Do You Empower People to Take Action? Thoughts on Zoos and Charity:Water

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A clear example of this can be found in the difference between the 96Elephants campaign and that of charity: water. In contrast, check out charity: water , a non-profit that works to ensure safe drinking water for people around the world.

With #IceBucketChallenge in the Rear View, Where Does Fundraising Go from Here?

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In the last decade, with the growth of social media marketing and engagement, we’ve seen a shift in how funds are raised, the average age of donors and the average size of donations. It is open, participatory, and peer-driven.

Attention Fundraisers: Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

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For charities in the United States and (new in 2014) the United Kingdom, this was a natural day to be in front of your donors, making a compelling case for receiving a gift. So let nothing stop you from the ethical raising of funds.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The 33rd Annual Nonprofit Organizations Institute features leading nationally recognized experts from private foundations, public charities, law, finance and government to discuss the latest tax, legislative and governance issues affecting nonprofit organizations. Raise 2016.

Nonprofit SXSW Goodness – Conference List Toppers, To-Dos and Topics of Interest

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And for all you people using Four Square , it's also one of the official Check-in for Charity locations (hint: new badge anyone?). Across the country, geeks inside and outside of government are developing a new model for a participatory and transparent Federal, State and Municipal governments.

Vote Now: Ten Sessions We Want to See at NTC


• women donate twice as many to charities as men do? Set up an online fundraiser, tell your community to start raising funds, push play, and watch the cash roll. How do you inspire and empower your community to effectively raise funds for your cause? In this workshop, we'll focus on all aspects of designing high-value, engaging, and participatory content that creates a partnership with your fans.

Nonprofit Resolutions That Will Make A Difference in 2009


Resolution One: "I resolve to empower our supporters to tell our story, reach new people and raise funds." Resolution Two: "I resolve to use social and participatory media to expand my reach and brand." Get the low down on social media platforms and what social and participatory media entails. What are your nonprofit resolutions for 2009? Need ideas to turn your resolutions into reality?