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Creating a Fundraising Culture in Your Nonprofit

Greater Giving

While each nonprofit is different and each donor relationship has its own intricacies, there are three general phases that define the donor journey: cultivating, soliciting, and promoting stewardship, and in each phase, there is the opportunity to promote a strong fundraising culture. The Cultivation Phase.

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What we know so far: NFTs, Twitch, and Tiltify


My kids had a long phase when they spent their precious and meager allowance buying Pokémon cards. The thing that makes them special IS that they can be owned, and that the ownership can be proven because it’s recorded and tracked on a public blockchain ledger (a digital record of transactions). Disaster Girl Meme ” (sold for $500k).

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Retargeting Vs. Remarketing – What Is It And How It Works?

Connection Cafe

This one meme sums up the whole concept of retargeting and remarketing. Also, consumers are four times more likely to be encouraged to make a purchase when they see relevant ads during their research phase. Remarketing uses email as the channel of communication. You use cookies to track that visit. What is Remarketing?

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