4 Churches to Follow on Instagram

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With multiple locations in Australia, Bulgaria, and the United States, the Citipointe Church Instagram account is a fun mix of community event dashboard and campaign announcements across time zones. By successfully using hashtags across its network, Hillsong is able to celebrate a wide variety of people and places all over the world. If there's one thing that goes without saying, church and community go together.

TechSoup Global NGO Cloud Survey: What We Found Out and What to Do About It Part Two

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In addition, one of the most surprising findings from our survey is that NGOs in the lower-per-capita-GDP countries (around $10,000 per year or below), like India, Egypt, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Mexico are planning to move a significant portion of their IT to the cloud faster than higher GDP counties. Lots of NGOs in places like India don't yet even have broadband or adequate IT equipment and we conducted our survey via the Internet using the online service, FluidSurveys.

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Changing the World: TechSoup's Newest Global Partner

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In addition to Syria and Iraq, these are Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and the Azerbaijani exclave: Nakhchivan. (If In other words, it's an amazing opportunity to support the critical work of organizations — not just here in the US — but around the globe in places where civil societies are struggling to address complex, challenging issues. Are you sitting down?! We've got some exciting news.