3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits That Can Boost Professional Success

Beth Kanter

Facilitator for Peer Learning Networks and Cohorts: Most of my work is designing and delivering capacity building projects for cohorts of nonprofits literally all over the world and here in the US. In 2016, I completed my work as facilitator for a learning network of community foundations who are hosting Giving Days, funded by the Knight Foundation. Instructional Design and Facilitation: I love teaching and exploring different ways help nonprofit professionals learn.

Guest Post: Using Participation to Solve a Design Problem at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Museum 2.0

I'm on the road this week, with speaking gigs in Oslo, Denver, Charlotte, and Roanoke (join the NAMP livestream on Sunday at 9:25am PT here ). This is a perfect example of a museum using participation as a design solution. We tested five versions of the prompt sheets--some with instructions focused to the subject of the exhibition (artists' takes on nature), others with more open-ended instructions designed to encourage a broader range of responses.