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Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March 11-15, 2010 in Austin, Texas) is a mega huge social media industry event. I hope you’ll also vote for my panel proposal, Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World and while you’re there vote for the other awesome nonprofit panel proposals (I’ve shared a list below). Free agents use social-media channels like Facebook and Twitter and can create social movements in the palms of their hands.

If we’d had Twitter on 9/11

Connection Cafe

Bandwidth was a problem then, too. I imagine I’d have tweeted our intentions, and queried my network to determine whether anyone needed a ride on our backseat. I don’t know if we’d have welcomed a male passenger we only knew through social networking. It wasn’t yet my turn to drive, and I’d have been broadcasting observations all morning, with nothing better to contribute. Most of the time, I do think of social media as fun.

Where Do We Put It? Fitting the Web Into Museums

Museum 2.0

They are applicable to any kind of internet- or network-based experience in the museum, whether that experience draws content from museum visitors, outside data, or the web. Networked exhibits that allow you to armwrestle people at other museums. Blogs and social networks fall in this category. When I stretch my brain, I can imagine this being useful when: most of the museum-going audience does not have regular access to computers/web.

Arts 20