Achieving the SDGs: Taking Action for the 2030 Agenda In Your Community

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“We can end hunger around the world by 2030.”. When you consider a goal like ending hunger, you have a couple of choices. Now, back to our big “end hunger” goal. Something like ending hunger isn’t a challenge that’s confined to developing nations.

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10 Reasons Your Email Appeal is Being Ignored


We work with local farmers to distribute excess produce to families in need. For example, if I’ve indicated an interest in cancer research, failing to customize my appeal communications around an urgent need for cancer research funding.” – Mike Snusz. “

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The Future of Social: Gen Z

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And there is Jack Andraka , a high school student who got obsessed with finding a cure for cancer and created a test that can detect pancreatic cancer. Beth Kanter is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub.

13 Twitter Hashtags to Follow for Nonprofit and Charity Updates, Events and Inspiration


From social media campaigns aimed at ending hunger, to events for breast cancer awareness, this covers it all. Twitter has been one of the major hubs of social networking , revolutionizing what was already a new and adapting Internet invention.

Goal Setting for Your Nonprofit

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Review the mission statement - cure cancer, end homelessness, provide affordable housing for working families - whatever it is, ask yourself if the programs from last year helped the organization reach its goals. posted by Jarrett R. Ransom, MBA President & CEO, The Rayvan Group.

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Future of Social: Gen Z

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And there is Jack Andraka , a high school student who got obsessed with finding a cure for cancer and created a test that can detect pancreatic cancer. He created his own nonprofit and program called “ Brae’s Brown Bags ” to help fight against hunger, probably making him one of the youngest nonprofit CEOs and founders. I’m thrilled to be spending a few days in London where I am keynoting The Future of Social conference hosted by Social Misfits Media.

Due diligence before you donate

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If the scope of your aspiration is local, find charities that are based in your neighborhood or city. If you're most concerned about national and global issues, like worldwide hunger or cancer, look for nonprofits that are equipped for such a large challenge. posted by.

300 More Email Subject Lines from End of Year Fundraising

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Help cancer survivors like me. Help your local homeless shelter, arts programs, and animal rescue–all at the same time. Risk of severe hunger – please read.

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What Lessons Will Pepsi Learn About Crowdsourcing for Social Good from Chase Bank Contest Fail?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

included a mix of nonprofits with an operating budget of under $10 million with programs in designated Chase corporate responsibility areas: education, healthcare, housing, the environment, combating hunger, arts and culture, human services and animal welfare. Pepsi is taking a bold move.

Meet Connie Reece: Using Social Media to Strike Back At Ike

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last December, I watched Twitter turn into a sea of frozen green peas to support Susan Reynolds in her fight against breast cancer and to raise money for research in her honor. And then, on December 6, 2007, everything changed when my friend Susan Reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Secret Agent L: Covering the Globe with Random Acts of Kindess

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The two of us went to a local hospital during a cancer expo, and we basically, for lack of a better word, we hijacked the place. All had little ribbons, or whatever on them, and we just left stuff all over this cancer expo. Photo by Rob de la Cretaz "We're so busy.

Be a Creative Superhero. Save the World.

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As a member of the Design Avengers (Local 202), we make incredible things happen in the world every single day. Our well-designed calls to action may look unassuming but they can mean the difference between life and death for causes like breast cancer, disaster relief & childhood hunger. Note: this post was originally published on Hufffington Post. I have a confession to make. I’m a total pain in the ass. Like, professionally.

How Can We Make Charitable Giving A Year-Round Habit?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For example, Mizfit is donated a dime per comment to a local women's shelter. September is Hunger Awareness Month so why not give a donation of canned goods and cash to your local food bank? October is also breast cancer awareness month, so why not make a donation ?