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Hey all you do-good bloggers! Ben Rattray of wanted me to let you know that they are hiring bloggers. Positions are part-time, paid and start in June. To apply, go to [link]. I've pasted the blurb below: Hiring Bloggers for! Want to blog on an issue you are passionate about for an audience of hundreds of thousands of activists and nonprofit leaders? Want to create the premier online space for your issue and become a leading voice for social action?

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Susan Tenby from TechSoup demos the virtual TechSoup Office during the Netsquared Conference while Ruby Sinreich and Deborah Finn (Cyber-Yenta) blogged about it.

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Clearly virtual space has not yet proved its viability for fundraising purposes; the largest fundraiser to date being $40K for the American Cancer Society in July. For example, Camp Darfur is a simulated Sudanese refugee camp in Second Life created by activists trying to get more public attention and political action on the crisis in the Sudan and neighboring Chad.