Donor-Advised Funds: Insight from the Experts

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Donor-advised funds are a hot topic. According to a study released this fall by the National Philanthropic Trust , the assets held in these charitable funds increased almost 24% last year to a whopping $70.7 Further, contributions coming out of these same funds grew by 27%.

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Donor-Advised Funds: Philanthropy’s Hot-Button Issue

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Donor-advised funds (DAFs) have become one of the hottest tools in philanthropy over the last few years. While the funds have been around for decades, the 1990s ushered in an increasing interest in DAFs as financial planning and planned giving tools.

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The Crowd is Funding, the Crowd is Funding!

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The other morning I heard a disturbing report about people asking friends, family and strangers to fund their weddings through a certain crowdfunding site. Because people raising money for their wedding is not the same thing as raising money for your charity.

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Crazy Fundraising Events To Raise Money For Charity


There is nothing like surfing the net for amazing and crazy stories of how people have raised money for charity to actually cheer the soul. Who knows, it may even inspire you to do something crazy to raise money for a charity yourself!

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DIY Fundraising – Easy Money for Your Nonprofit?

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Others see the growth of programs like The Alzheimer’s Association’s Longest Day and the World Wildlife Fund’s Panda Nation and look to emulate them. Anyone can raise money for medical bills, an invention, or their favorite charity.

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Book Review: “Charity Case”

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Dan Pallotta’s recent TED Talk, “The way we think about charity is dead wrong” , has garnered more than 1.2 But we don’t want people making money in charity. But there’s no such vehicle for a charity and they are left starved for growth capital.

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Do Online Fund-Raising Contests Squeeze Out Foreign Charities? -

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Do Online Fund-Raising Contests Squeeze Out Foreign Charities? "Do Online Fund-Raising Contests Squeeze Out Foreign Charities?Epic Epic Change, a charity raising money for a school in Tanzania, is a finalist in one of a mushrooming number of contests that enable Web users to vote for nonprofit groups.

7 Ingenious Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Online

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Raising money for charity is such a rewarding experience, but it can be challenging even at the best of times. Everyone needs a bit of inspiration to uncover new and wacky ways to raise money for a good cause. Raise money through the power of knowledge.

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Charities Raise Money with Text to Donate for Nepali Earthquake Relief

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Disaster relief organizations and charities across the globe are all trying to raise money in order to come to the aid of victims of the earthquake and help rebuild the affected areas. This past April, the country of Nepal suffered a 7.8

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Is Social Media the Fund Development Professional’s Magic Bullet?

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And consultants are hotly debating the role of social media in a fund development plan. Consider these comments that I have heard in the last few weeks alone: “Our constituents know that we need money.”. “We The post Is Social Media the Fund Development Professional’s Magic Bullet?

Charities Use SMS to Raise Funds and Help Tornado Victims Rebuild

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In response, charities such as World Vision and Save the Children turned to SMS to raise the vital funds to help these communities. Read a few of our suggestions on how mobile can help your organization raise money here.

7 Ingenious Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Online


Think your nonprofit has tried every possible way to raise money for their good work? 7 Ingenious Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money Online. Raising money for charity is such a rewarding experience, but it can be challenging even at the best of times. Open a Charity Store.

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5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Behavioral Science to Raise More Money Online

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By understanding how people make the decisions they do, your NPO can take strategic steps to raise more money and drum up more support, without running yourself ragged in the process.

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Pitching Your Charity to a Major Donor – The Do’s and Don’ts

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Not every donor is necessarily going to come to you – for larger donations and sponsorships, you’ll have to pitch your charity. Every successful charity has a few major donors or sponsors that give them the lion’s share of their funds. If not, don’t spend your entire time talking about your charity. Don’t: Focus Solely On Your Charity’s Needs. Ideally, you’re here to raise money for your cause.

