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If we’d had Twitter on 9/11

Connection Cafe

Bandwidth was a problem then, too. It wasn’t yet my turn to drive, and I’d have been broadcasting observations all morning, with nothing better to contribute. Now we are friends on Google Maps, and I can see his dot throughout his evening commute. If people who are more socially-linked are truly faster to catch an infection, perhaps the most socially-linked leaders would be fastest to identify & respond to destructive impulses in our now more collective brain.

Where Do We Put It? Fitting the Web Into Museums

Museum 2.0

At the info desk with the maps? Sure, it might be nice to broadcast your blog feed to a screen in the museum somewhere, but the real value is for readers who can visit again and again from the flexibility of their own environment. One of the interesting problems Karen raises when it comes to putting internet-enabled computers in the museum is the question of whether visitors should be able to move beyond the Internet art to other websites.

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