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The Known Unknowns


I wasn’t all that picky about the tools I used—Microsoft Word was good, but Google Docs did just as well, and sometimes a pen and paper was preferable if I just needed to concentrate. In a few art classes, I developed a deeper relationship with software such as Adobe Audition and Max 6.

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Nonprofits Live Recap: Online Collaboration

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Homer also advises setting up a dedicated time to work together and once together to really listen to one another and build relationships. Collaboration Tools Chart. A Few Good Tools for Sharing Files with Distributed Groups. What file-sharing tools do you use?

Crazy for the Tools


Collaborative Files I couldn't get through my day without Dropbox , which I have blogged about before. Dropbox continuously replicates local files to a personal cloud file space and synchronizes those folders across multiple computers and mobile devices. Within a personal file space, you can define shared folders with others. Because it integrates tightly with your own desktop files, updates to documents are just there, almost immediately, whenever you need them.

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