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Going digital: what charity leaders can learn from tech startups | Voluntary Sector Network | The Guardian

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Going digital: what charity leaders can learn from tech startups | Voluntary Sector Network | The Guardian : "Charities are full of good and bright people with tons of ideas, but when it comes to creating digital products, are they the right people? Impact Investment fund and of the seven investments made to date, none have been in charities. While some may argue this is because charities lack money and resources, I am afraid I disagree. " ''via Blog this

Transforming into a More Mission-Driven Charity with the Help of Technology

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This post was authored by Ken Berger, CEO of Charity Navigator. US charities of almost every size (although especially the 50% with budgets $50,000 or less) complain of tremendous resource scarcity as they try to help solve some of our world’s most pressing problems.

5 Ways to Give Your Charity Auction a Social Twist


Charity auctions have been a popular staple of event fundraising for decades, and for good reason—they work! However, in order for your auction to attract the most supporters and bring in as many funds as possible, it’s important to give it a modern twist.

BBC News - Charity 2.0: The social side of giving

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BBC News - Charity 2.0: The social side of giving : ow various organisations, from Justgiving to Virgin Money Giving, have made it easier to organise online donations, while new charities like Help4Heroes and Kiva have shown how it's possible to use the web to promote a cause and get funds flowing rapidly and efficiently.

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15 conversation starters for rebooting charity

Steve Bridger

Here goes… You are now pretty good at using digital marketing techniques to push your charity’s own content tactically, but what are you doing to bridge the social divide between digital marketing and something that looks more genuinely like a commitment to meaningfully participate in the networks that are already out there? More charities are finding they can reach more people to talk about what they do. How does this fit in with your charity’s operating plan?

Can Nonprofits Raise More Money with Apple Pay?


Apple used to ban iOS apps from using Apple Pay to collect funds, meaning that charities needed to use third-party apps or outside services to process donations. Good news for nonprofits. Apple just announced that Apple Pay will now allow nonprofits to use the service for donations.

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Has the Ice Bucket Challenge Spawned Charity Jacking?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

So, now we are seeing an emerging practice that for lack of a better phrase, I’m calling “Charity Jacking.” Charity Jacking goes one step beyond “Social Media Meme Morphing.” Phase 1: Personal Challenges with Cold Water to Raise Money.

Facebook Charity Application Wins Investors, Grows With Safeway - Bloomberg

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Facebook Charity Application Wins Investors, Grows With Safeway - Bloomberg: "Causes, a for-profit company that lets Facebook Inc.’s s users give money to charities, raised $9 million in new funding and began selling gift cards in supermarkets as it aims to bring more philanthropy to the Web

Attract Funding in 2014 with ClickTime's Web Timesheet Solution

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With that growth comes competition for funds and projects: as a public benefit corporation in the current economy, proving your impact is crucial for survival. Secure Funding by Reporting Successful Outcomes. Overhead costs can make or break your ability to attract funding.

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Nine Digital Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from charity: water

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

charity: water , a nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, is leading the way when it comes to redefining nonprofit marketing; they are exceptional at inbound marketing, focusing on creating powerful content to inspire people to join their cause.

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4 Nonprofits That Gamified Their Funding (and Tips for You to Copy)

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Nonprofits all have one thing in common: They need to raise money. Each picture donates $1 to the charity of your choice. Those are then used to promote the charity, along with hashtags. The takeaway: The idea that’s being used here is not gamification to make money, although it probably will eventually. The post 4 Nonprofits That Gamified Their Funding (and Tips for You to Copy) appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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Aussie charity arm leads global website overhaul - Strategy - Business - News -

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Aussie charity arm leads global website overhaul - Strategy - Business - News - : He expected to meet its Australian target of $2 million for the year, compared to $1.4 We’ve raised a lot more money,” he said, noting that 25 percent of funds were typically raised after the week-long event.

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5 Corporate Philanthropy Examples to Inspire Your CSR Strategy


The campaign donated a meal’s worth of money to food banks every time someone liked their Facebook page, combining philanthropy with social media marketing and brand awareness. million to fund food for the meals and the event itself packaged over 20,000 meals.¹.

Institute of Fundraising warns of reputational risk for charities in donate-while-you-invest website - Third Sector

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Institute of Fundraising warns of reputational risk for charities in donate-while-you-invest website - Third Sector: "A director of the website says the IoF report has misunderstood how the scheme worksThe Institute of Fundraising says a new website that allows investors to donate money to charity while investing in funds might carry a reputational risk for the sector

Tweets to Bring in the Money


Want to raise funds via Twitter this holiday season? Being donor-centric brings in the money. They’re basically saying: “ Here’s our charity. Give us money. You’re not alone.

