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The blog documents not only the lives of the people in Nata, but is a tool to raise funds for a support group for residents living with AIDS, an AIDS prevention program where youth use the arts to educate others about AIDS, and the Nata clinic. Nata is a village of 5,000 people in Botswana. Botswana has the second highest HIV infection rate in Africa. Last month Nancy White wrote a post about a very cool fundraising blog, the Nata Village blog , that I want to share with you.

Empowering Refugees: Interview with Kjerstin Erickson of FORGE

Have Fun - Do Good

He showed so much leadership and promise that we ended up sponsoring him to a university through our FORGE education fund. We have told him that unfortunately we don't have the funds to support such a walk, but he is so committed to it that he is already doing his fundraising and trying to find radio stations that will follow him. The first opportunity that I had to go back was to work in a refugee camp in Botswana.

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Empowering Women Citizen Journalists: An Interview with Cristi Hegranes

Have Fun - Do Good

We are also in discussions in Peru, in Burkina Faso, and in Botswana as well. It is great when people know that their money is going directly to the journalists, directly funding somebody's life and somebody's well being. We don't take government or corporate dollars for any of our funding through grants, or anything else. "Now, 18 months later, all of Juana's children are in school.

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