Mud, Color, Glow, Run, and Raise: The Rise of Multi-Charity Events

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In the United States, there are over 30,000 endurance type events that can benefit a singular charity or multiple charities. Commonly referred to as multi-charity events, they offer a handful of nonprofit organizations an opportunity to be a part of the same event.

Designing for Good: Top Nonprofit Graphic Designs| Episode 4

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Since we did a special storytelling episode for Designing for Good #3 , Tim Hammond and I decided to cram the last 3 months into a single, double-meat episode. Our favorites this month have been culled from hundreds of graphic and interactive designs across the industry.

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Designing Nonprofit Experiences

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Designing nonprofit experiences can be quite different from designing retail or commercial experiences. While there are many differences in nonprofit versus for-profit design, there are a lot of UX techniques we can borrow from one another. User-centered design.

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Crazy Fundraising Events To Raise Money For Charity


There is nothing like surfing the net for amazing and crazy stories of how people have raised money for charity to actually cheer the soul. Who knows, it may even inspire you to do something crazy to raise money for a charity yourself!

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Book Review: “Charity Case”

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Dan Pallotta’s recent TED Talk, “The way we think about charity is dead wrong” , has garnered more than 1.2 These events raised $582 million in nine years and continue to shape event fundraising across the globe.

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4 Ways Canadian Charities Can Improve Email Fundraising in 2019

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Last year for a research study, I signed up to get emails from 152 Canadian charities to see how they were capturing emails and then what they were sending when it came to fundraising (more on why and the research study here ).

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19 Ways to Raise More Money From Your Donation Pages

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Only then should you start designing your donation pages. Seth Giammanco of Minds On Design Lab says “the donation experience is a direct expression of your brand.”. Reduce steps to donate – You will raise less money if you make people take too many steps in the donation process.

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Behavioral Science to Raise More Money Online

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By Nate Andorsky , CEO of Creative Science , a digital agency that aligns behavioral science with design and technology to help nonprofits, foundations, and mission-driven companies rethink the way that they engage with people.

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13 Twitter Hashtags to Follow for Nonprofit and Charity Updates, Events and Inspiration


You can use hashtags to monitor charity and non-profit news, find new people to connect to and participate in related events without ever leaving your office. Major Nonprofit and Charity Hashtags to Follow. Charity Events and Chats on Twitter: 8.

A Networked Fundraiser: charity:water Waterforward

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

from charity: water on Vimeo. I first heard about this unique fundraiser when I interviewed charity:water’s Paull Young. WaterForward was the brainchild of Michael Birch, one of charity:water’s supporters and formerly the founder of Bebo. How WaterForward works.

Nine Digital Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from charity: water

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

charity: water , a nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, is leading the way when it comes to redefining nonprofit marketing; they are exceptional at inbound marketing, focusing on creating powerful content to inspire people to join their cause.

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American Giving Challenge Raises $2.1 Million Dollars for Charity


Over the course of 30 days, individuals competed for donors donations and matching awards for their favorite charities. The challenge raised $2.1 “The open design enabled any individual supporting any organization to enter the contest, and truly leveled the playing field between large established institutions and smaller grassroots organizations, said Sokunthea Sa Chhabra , Director of Interactive Communications for the Case Foundation.

GiveMN Raises $14 Million Online in 24 Hours!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The unofficial results:  $14 million raised for more than 3400 nonprofits.    Last November, The Columbus Foundation's Power Philanthropy Day was highly successful , raising over $1 million dollar. 

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Charities Cry Foul on Chase Facebook Charitable Giving Contest

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook is one of the biggest online contests thus far, open to more than 500,000 charities. As of this writing, 1,027,398 people joined Chase’s fan page to cast votes for their favorite charities.

Thank You To the Max: Minnesota Give to Max Day Raised $13.4 Million in 24 Hours

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Minnesota’s ‘Networked Nonprofits’ raised $13.4M million was raised to benefit Minnesota nonprofit organizations. And, a record 47,534 donors logged on to to donate to their favorite Minnesota charity. Minnesota’s ‘Networked Nonprofits’ raised $13.4M

What Apple's Big Product Launches Mean for Charities

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I wanted to explore what Apple's new technologies, most notably the new Apple Pay, may well mean for charities and tech for good. You may also have heard about the new Apple Watch, the wearable device designed by a legendary Apple designer.