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New Tax Law: Understanding the Impacts on Charities and Giving

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Nonprofits rely heavily on giving from private citizens to have the funds necessary to carry out their mission and strengthen their communities. With change in tax laws that can influence philanthropy comes an impact to individuals, charities and communities.

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Philanthropist 2.0: Crowdsourced Advised Funds

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Paul Buchheit is the created of Gmail and Adsense and has set up collaborative process to get advice on how he should donate "a bunch of money." He isn't relying on the traditional approach of asking an expert, but wants to crowdsource suggestions through social networks.

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Hey man, I'm fundraising for this awesome charity

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How many times have you gotten the phone call or email that says "Hey man, I'm raising money for XXX and I want you to give!" Use that information to develop a peer-to-peer initiative that will appeal to them and get them excited to raise funds for you. Peer-to-peer fundraising is all about personal peer relationships so it's important that when a volunteer fundraiser asks a peer for funds, that they sound like a peer and not like your organizational boiler plate.

The Issue with Nonprofit Overhead and How to Change the Conversation

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It’s important that we determine what is and isn’t an overhead cost for nonprofit organizations that are trying to be good stewards of donated or granted money. Could implementation of a better technology solution improve grant funding performance and reporting?

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The Future of Fundraising is Already Here. Stop Fundraising! Start Inspiring!

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It’s not about the charity’s mission, it’s about the donor. But in the very busy world we live in, many times donations take the place of personal commitment of time.The charity is no longer at the center of philanthropy, it is YOU — the donor — who takes the stage.

Would You Climb A Mountain for Charity?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Soyignatus. Millennials (those young, tech savvy, and passionate younger donors) will – as I learned at last month’s Millennial Donor Summit.

5 Cases for Building Nonprofit Operating Reserves

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In the annual State of the Sector Survey, Nonprofit Finance Fund reports that recovery of the US economy hasn’t addressed the systemic and perpetual funding challenges facing nonprofits (2015). There has long been a popular misconception—if a nonprofit has money, it must not need money.

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Do You Empower People to Take Action? Thoughts on Zoos and Charity:Water

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A clear example of this can be found in the difference between the 96Elephants campaign and that of charity: water. In contrast, check out charity: water , a non-profit that works to ensure safe drinking water for people around the world.

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Why Are Charity Mobile Phone Donation Programs Going Extinct?

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Not that long ago, there were dozens of charity mobile phone donation programs vying for attention. One popular method of getting people to turn in their old phones has been to recycle them for charity. Phones 4 Charity.

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Crowdfunding Controversies and How They Impact Nonprofits and Charities

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I've also donated to personal fundraisers, where my friends are raising money for a pet project or trying to pay off a large medical bill. PandoDaily blew the lid off the HealBe campaign after it reached $730,000 in funding. Indiegogo is a favorite among nonprofits and charities.

10 Best Practices for Planning Successful Crowd Funding or Giving Day Campaigns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The next day, I facilitated a workshop on Best Practices for Crowd Funding that blended traditional instruction with innovation lab facilitation techniques. Giving Day Campaigns and Crowd Funding Campaigns Are Than Dollars Raised. Successful crowd funding depends on great storytelling.

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SOCAP: The Market at the Intersection of Money and Meaning

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“The market at the intersection of money and meaning” by the way is SOCAP’s tagline. Kiva is a San Francisco based crowd-funding microfinance nonprofit that allows just under a million people to make little micro-loans to poor people around the world.

Charity Donations: Is there an App for that?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Charity Donations: Is there an App for that? A built-in payment mech­anism, beau­ti­fully simple UI, count­less ways to cre­at­ively employ things like loc­a­tion… it should add up to a huge leap forward for non-profits hoping to raise funds. Cartoon by Rob Cottingham.

How to Set Up an E-commerce Store and Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

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If you're looking to raise some extra capital for your nonprofit, selling online can be a great way to go — generating publicity as well as funds for your cause.

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