Beyond Broadcast: Wrap Up

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And it's not just that we can build Wikipedia or Flickr streams. " I would have done a remix of this photo with that line as a speech bubble using one of the flickr remix tools, but the best photo of Weinberger in flickr was not licensed with a Creative Commons by license, but all rights reserved. Flickr Photo by Geoffrey and used with permission. David Weinberger gave the wrap up at the end of the day. An outline of what he said is here.

NpTech Summary: Red T-Shirt Day - Supporting Monks, YouTube Nonprofit Channel, and Web2forDev Conference Reports

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tobias Eigen from Kabissa presented at the Web2fordev: Remixing the Web for International Development. Google announces " Broadcast Your Cause, " a nonprofit channel on YouTube. A loosely coupled group of nonprofit techies and social change activists decided to use the tag "NpTech" to identify web resources that would create an ongoing stream of information to promote and educate those working in nonprofit technology.

Museum Photo Policies Should Be as Open as Possible

Museum 2.0

Revenue Streams: Museums want to maintain control of sales of "officially sanctioned" images of objects via catalogues and postcards. In 2008, a team led by MIT media researcher Henry Jenkins published a white paper entitled, "If it Doesn't Spread, It's Dead," which argues that media artifacts have greatest impact when consumers are able to pass on, reuse, adapt, and remix them.