How the American Childhood Cancer Organization Used Crowdfunding to Raise Over $43,000!

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Since then ACCO has continued to be wildly successful through a total of 7 Teespring campaigns, raising over $27,000! Their current September campaign has been the most successful ever, having raised over $15,600 with still a week left in the campaign.

Charity Donations: Is there an App for that?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Charity Donations: Is there an App for that? If you think of Apple, you may well think of great design, fant­astic usab­ility, innov­a­tion and just plain cool­ness. But before an app can raise any money, it has to clear a hurdle: the iPhone App Store. Cartoon by Rob Cottingham.

How to Set Up an E-commerce Store and Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

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If you're looking to raise some extra capital for your nonprofit, selling online can be a great way to go — generating publicity as well as funds for your cause. For a nonprofit, it's all about raising awareness by making sure your content is shareworthy.

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The 15 Most Popular sgENGAGE Articles Published in 2019

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Since its founding in 2011, content creators on Twitch, one of the most popular live streaming platforms, have raised over $115 million for over 300 charities across the globe. Leadership annual giving programs are designed to bridge the gap between annual giving and major giving.

Pepsi Charity Contest: Learning From Mistakes and Level Playing Fields

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

so far of the number of social good contests over the past three years that have used crowdsourcing and social media to encourage innovative social change ideas or to raise money for nonprofits or shine attention on their do good work. From my son's kindergarten class.

Keynote from My Charity Connects Conference at NetChange Week

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My Charity Connect: Netchange Week. I stayed the weekend to travel to Toronto, to give a keynote on Monday morning at the My Charity Connects Conference. The space where I gave my keynote in Toronto is well designed designed for conversational keynote format.

Project Agape raised $2.5 million in first year of operation | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Online Fundraising , Project Agape Causes raised $2.5 million in first year of operation 05.30.08 | 3436 8 Comments [link] Causes+raised+%242.5+million+in+first+year+of+operation The Causes audience, to date, has raised $2.5 Causes on Facebook and MySpace has become a gateway for people seeking to take action in support of causes and issues they care about, as well as raise funds to sustain positive change. 3436 8 Comments [link] Causes+raised+%242.5+million+in+first+year+of+operation

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Money Matters: Creating a Donation Form for Your WordPress Site

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And it’s also no great surprise that the organizations most successful at raising money are those that give supporters the ability to donate directly via their website, with an easy-to-use form that visitors can quickly and intuitively utilize. Then you’ll see a nice list of the pre-designed templates to pick from. The post Money Matters: Creating a Donation Form for Your WordPress Site appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. Web Design

Guest post by Brian Reich: GamesThatGive - You Play. We Donate. Charities Win.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

where you earn donations for your favorite charity, for free, just by playing. I joined the team a year ago as an adviser, charged with recruiting charities to be a part of the site. My goal with this post is pretty simple: I want to convince you that GamesThatGive has the potential to change the way charities use the internet to engage audiences and raise money. GamesThatGive is simply seeking to tap into that existing behavior to help raise money for charity. -

What Are Your Best Tips for Organizing or Facilitating a Charity 2.0 Event?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by DaveFishernc Charity Balls, Dinner Dances, Black Tie Charity Events, and other parties where people donate money to a charity to have fun together are nothing new. As Millennials start to come into their own, we're seeing Charity 2.0 Charity Ball 2.0

Research Friday: The gift

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Note: This article will focus on international development from my perspective working in an African country, although the questions raised are pertinent to any “developed” country or continent’s relationship to a “developing” region. research friday international charities Dianna Schwartz

How Volunteers Can Organize a Giving Day


You spend hours volunteering your time, try to raise awareness and give financially where you can. A giving day is a special day designated to generate publicity, find supporters and raise money for your charity. There’s a cause near and dear to your heart.

Personal Fundraising in Second Life: Yonder Doesburg Raises Money for Make A Wish

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Make A Wish Donation Box in Second Life On the Web, you can become a messenger for your cause by adding a charity badge or fundraising widget to your blog or web site. Although the amounts raised in Linden Dollars sound impressive, the USD amounts are still modest.

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Why do people give charity?

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It’s not an especially large part of the economy, and most charities operate on a shoestring, without the resources to finance research projects. Americans gave $295 billion to charity in 2006, equal to 2.2 which often works with charities.

