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Supporting Have Fun Do Good with TranquiliT and the Right Brain Business Plan

Have Fun - Do Good

I'm trying out an experiment, and have added a couple digital ads to the sidebar of Have Fun Do Good for creative women entrepreneurs whose work I believe in: Jennifer Lee's Right Brain Business Plan, and Kimberly Wilson's eco-fashion company, TranquiliT.

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Mental Health Awareness Month: 10 Nonprofits Advocating For Change


Mission: Under the Laughs for the Troops umbrella, you will find many other great programs to help our veterans, increase awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), raise funds, and recruit volunteers. Impacting: Mental health. Headquarters in: Redwood City, CA. Colorado Mental Wellness Network.

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How to Host a Read-a-thon Fundraiser


Not only does reading exercise the brain and improve concentration, but it also helps children develop more advanced language skills and engage their imagination. You can also see if your corporate sponsors have networks they would be willing to reach out to and start a corporate fundraising team. Engage corporate sponsors.

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15 Tips for a Strong End-of-Year Giving Campaign

Neon CRM

Studies have repeatedly shown that the human brain responds positively to altruism and people are hard-wired to give because it produces feel-good emotions. There are many reasons people choose to donate to certain causes, and these motivations can be heightened during the giving season: Donating makes them feel good.

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19 Way To Leverage Your Events for Generating Leads


In that case, the event organizer can glean more information from this data and provide it to marketers, sponsors, and speakers. . Gamification increases audience engagement by activating the rewards systems in our brains, increasing the odds that attendees will do the things you want them to do (i.e.,

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Nonprofits, Stop Prospecting So You Can Actually Raise Money


Your brain is making up stories ABOUT the data that are holding you back from actually fundraising (i.e. Why do you think you need to know every corporate sponsor you’re going to reach out to before you start sending emails? Do you see what’s happening here? . actually talking to donors). . The Trap of Over Prospecting.

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The Keys to Setting Donor Levels (and Why You May Need to Rethink Them)

NonProfit Hub

Personally, I’ve been on the inside, wracking my brain for a creative way to convince a potential donor why he should give to my NPO. I’m going to give you your takeaway right up front: We need to better customize donor levels for corporate sponsors in order to show true value for the company sponsoring. See what we did there?

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