templates for flow charts, database diagrams, system, business processes, and so on.

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