Children’s charity checks into virtual hotel

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I’ve written previously about how the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NSPCC ) has embraced innovation to raise awareness of its cause. The child protection charity hopes that its three-month stay in Habbo (until May) will allow it to reach out to the young audience in their natural browsing environment. The charity will host events and activities on Habbo aimed at getting young people involved in its anti-bullying campaign, Don’t Hide It.

6 Link Building Methods for Nonprofits and Charities

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This blog post is for nonprofit organizations and charities that are looking to increase their online exposure (without spending loads of money) so they can receive more volunteers, donations, attention etc. Provoking thought and invoking emotion contributes to link earning, but you can take it one step further and give people inclusion into an exciting event like fundraising, raising awareness, or a contest. posted by Melanie Nathan SEO & Link Earning Strategist Top Draw.

Hidden TechSoup Product Donation Gems for Faith-Based Organizations

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Teespring is a unique service that lets you crowdfund using customized T-shirts and hoodies to raise money for your cause. You can design your own t-shirt with Teespring's online tool or you can work with one of the company's consultants. See how charities are using it here.

Tap Into Millennial Potential by Creating a Stellar Website

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There’s enough on creating a stellar brand to fill a college course, so we’ll focus on the visual brand—specifically your web design. They’re extremely user-friendly and have actually been linked to raising conversion rates if your organization has the means. charity: water.

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Target Facebook Challenge: Ten Large Charities Compete for Votes To Divide the $3 Million Pot

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It's called Bullseye Gives, a special Facebook page inviting folks to decide how they should allocate $3 million among ten large institutional charities, including: Parent Teacher Association Feeding America The Salvation Army American Red Cross National Parks Foundation Breast Cancer Research Foundation St. The design of the Giving Challenge was such that any organization, even small grassroots organizations, could enter and even win. (I

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » America’s Giving Challenge

See What's Out There

Beth Kanter , friend and blogger, is raising money for the Sharing Foundation, which supports kids in Cambodia. Watch the video Beth did with her son: Now, if you give $10 you can help Beth raise $50,000 through a competition called America’s Giving Challenge.

Giving Tuesday #Inspo: 14 Donation Pages That Know What They’re Doing


There are plenty of best practices that, if implemented, make it pretty straightforward to improve conversion rates and ultimately raise more money. These pages range from complexly designed to efficiently simple, but they all have some key similarities: they’re secure, accessible, filled to the brim with best practices, and feature EveryAction’s best-in-class donation forms. Catholic Relief Services gets a shout-out for their clean and crisp page design.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Epilogue: Data

3rd Sector Labs

Recently, the Chronicle of Philanthropy asked on its front page “ Is Raising Visibility a Waste of Time? Do they distract donors from developing longer term relationships with the sponsoring charity? The same advice applies to any charity in a similar situation.

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What I Learned In London at the Future of Social Conference

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Carlos Miranda, the host, did a great job facilitating and designing the sessions. Here’s a few notes. The intent was to raise awareness of shelter animals. Conferences Free Agent Fundraising Gen Z Training DesignPhoto by Social Misfits.

nfp 2.0 » Two Minute Silence Podcast

Rebooting Charity

lindsey : Hey Steve - Have you checked out GoodTube yet as a tool for NFP’s to raise money. The charity seems keen to shift the public’s perception of its work and encourage understanding of its all year round relevance.

Sojo Studios’ WeTopia social game lets players do good in the real world | VentureBeat

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Sojo Studios’ WeTopia social game lets players do good in the real world | VentureBeat : Sojo Studios is announcing its first online social game, WeTopia, which is designed to be part of a series of games where players can have fun playing while doing good in the real world by raising money for children’s charities

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nfp 2.0 » The trends that will drive charities in 2007!

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lindsey : Hey Steve - Have you checked out GoodTube yet as a tool for NFP’s to raise money. whitewater widgets yak shack January 4th, 2007 The trends that will drive charities in 2007! Note: most charities will be dragged kicking and screaming down this road.

nfp 2.0 » Save the Children offers yak a Second Life

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lindsey : Hey Steve - Have you checked out GoodTube yet as a tool for NFP’s to raise money. The Yak Shack concept was created by Ogilvy Advertising and works well as an extension of the charity’s “Wish List&# virtual gift catalogue.