Connected Citizens Report: The Power, Peril, and Potential of Networks

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Decentralization and Individual Empowerment: As power is pushed to the edges, individuals will have an increasing ability to exert influence through social and broadcast media. Don’t push networks to centralize and create format structures in order to manage when the network does not need this structure.

Bringing Women a Global Voice: Jensine Larsen, World Pulse

Have Fun - Do Good

They broadcast and unite women's voices from around the world into a powerful force for change. That means building in more structure and more discipline, and for myself, it was a lot of letting go of doing everything and knowing how to do it, you know, figuring everything out and really bringing in people who bring that different set of skills. If your angle is using this training as an outlet for local empowerment and development, then you very much want to bring in mentorship.

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